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  1. Basically, the premise is that Cronus, the King of the Titans, turns into an anmesiac little girl then falls from the sky and lands in some guy's hands.

    I will be playing the titular character and every other character will try to harm/protect me. We're going to have so much fun~.

    I know it sounds like one of THOSE, but that's the point.

    I've had this idea since 2014 or so and I wanted to make it bloom.

    I still need to rewonk the Prototypes. It was kind of clusty. The prototypes had major involvement with other Pantheons, that I need to organize so I don't turn this into a clusterfuck.

    Typhon and Janus will be NPCs, the former leading a faction with a motive. There will be some pretty fine conflicto...

    And no, you can't be a Percy Jakksen-tier demigod.

    A long, long, time ago, when mankind just began to crawl out of swamps, there was a great war - the Titanomachy.

    The first six Olympians, lead by Zeus, waged war against the bringers of the Golden Age, the Titans, lead by Cronus. The war lasted a decade, but at last, the Olympians were victorious, and the Titans, cast into Tartarus.

    Cronus, feeling that he had let his fellow Titans down, swore to find a way to escape these putrid depths of Greco-Roman Hell.

    In the starry night skies above Japan, a mysterious object began to float down from the heavens. She appeared to be as light as a feather as she descended. The next thing you knew, she landed in the hands of a young human teenager.

    She then opened her eyes and spoke. "I am... Saturn... Who... are... you..." before returning to her slumber.
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  2. 14 hours. Bump time!
  3. Time to bump.

  4. You have caught my attention, my heart for Mythology ~<3~
  5. Well, that's one. Thank you for your interest.

    Hmm... something tells me more interest might come once the 28th Febuary Update arrives.
  6. This roleplay site does seem....kinda dead.
  7. It could be the signup block. Or people waiting for the update before doing anything.

    Maybe the update will bring banners back.

    Speaking of doing stuff after the Update, the OoC will only be up after the update.

    I guess I'll post the OoC contents at a later time. Still deciding on the stuff.
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  8. So this wasn't perfectly explained, do the other characters play as gods, heroes, or just regular people?
  9. I'm still replanning and reworking this from the prototypes so I'm still deciding on that.

    So far we have a few primary factions of the story.

    The main male protagonist and Cronus.

    Typhon, his children and his allies. They seek to bring Cronus back, because they believe that he is the only worthy king.

    Janus and herself

    The Olympians

    The 'End Enders', an organization of humans that exist to stop situations that mark the world's end, in this case, the Second Titanomachy that Cronus is theorized to start

    Then there's 'others', that may include deities of all kinds that seek to help or hinder the cause of Cronus. They could be gods from other Pantheons, or maybe bystander humans. In prior versions of this RP, Satan had the goal of controlling Cronus, Nyarlathotep wanted to mess around with everyone AND Cronus, and there was Fer Mac who had no Cronus-related motives at first.

    And Titans are non-playable due to them still being in Tartarus, and Cronus' first plan is to free them. That excludes the ones who are not in Tartarus, such as Atlas.
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  10. I guess I'll rev it tomorrow, which is a day closer to banners getting up.
  11. Eh sorry, not interested.
  12. im liking this plot, count me in. mythology is my babes, but im a bit confused the direction your trying to go with this.
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