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  1. The Yearly Meeting of the Princesses is upon us. New kingdoms have been established, new monsters have been found, new enemies have been made. And so all of the kingdoms and their rulers must travel to the Grand Hall of Meetings and well...Meet. Discuss. Argue!

    However, as I said before, enemies have been made and some kingdoms aren't very willing to speak with others. How will the Yearly Meeting end? Will more problems surface? Or will all of the kingdoms make peace?

    - The kingdoms are all ruled by Princesses.
    - Only princesses are allowed at the meeting.
    - I might be turning this into a story, so if you don't want your character involved in one of my stories, say something.
    - Site Rules Apply!
    - No Godmodding or Power playing of course. :3
    - Magical/Super powers may not be used during the meeting.
    - 5-8 sentences per post.
    - Foul language is encouraged, but don't go overboard. (Also refrain from using racial/religious/gender oriented slurs.)
    - Princesses don't have to be human! They can even be squirrels if they want to!
    -Non Princesses are NPCs.

    The Land

    The location where all of these princesses and their domains reside, is called Tiara. The land has been split into various sections and made into a variety of kingdoms. The citizens of the kingdom are mostly human but their are some inhuman creatures mixed in.

    Character Sheet
    Appearance [Anime/Drawing Picture Only]
    Picture of Tiara [if not included in above picture.]

    [Princess (insert name) of (insert kingdom name]
    Optional Bio:
    Kingdom Status: (Poor/Good/Excellent etc. And explain.)
    Kingdom Race/Species Majority:

    P r i n c e s s e s A t t e n d i n g

    Princess Althea Vesta Rhea of Enchatment played by Nica
    Princess Elerithe of the Demon Kingdom played by aka~Kitsune
    Princess Houraisan Kaguya of the Far East played by Lady Bernkastel
    Princess Beatrice Castigliano of The Far West played by Lady Bernkastel
    Princess Fujiwara no Mokou of Ootori played by driftingstar

    Princess Aryakumara of Childe played by The Princess of the Teacup
    Princess Anaxerete of Conundrum played by The Princess of the Teacup

    Princess Sarcina of Eremus played by AAB
    Princess Meriri of Gelatina played by driftingstar
    Princess Mawaru Sakasama of Topsy-Turvy played by Adore Delano
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  2. [​IMG]
    Show Spoiler

    Princess Muu of the Teacup
    Age: 16
    Personality: Loud and somewhat headstrong. She hates being told what to do

    if she doesn't know and respect the person already.
    She's pretty calm when she's drinking her tea though.

    Race/Species: Half Human Half Faerie.
    Kingdom: Teacup

    A pleasant kingdom that resides in a gigantic stone teacup. The people live on sturdy ledges
    that stick out from the sides of the teacup.
    When it rains, all of the rain is directed
    to a large drain at the bottom
    of the teacup. Everyday at 8 o'clock, 3 o'clock
    and 7 o'clock, all of the citizens stop what they are doing and have their
    tea time. The kingdom produces all of the teacups and kettles in the land of Tiara.

    Kingdom Status: WIP
    Kingdom Race/Species Majority: Good Faeries
    Princess Houraisan Kaguya of the Far East

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  3. ^ Question, Does your character HAVE to be a princess? I was thinking of making a princess character, and then her guard!
  4. @Lonewolf888978

    Sure you can make a guard, but during the meeting it's only the princesses allowed inside, so the guard would just be for show?
  5. [​IMG]

    Princess of Enchantment
    Click (open)

    Eighteen [18 yrs Old]

    * Extremely Creative and Expressive
    * Introverted, Easily Frightened & Pacifistic
    * Enjoys the Arts (Reading, Writing, Archery, Painting..Etc)
    * Soft Spoken

    Humanoid Elves


    * Represented by the four colors (Orange, Yellow, Blue, Lime & Emerald) and each color is significant to the Kingdom. Orange symbolizes their dedication to the Arts. Yellow is symbolic of their fascination with scientific theories and advanced degree of logical thought. Blue is a physical representation to their kingdom, which is surrounded by mass quantities of water, which includes lakes, rivers, creeks and oceans. Lime is a display of their pacifistic views and beliefs. Finally, Emerald symbolizes their incredible devotion to the Earth and it's elements.

    * All citizens have hair that takes the texture of liquidized paint, it drips apart in a breeze or with radical movement, but never fully separates. They also all share golden eyes that glow beneath the moon's light. As expected, they also have humanoid bodies, but with elongated ears. They wear all natural clothing and accessories, including the princess's tiara which is made from dried and hardened seaweed.

    * Enchantment is known for their traditionalist views and refusal to engage in war, they prefer to focus on the enlightenment of the mind. They refrain from eating meat, except seafood and commonly use bows and arrows as their only weapons.

    * Every Full Moon they hold a festival known as the New Era Celebration.

    * The princesses's name is Althea Vesta Rhea, but she prefers Rhea.

