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    The kingdom is taken over by a man is not all that kind. He plans to have the kingdom's princess killed so she was not able to stop his reign. A kind knight took pity on the girl and allowed to let her live.

    It was dark that night, the storm was loud and making the experience slightly scarier. She could hear the new king's demands, "Find that bloody Harlett! Kill her! Lock her up! I don't bloody care! Get rid of her!" Her mother wasn't even dead a week before her new husband destroyed everything her father worked so hard for.

    Like most girls in her situation Fleur was scared, running down one of the stone halls to take refuge underneath a staircase. She could hear footsteps of men, most of them passed her but one set slowed. She was panting and breathing heavily, did the man hear her? She felt her heart beat heavily as she awaited what was to come. Her long red hair was sprawled out.
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  2. The foot steps stopped seemed to stop for a moment, pausing as they came to the base of the stairs while the others carried on.


    "You keep going." A second mans voice interrupted. "I'll check to Eves again."

    She could hear the first man grunt but start walking again. Then everything was silent, at least for a short while.

    Light spilled down ontop of her suddenly, the man having indeed heard her labored breathing. She recognized him as one of her husbands guard. A tall man, slender and built for speed under all the armor he wore. His tawny brown hair was a mess, always spiking out in uncontrollable wisps here and there. He had green-gray eyes with a pale complexion, high cheek bones and a chiseled jawline. Like most knights, he was noble born; and judging by the faint lines on his face, born about 30 years back.

    He moved quickly, with only a small clamor or his armor, covering her mouth-- though not forcefully so.

    "Princess Fleur." He said simply. "Don't be afraid." He hesitated before removing his hand from her mouth.
  3. Fleur recognized the man, he was her mother's husband's Knight, the King who wanted her dead. Her pale blue eyes looked up at him as she was about to scream before he placed his hand over her mouth. The red head's heart raced as she looked up at him pleading eyes.

    Fleur was only the young age of twenty-two, she was meant to wed one of the Dukes next Summer. Though, the King ended her betrothed as well. He knew if they Wed she got the kingdom which was why she was wanted dead.

    A crack of thunder made her jump as the man removed his hand. She was still nieve to the world. She never left the palace walls for gods sakes. "P-please, don't hurt me.."
  4. "I won't. Unless you give me no other choice." He frowned. "If you want to leave here alive, you'll need to listen to me. Pull your hair up." He instructed, pulling a dagger from his boot. He handed it to her. "Cut it off."

    As he spoke he was already working on pulling a long silk band of cloth form his waist. It seemed, for whatever reason, his plan had a plan to save her-- however strange or even asinine it might have seemed. He took his glove off and reached into the breastplate of his armor, pulling out what to the princess looked like a dingy beige robe. "Put this on, and take off your jewelry. Then remove your shoes."

    Thunder crashed overhead again. "Hurry." He added hastily.
  5. Fleur was confused, taking the dagger in one hand and her hair in the other. In a swift move red locks fell to the floor leaving the woman with short red hair, what she did keep was her bangs so it hung off her face.

    Fleur looked to him as he seemed ready to help her. She didn't understand why but she didn't ask. She pulled the robe around her tightly to hide the night gown she was running in. She kicked off her slippers and stockings before pulling the earrings off.

    She had a pendant that she slid off and looked to him. She couldn't lose that. It was the sign of her royal bloodline. The day she died was the day it was meant to be off. She bit her bottom lip and placed it in the knight's hand.
  6. He tucked it awat quickly and moved, helping with the head wrap to cover her hair.

    "Meet noones eyes." He instructed, grabbing her hands with his gloves, transfering some of the dirt. "We will walk out of here. Through the servants quarters. You are showing me to the princesses hiding spot, do you understand?"
  7. Fleur nodded quietly before glancing back up at him nervously. She nipped her bottom lip. "Thank you," she whispered as she squeezed his hand that he took. Once he let go she rubbed the new dirty hands on her cheeks. She looked herself over.

  8. He nodded, his face stern. "Lead the way then." He ordered, righting himself and standing tall. His hand rested on the hilt on his sword.

    He stepped back out into the hall, his boots echoing on the stone walkways.

    Following close behind her with his hand on her shoulder he was able to discreetly guide her. It seemed unlikely someone would question the kings guard, though if they did he was ready to answer them curtly.

    They passed a few more of the kings men, ransacking the castle in their search.

    "Gawain!" One man barked as they entered the kitchens. "What are you doing with that urchin?! Arent you supposed to be leading the search for that brat of a princess?"

    The knight raised an eyebrow keeping his hand resting on her shoulder. "And so I am. This boy claims to know where the princess is hiding. Something about a passage in the wine cellar?" He looked down the bridge of his nose at Fleur meaningfully.

    "Wine cellar?" The man scoffed. "How cliche. You believe this brat?"

    Gawain simply grinned. It seemed heartless and cold and sent a chill down the other mans spine. "Should he be lying, I have no qualms cutting him down where he stands."

    "Er... yes sir." The second knight diverted his eyes. "Wine cellar keys..." he added, tossing a keyring to the green eyed knight.

    Gawain caught them and nudged Fleurs shoulder again, coaxing her on as the storm raged overhead. Thr whisteling winds sounded like ghosts of the dead howling through the stone walls.
  9. Fleur looked at no one, especially the other men. She tried to appear like a shy boy, scared of what may happen if he did not do as the man said. Still, even Fleur felt fear behind the words he spoke. It worried her.

    She was putting her trust in the man who was leading her down the stone hall. She didn't even think she looked like a boy, but, she supposed she looked like a young one. It was a good thing she had small breasts.

