Princess Mononoke

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  1. Ashitaka sat there listening while the wise woman told him his fate. He had fought demon bore earlier that was heading straight for his village. He managed to kill the beast but not before it cursed his arm. His left forearm now bore a strange purplish markings. It was like his skin was dead.

    "This was killed the boar and transformed it." The wise woman said while holding a small rough iron ball. The fellow men of the room looked at him with solemn faces. He was the last prince of the Emishi tribe.

    Ashitaka continued to sit there silently. He accepted his fate already he knew he would have to leave and not be able to see anyone he ever loved again.

    The wise woman looked back up from her magic stones. "The boar came far from the west." She paused before saying. "Show us your arm, Ashitaka."

    He undid the bandage on his arm and raised high for everyone to see.

    "The curse will spread through your body before killing you. You cannot change your fate but you can rise to meet it." The wise woman spoke in soft tones.

    "We are the last of the Emishi people. We grow less in number every year and now we loose our prince." One of the older men mumbled.

    Another one spoke out. "There be something we can do. He did that saving our village from the beast.

    But their words went unheard. "Now you must go and leave us. Speak to no one. Even if you cure your curse you will be dead us." The wise woman spoke.

    They all reluctantly turned their heads away from him. He cut the top knot from his head and laid it before him and then left the hut. He grab a few small things before saddling his red elk and riding away leaving his village to never return.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.