    Kingdom Status:

    Considering they've devoted themselves to improvement of the mind and conservation of their beloved elements, this kingdom has successfully adapted to self preservation. They don't rely on anyone, or kingdom, aside from their own. Enchantment refrains from engagements with war and they refuse to aid either side when battles are occurring.

    This kingdom and its civilians are often believed to be the last true pacifists in the world.

    Kingdom Race/Species Majority:
    Humanoid Elves
    [They don't have magical abilities, but they are, perhaps, the most intelligent and inventive creatures in existence.]

    * Princess Muu of the Teacup - They enjoy the lovely teacups and kettles, which is why they've taken up the habit of drinking delicious brews more regularly.

    * Princess Houraisan Kaguya of the Far East - Considering both kingdoms are easily the most advanced in their own practices, these kingdoms share a successful trade system.

    * Princess Beatrice Castigliano of The Far West - These two kingdoms get along famously and Enchantment is very much impressed by Princess Beatrice's elegance.

    * Princess Aryakumara of Child - An opinion of this Princess has yet to be determined...although Enchantment does not see her as an immediate threat.

    * Princess Elerithe of the Demon Kingdom - They prefer to avoid communications and trades with their kingdom, believing it to be a harbor of violence and destruction.

    * Princess Fujiwara no Mokou of Ootori - Enchantment does not believe this young woman to be sinister, however, they're very cautious in her presence and they would prefer not to be around her at all if possible.​
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  6. @Nica

    Accepted! :D
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  7. How many princesses would you like? I don't mind creating a male character also, if you'd like to keep the genders even.
  8. I may make a Guard, so should i just choose a random country or what?
  9. @Nica

    All princesses are female. ^^ And I would like at least three more princesses.


    Only princesses are allowed in the meeting room. Guards would wait outside, so in a sense the guard would just be a character for show that doesn't do anything.

    Edit: Non princesses are NPCs.
  10. Im making a Cs :3
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  11. 'Human' form

    Demon form:

    Child form:

    Doll form:


    Princess Elerithe - Demon Kingdom
    142 - Changes form(age)
    More often than not she is in her doll form.

    Despite being a 'demon' she is quiet and generally quite shy when talking to others, often which leaves her barely noticed.
    Eleri, as she liked to be called, can be quite demonic if angered or scared but this is rare since she is more often than not
    either barely noticed or not involved at all. She enjoys being outside regardless of her form and she has a strong protective streak for her
    kingdom and its people. Few have seen the form she was born with as she is often in the 'doll' form or 'child' form. She used to take more horrifying forms but
    changed after scaring a child which resulted in a small dislike between hers and another kingdom. Within her territory she either is in her real form or demonic form. Only outside she makes her appearance docile.


    Azorkarr - Demon Kingdom.

    The land of demons is just as brutal and unforgiving as every rumor about it. The inhabitants are cruel and merciless as they are expected to be and occasionally worse. The people of this kingdom live by few but strict rules as demons seem to dislike being controlled. However, despite all this every demon is loyal to their sovereign and home land. Azorkarr is located towards the mountain ranges, close to a few active volcano's that are more often than not a source of amusement of demons, magic helping to cease any active eruptions. The range of demons from this land is vast but they all have similar basic abilities such as a ability in the realm of magic. The royal family are said to have powers that able them to change forms by choice along with a natural affinity to the magic gifted to them, a reason why they remain in power. If a royal is seen as weaker they are susceptible to being replaced by a stronger demon or clan/family. Morals between these creatures are rare meaning they often prefer to take any violent and bloody route. Despite all this, Azorkarr have barely any interest currently in war with other lands or making enemies.

    The demons have few celebrations, one being the 'Reign of Blood' where Demons are not restricted and are released to kill any who enter the lands owned by Azorkarr without permission as normally they would be questioned at least first. It is a chance for those to release pent up blood lust but also to celebrate the first King, Eleri's ancestor coming into power. The second would be the 'Festival of sin' where all inhabitants hold small battle tournaments and most celebrate for a whole week without work or duties to care for. The main tournament allows the victor to ask the Royals for one favour. Last is the celebration of Ex-ale, which involves sacrifices to what they believe is their 'creator' or their 'God'.

    Kingdom Status:

    Azzorkarr is quite the rich kingdom despite its lack of communication with others. Being close to the volcano's provides them with rich minerals and rocks that they rarely trade with due to a strange obsession with the objects. They are skilled with forging weapons which are sold when demons travel or through trade. Eleri's favourite would be the flowers that are only possible to grow in the volcanic environment because she finds them attractive.

    Kingdom race/species majority:

    None at the moment.

    None at the moment but few seem to hold hatred towards them.​
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  12. @Aka~Kitsune

    Accepted! And O.O Scary.

    If we get a few more people we should start soon.
  13. Hehe!~ Thanks. Don't worry, Eleri is quite friendly if she likes you. ^^

    and Yay!~
  14. Yay! Thank you~
  15. More people please join! Haha.
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  16. Ohhh I want to join this! CS coming up, right now I have to make a powerpoint for a presentation.

    (And curse you princess teacup for using Choi, I wanted to!)
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