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  1. Main Base: The Sky
    Name: Kaylee Rae Breston
    Nicknames: Kay, Dr. Breston, Rae
    Role: Citizen, Doctor

    Character Pitch:
    "Alright Papa, it's time for me to go, wish me luck"
    "Right, remember Kaylee, you're representing me, you're my daughter and--"
    "And I was meant for greatness, yes Papa, I know."

    An ambitious girl with a tender heart in a world ready to crush those who are caught unawares, Kaylee Breston, is someone who knows what she wants but finds it difficult to walk in that calling when she's forever living in the shadow and expectations of her parents.

    Kaylee is the first and only child of Oliver and Minnie Breston, like many in the Sky, one of the proud founding families of Golden City. Kaylee had a pretty easy childhood in comparison to others living in Golden City. Even in terms of families in the Sky, she had gotten the good end of the deal it seemed. She had parents who were actually attentive and involved in her life. Parents that were always challenging her to think outside of the box and pushing her to go beyond her limits. She can now appreciate that fact since she's older but when she was younger she just thought her parents were being strict.

    Kaylee was homeschooled from a young age, one of the perks of being born into a privileged family. For as long as Kaylee can remember she's always had this hunger, this thirst to learn things. Her tutors loved her because she was always engaged in the lessons and would always ask questions. Soon she started teaching herself when her tutors couldn't satisfy her curiosity fast enough. She was an extremely fast learner and her parents recognized this. They tried to help her the best they could but she would just plow through advanced studies even faster. Always pushing herself to learn more and more and growing bored when there was nothing left she could glean from.

    When she was around the age of 13 her mother got sick, like really sick to the point that Kaylee lived in a constant state of fear for her. Her father was worried too but he had to balance his time between his family and his work on the council. Kaylee found herself desiring to study and practice medicine so that she could help her mother but also help people in general. Her mother was actually the one to suggest she study medicine because she said her heart was so pure and willing to help people that she would make a wonderful doctor. Kaylee wasn't so sure her mom was correct because at the time the only person she wanted to help was her mother and that was for her own selfish desires.

    At age 15 her mother passed away from the disease she had, no amount of medicine or money could cure her. It left Kaylee ad Oliver devastated and form that day forward they were never the same. Her father even began to treat her differently. He was even stricter with her since she was the only heir he needed for her to be able to carry on the legacy and the mantle of their family when he was gone. He wanted more than anything to make sure she would be able to handle that, but in doing so caused strain on their relationship. Kaylee loves her father but they're certainly not as close as they used to be. He became almost cold and more calculating than he was before and Kaylee found that she didn't like this side to him.

    At 17 Kaylee had grown tired of the things she was starting to see. The world wasn't so pretty and fair as she once thought it was, and the pressure at home was growing to be too much, somewhat suffocating. So in order to finally get her father off her back, she told him she wished to leave Golden City to pursue better education to become a doctor. Surprisingly he was quite supportive of this decision. He got into contact with some people who would be able to help her out and soon enough she was gone. For the first time in her life, she left Golden City and got to step into the fresh outside world. It was a bit of a culture shock if she was honest but it was new and it was fascinating and she loved every minute of it.

    The next four years she spent working her butt off. Studying as much as she could and it was paying off. It seemed her mother was right, she had a certain skill for this sort of thing and the heart to see it through. Once she finished studying and being certified as a doctor and as an apothecary she bid farewell to the exciting world she had grown to love and headed back to Golden City so she could make a difference back home. She was filled with newfound determination and for the next few years, she studied as an apprentice under one of the best doctor's in Golden City, thanks to her father. (Her father still had plenty of influence and responsibility despite being a now-former council member) After those few years had come to a close the doctor dismissed her, saying he had nothing left to teach her and so Kaylee set out to make a business of her own. It didn't take too much work to get her off the ground. She was a travel doctor, specifically for unique cases. and visited every layer, including the sewers but not as often as the land and sky. She also bought a storefront on the Land to be her base of operations. Since she deemed that her services were needed much more down there than in the Sky.

    She now works tirelessly to help those in need, whether they can afford it or not. She's a good doctor and her reputation has slowly been building and people are beginning to open up and trust her. But that doesn't make what she does easy. She's still scrutinized for messing around with rats and others of that nature. But she believes that everyone needs help, not just the rich. Of course, her view is frowned upon but that's okay with her, she knows what she has to do in her heart and she'll work even harder if she has to, to accomplish the goals she has in mind. So she can be at peace and she can honor her mother's wishes.

