Princess On The Run

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  1. She gently lifted her cloak hood over her face, took one last glance behind her at the castle where she once grew up then dashed into the forest. Her name was Akira and she was a princess. At a young age she became acquainted with a strange boy that went by the name of Hiro. Akira never found out much about him because he was a quiet person who never said much about himself. But even though she barely knew anything about the boy, they became the best of friends. Or so she thought.

    When she turned eleven Hiro invited her to sleep over at his house, which was located in the middle of a forest, and she foolishly agreed. When arriving at said location two men came up behind her and shackled her wrists together. They brought her down to the basement and for years, those men experimented on her. Five years later she escaped and resumed her role as princess but after only a few months an army of warriors arrived in attempt to kidnap her.

    In desperate attempt to escape these men, Akira grabbed her grandfather's old katana, a cloak and fled.

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  2. A bright green feathered bird soared overhead. However this was no ordinary bird, the foul's head was formed out of a light blue flame. Seeing the cloaked figure the bird descended to see who she was. Was that the princess fleeing?! The bird had to be sure. It landed on a branch nearby and spoke. "Pardon me. But who are you?"
  3. Hakuro was clutching his bottle of sake while walking down the forest path when he heard the sound of hurried footsteps. He stopped his incessant drinking and listened some more.
    "Am I hearing things, or is there really someone else in the forest right now aside from me?" he hazily mumbled to himself, "Must be the sake talking."
    Hakuro ignored the sound for a few moments, but the footsteps just kept on growing louder and louder. Finally unable to take it, Hakuro decided to go follow the sounds wherever they may lead him.
  4. Akira's foosteps continued to slam against the grass as she thundered through the forest. Only when a bird landed on a branch ahead of her did she stop. Turning her head to look at the bird, Akira responded with, "Why?" She had to be careful when saying who she was as the warriors might overhear her
  5. "Because my master could help you, that's why." The bird replied. It was true, his master was very picky about who he helped. If this woman was really the princess he would certainly help her.
  6. Akira hesitated before replying, "Who's your master?" His master could help her? Could he really? Akira just hoped that was true because if she didn't hide soon the warriors would find her
  7. "He is Lendrin The Master Thieve, but do not fear child. He will not rob you so long as your intentions are pure." The bird explained. "Now I ask you again, who are you?"
  8. "Akira Hayashi." She hesitantly replied. Master Thieve? Can she trust him? She hoped so since she had just given away who she was so Akira hoped that she did the right thing by doing so.
  9. The bird's flaming eyes lit up and it hopped off the branch. "Follow me Miss. Hayashi!" it said before gliding though the dense shrubbery.
  10. When the bird started flying through the sky, Akira began rushing after it. Her hood fell down a few times as she ran but she just pulled it back up. As she ran Akira noticed a man holding a bottle of sake but only looked at him for a second or two as she didn't want to loose sight of the bird
  11. The bird finally rested at the root of a rather large tree and waited for the girl to catch up.
  12. When she reached the bird Akira paused to catch her breath. After doing so she straightened her back and looked around. "Is this is?" She asked as she didn't know if they were there yet
  13. "This is were Lendrin resides. In fact he is directly behind you." The bird did not lie. A tall man with a grey coat and strange ears sat on a rock behind her, a board look on his face. "Why should I trust you not to turn me in?" As always, he got directly to the point that concerned him most. image.jpg
  14. Akira jumped as she heard Lendrin's voice from behind her. She quickly turned around to see him sitting on a rock. "I have no reason to turn you in and if I did the warriors in the kingdom would find me."
  15. Lendrin looked her over. "And why, may I ask, would the warriors of the kingdom attack the poor little princess?" The bird was gone, and one it's feathers lied in his hand.
  16. "That is information I do not wish to give." Akira replied, not even noticing the feathers in his hand. She didn't care if he could help her, she didn't want to relive that part of her past
  17. "Hmf... Fine, it's not safe to talk here anyway." He got up from the rock and swept his foot at a small pile of leaves, exposing a hidden trapdoor. He opened the door and gestured to the hidden passage it lead to. "Ladies first."
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  19. Akira slowly began walking down towards the secret passage. She didn't trust Lendrin but he could help her so maybe she should trust him
  20. Shadow stared bleary-eyed, her back shredded with the remants of lashes. She held up a heavy pole with two baskets and moved forward. A glinting shackle clamped to her neck, marking her as a slave, making her wheeze slightly. She temporarily stopped to rest until the crack of a whip hit her back. She held back a yelp and continued forward. The horse that her master was on, suddenly reared in fright, kicking the man off. Shadow grabbed her chance, without a moment of hesitation, and leaped forward to wrap her hands around his neck. The man struggled for a while, groping at her throat, and feeble attempts at punches. The slave couldn't hold it much longer, and she reached out to grab a rock, smashing it down on the man's face. Three more times and the man slowly stopped spasming, finally dead. She turned her head away from the mangled corpse, and petted the horse, and saddled up, speeding forward across the path
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