    "What am I going to do?" She knew nothing on how to survive put on her own as a peasant.
  10. "Keep walking." The knight breathed quietly.

    They walked until they were surrounded by darkness. In the distance she heard water running, feeling the slimy cold stone under her feet confirm the liquids presence.

    It felt like hours before a light shone jn the distance. An exit?
  11. She lived there her whole life and had no clue where they where headed. They where already at the bottom part of the castle where she wasn't allowed. The goo slipped through her toes that probably only met dirt a handful of times. She got in trouble if she ever went bare foot, which was what she preferred. "Where are we going." She held onto him as the goo made it hard for her to walk.
  12. The echoes of thunder rolled by over head, bounding off the stone walls.

    "This passage lets out near the bay. From there, we stow away in a ship. Once the storm passes, the ship will head out to sea and where ever they make dock, I'll help you get established."

    He caught her elbow so she didn't slip. He seemed surefooted enough for the both of them.

    "To be frank, Princess, I didn't believe we would get this far." He said simply. "If we want to make it any farther, there are a few things you must know. One, you're name is no longer Fleur, at least to anyone you meet from this moment on. You had best come up with an alias. Two; thing's cos money. If you see something you like on our travels; too bad. Do not grab it, do not inquire about it. Merchants can be pushy and will do everything they can to remember your face. Also, a single young woman with red hair will stick out like a sore thumb. We will need to dye your hair, at least for now, and you will need to pretend you are my wife, unless you want someone to think you're free sport."
  13. She listened to his instructions, the ships at the docks currently are going to villages that send over supplies. They would be headed near the Eastern Isles. Another King's land. In fact, the King's eldest brother at that.

    She didn't want her hair dyed, her hair would never go back to the natural red that she liked so much. Her mother's hair. Though, him taking off to where he is from they would know if she had red hair. "Call me Mia." She said quietly, trying to watch her step the best she could in the darkness. "Won't people be suspicious you left the King's side to be married?" She inquired.
  14. "I never said you were going to me a knight's wife." He said simply.

    They stepped out int the dying remains of the storm. Rain clattered down ad thunder groaned in melancholy in the distance. "I'll leave my name to you. Call me what you like-- but never Gawain." He said simply, stepping off to lead the way through the tall grass and mud. "Careful walking here." He added a word of caution.

    As much as she had lost everything, he was leaving everything. His status, his wealth, his influence. He was throwing it all away to save this overthrown Princess. And why?

    He frowned-- pushing the thought from his mind. The last thing he needed to do now was second guess himself.
  15. "Those ships are from where you all are from, people would know you." She didn't even know what to call him. She pushed her non-existant hair back as she stepped carefully with him away from the mud.

    She looked up at him as her hand held his arm, tightly. "Why are you helping me?" She didn't understand. "That man.. He'll kill you due to me."
  16. "I'm not from that King's home land anyway. No one will look twice at two foreigners." He assured her. "My hair is not naturally so dark."

    When she asked why he was helping her, he snorted lightly. "Did you not know that within in the Knight's code of conduct is a clause? It says that if a knight's Lord orders that knight to do something wicked, the knight has the legal right to directly disobey him."
  17. Mia nodded until she heard what was said about the conduct. "Not all are like that. Many people, right or wrong, follow orders blindly. Thank you for protecting me.." She said softly as she looked at the ship.

    She wasn't sure what the journey would bring to them and it scared her. She knew very little about the world outside the walls. She placed back at the castle, that man killed her mother.
  18. "How much do you know about the political climate of your kingdom Mia?" The Knight asked. He wanted her to get used to the fake name, fast. "It's important for you to stay alive. With war on the horizon, either your step father will remain on the throne or a man much worse than him will take it. Either way, should you escape death, your people will at least hold out a small hope for peace in their future."

    Despite her stepfathers apparent cruelty, he was a good leader-- he would act in the best interest of the people. He was, at the very least, human. Misguided though he may be, for now, it would be best to allow him to rule-- to train and guide the princess in a foreign land-- to hide right under his nose. And one day, when she was ready, help her lead the charge in reclaiming her throne. He wasn't noble. What he did he did not do for the girl. He didn't even do it for the people-- but for himself. He had his own reasons, his own moral compass he had to follow. The princess was simply lucky that she fell into it's favor.

    He pulled away from her long enough to grab a rope and grunted as he heaved back, pulling the ship closer to the dock. It was no small feat to do so successfully. "The port hole-- climb in." He instructed, holding tightly to keep the large ship in place. Still, the waves were choppy, and the round window was easily six feet from the landing of the dock. She would need to climb up one of the barrels or crates and monkey her way in. Then, he would follow.
  19. Mia bit her lower lip, so he'll help her take control back? She really didn't know much. Her father died, not too long ago, and he was her teacher. Her mother had to take place, and didn't leave her much time to teach her until she wedded. She has only been married a short amount of time and had to teach her husband what to do since Mia had time.

    Mia followed his orders and took refuge in the port hole and tried to look for a crate. If she was found by seamen their was no telling what they would do. Its not often they even allow women on deck in the first place. She settled into one and sighed. She had no clue the man had selfish needs. Obviously, she was going to award him once she gave her control back but that didn't even come close to her mind as of why he would help her.
  20. It took the knight a couple of moments to climb in and take refuge in a crate of his own. "Just keep quiet and stay low. I will tell you when we should leave." He whispered-- knowing she would hear him in the otherwise quiet hull. The men were still docked-- the few that did remian on board likely in the galley.

    And so began their waiting game.
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