    Appearance: Kaylee stands at 5'9, slightly taller than the average height for a female. She has a mesomorphic body shape, meaning she balances out her muscles and curves. Her hair is a light shade of blonde, on the paler side as well, sometimes taking on a silver hue in certain lighting. She usually wears it up in a ponytail with a braid twisted around. When her hair is down it falls just below her shoulder blades but when it's up it stops at the base of her neck. Her skin is on the pale and fair side as well while her eyes are a deep shade of cobalt, contrasting with her light skin. Kaylee carries a grace about her that even her movements seem effortless, flowing like water. She has a calm and quiet feel to her that makes those around her feel comfortable and at ease. However she's no pushover, what people seem to be surprised about the most is her temper that usually flairs up at the worst possible times. Kay is usually seen in white or grey colors however she can sport other colors as well. One of her favorites being red.

    Credits: Faceclaim - Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, Final Fantasy XV

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  2. Main Base: The Land
    Name: Mahala (mah-HAIL-ah)
    Nicknames: Haile (hay-lee), Bindi (BIN-dee) < Stage name (means butterfly)
    Role: Citizen, Entertainer (Singer and Dancer)

    Character Pitch:
    "Sometimes I like to close my eyes and imagine I'm a princess from a far away Kingdom. Y'know, like the ones in the stories! And it's wonderful, freeing, fantastic, magical even! But then I remember that I have to open my eyes and realize it's all just a dream"

    Mahala is a young girl just trying to find her identity and stay afloat in the ever fast-paced city called Golden City. Mahala is actually foreign to Golden City. She was born in the 'outside world' in a band of traveling gypsies. However, during one of their migrating sessions, she was stolen during the chaos and sold off to a man in Golden City looking to make some fast cash. Now Mahala doesn't really remember her life before Golden City but she often has dreams of her memories from her past. But she believes they're just that, dreams. Of course, she doubts a bit but she has no proof, but she wonders, how can something that feels so real be fake?

    The man that bought her when she little now played the role of her guardian and father figure. To Haile, he pretty much is her father even though she's aware that they aren't blood-related. He raised her and taught her everything there was to know about Golden City and how to be successful here. He even got her a tutor to teach her how to read and be educated, because they could afford it at the time. Her 'father' was a busy man always trying to 'provide' for them but in the process, it was clear he was also making plenty of enemies. There were several times she could recall scary men coming to their place to take to her 'father'. At the time she wasn't sure what was going on but she knew it wasn't good news.

    When she was older her father noticed she had certain talents, like her voice and her ability to dance, that's when he realized they could profit from this. Everything changed in her life after that. After having some meeting with the right people Mahala was catapulted into this business where she had to sell herself and a lie like her life depended upon it because, in all honesty, it did. She was there to help people forget about their everyday problems and in turn, she made them believe that with her they could have a better life. However, whenever she went home she went home to struggles not a palace and she always felt like the girl who was on the stage wasn't the girl she saw in the mirror. Eventually, her 'father' stopped coming around as much, saying he had business to attend to at night and he had to work hard to provide for them. But Mahala, now being older, only felt that was an excuse or a lie.

    Mahala quickly established a name for herself and became pretty successful doing what she did best, becoming a distraction. However, even though she was making lots of money she didn't get to see much of it. Her 'father' taking the majority because they needed it in order to live properly and she owed him after all. He raised her all on his own. She didn't argue, he had a point and if it really was to help them, in the long run, she would just have to learn to struggle a bit. Still, she believed it would get better one day she just wasn't sure when that would be. Still, Haile longs for the day she no longer has to feel as if she's living two separate lives. She wants to be able to live for herself because right now all she feels like is a caged bird.

    Appearance: Mahala's whole vibe, and honestly what attracts plenty of people in Golden City and is why she's so successful, is the exotic feel she gives off. Mahala is different and for once that's a good thing. Some of the people that have seen her perform have mentioned she makes them feel like they're somewhere else other than Golden City. A lot of people seem to appreciate the distraction from the daily grind and adding in how Mahala has this charm about her that just draws others to her it's no surprise she has a decent following.

    Mahala or Haile has tan skin and long dark hair. Her eyes are a bright shade of green that contrasts with the darkness of her hair but complement her because of her skin tone. She has freckles sprinkled across her face as well making it one of her more distinguishing features. Haile is a young finally approaching the age of adulthood meaning she's already gone through the hells of puberty and has actually come out of those dark days rather triumphant. Haile is very pretty, something she's aware of being blessed with but still remains humble about it. She knows these things because of her line of business.

    Haile stands around 5'6 which she would assume was average for the age she is. She also has a mesomorphic body shape meaning her curves and muscles balance out each other. She dances for a living so she's constantly working out and keeping her body in shape. She also tries her best to take care of her appearance because if she doesn't she won't be able to make any money which she needs in order to survive. When she preparing for a performance she wears these costumes that are very different than what she normally wears. She has expensive jewelry that she adorns as well as expensive fabrics that flow easily with her movements. When she goes back to her home she has none of those fancy things. She dresses pretty averagely. In fact, the transformation is so drastic not many people recognize her on Land as Bindi, the monarch(Her stage title).

    Credits: Faceclaim - Aeolian by Wlop from Ghostblade

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