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  1. A long time ago, perhaps even before the concept of time of the beginning of civilisation, there was a king. This king brought upon a Golden Age among many eons ago. Some even say that without him, time would cease to exist.

    One day, the king's six children overthrew the kingdom through a decade-long war. We know this war as the Titanomachy.


    These six children eventually claimed victory and, as history would put it, winners write history and they were deemed heroes. They built a civilisation and advanced humanity while treating them as playthings. The members of the old kingdom were locked away in a prison.

    However, our family believes that the old king walks this very Earth... having been unleashed from his prison after mellenia of torment.

    Above the winter skies of this Eastern street, a young girl floated down from the heavens like a feather. Slowly and gently, she landed in the hands of a young boy, who, by miracle, found the girl in his very palms.

    "My name... is Saturn... what is... yours?"

    With that question, she fell asleep.

    The girl was like an angel - falling from the heavens and as light as a feather.
  2. Primary Rules

    This roleplay primarily takes place in Tokyo. Because.

    No Titans, not even Rhea, will be playable. There will be exceptions, such as the Titans that were explicitly stated to not have been sealed in Tartarus, such as Atlas, Prometheus, etc.

    I will need someone to play the teenager whom Cronus lands on. This character's role is major, and thus, if you do not touch him or her for a week, I might control him or her to keep the RP going. If I intend to start the RP but no one has taken this role yet, I will have to take this role.
    His primary conditions are that he lives here, he has a name that says he lives here, and that he doesn't have known supernatural capabilities. Ooooh we're going there.

    I do not intend to place a limit on characters

    If you intend to reserve specific characters, reserves last three days before anyone can take them.

    This is an animesque RP, but exaggerations like chibis will not be delivered well through written form.

    I know. I know. I certainly do know.

    For reasons that I probably won't reveal, there will be a list of non-allowed mythological figures. Also, if you intend to play a mythical being not from the Olympian Pantheon, do state their reasons as to why they are even on the hunt for/protecting Saturn/Cronus.


    I will play the titular character. During the first parts of the RP, few to no people are aware of the identity of Saturn. Saturn is an anmesiac young girl with no memories. She is unaware that she was once Cronus, the former King of Titans.

    During the course of the RP, many individuals will fight against each other due to conflicting ideals, but with each tick of the clock, Cronus will awaken and bring forth what is theorized as the Second Titanomachy.

    Non-allowed mythical figures

    These are primarily non-allowed due to unexplained lore-based reasons I am unlikely to explain. It is a very specific list. Because.

    Cu Chulainn


    These guys are non-playable.

  3. Applications

    (Insert Appearance here)

    Age: Not applicable for deities
    Physical Age: Deities only
    Race: What are you? Deity? Human?
    Appearance: Even with a picture, I want elaboration.
    Affiliation: Look.
    Motive: If non-affiliated, this is a must. If affiliated, this is an interesting addition, and reccomended.
    Abilities & Skills: Well?
    Weaponry: Well? Please elaborate.
    Other Information:​
  4. Main Duo
    A young mortal boy and the lass Saturn. What stands beyond them?


    Typhon's Cause
    Lead by Typhon and initiated by Typhon and his children, this consists of Typhon, his children and his allies. Their primary goal is to bring Cronus back and make him their king once again, so that he can lead the second Titanomachy.

    Typhon (NPC)
    Hydra (Taken)
    Kerberos (Taken)
    Nemaen Lion (Taken)
    Colchian Dragon (Taken)
    Orthros (Taken)
    Chimera (Taken)

    Janus and herself
    Janus, Janus and Janus alone.

    Janus (NPC)

    Ummm... they're the Olympians. The first six Olympians threw the Titans into Tartarus. You know who they are. Their primary goal is to seal Cronus back in Tartarus.


    End Enders
    An organization of humans who have the primary purpose of halting world-end scenarios - in this case - the theorized second Titanomachy that rose from the rumours of the king of Titans rising from Tartarus. They are advanced in both magic and technology, and higher ranking members can par with deities in terms of combat prowess and strategy. Only Grunts and Field Commanders will be playable in this RP.


    Characters that are not affiliated with the above factions.

  5. [​IMG]
    "My name... is Saturn..."


    Cronus/Kronos; King of Titans

    Physical Age:



    Saturn takes the form of a young, human girl, about 1.42 metres tall. She has long, wavy blonde hair which reaches down to her lower thighs. Her shining sapphire eyes are near perfection, and her skin is white and smooth. Her limbs and body are slender and her chest is literally flat, AAA probably. Some say that she almost looks like a doll.

    She has a ♄ emblem on her circular gold-hued medallion worn around her neck, which is actually a pocketwatch when opened. She wears this medallion over her black-and-white striped scarf. Her pure, white dress has no sleeves, but has a fine collar white buttons. She wears black thigh-highs with red shoes.

    When she accesses her more powerful primal split personality, Cronus, her eyes turn ruby red and her hair, a dirtier blonde, and her dress and socks swap colours. Cronus surfaces from time to time, but has not truly awakened.

    Main Duo

    Unlike the antagonised Cronus, she is a kind little lass who has quite a low self-esteem. She often says 'sorry', even if it isn't her fault. She is very, very shy and timid, and is afraid to be away from the ones she is close to. Even to those close to her, she might find herself a burden and will want to repay people for the favours they have done to her. Of course, she tends to avoid suspicious characters or strangers. Despite this, she is very protective of her caretaker. One can often find her panicking from the slightest things.

    As Cronus, she is a ruthless being who fights and kills all whom she sees as foes like no tomorrow. The brutal tyrant fueled by vengeance is hard to stop, and she will be harder to stop once Cronus fully regains her true strength.

    As Cronus, many tales of the legendary Titan King and how he brought upon the Golden Age have been told, but the two most noteworthy tales are his rise and fall.

    After castrating and slaying his tyrant father, Uranus, Cronus and his siblings, the generation of Greco-Roman gods known as Titans, decided to start a Golden Age where everyone would be equal. This era lasted quite a while, that was, until one day, his older sister and wife, Rhea, told him that he was, one day, going to be overthrown by one of his children.

    Hearing this, Cronus devoured all his children but one - Zeus. Eventually, Zeus caused Cronus to regurgitate the other five - Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter and Hesta. The first six Olympians then waged war against the Titans, defeating them and casting them all into the depths of Greco-Roman hell - Tartarus. Even Rhea was sent to the depths.

    That was what caused Cronus to be so filled with vengeance for the Olympians.

    After all these years, Cronus created a way out, and using this method, he escaped Tartarus and promised his fellow Titans that he would free them from the outside and start the second Titanomachy. Unfortunately, Cronus was reborn as a young virgin maiden with anmesia - Saturn. Not knowing about her past as a Titan, she spends her life with a young man who catches her in his arms.

    She is not aware of any life goals she might have.

    Abilities & Skills:
    As Saturn
    Using her pocket watch, Saturn can control time to a small extent - slow it down, speed it up, and freeze it for a short amount of time. In her dormant state, she does little. However, she can also reverse the condition of things(e.g. reverse the shattering of a vase or reviving a dead person, provided it hasn't been too long). It is noted that time is always moving forward and thus, in her current state, she cannot time-travel.

    As long as she has her favourite scarf, it is able to sprout into raven-like wings - one white and one black, giving her flight and gliding capabilities. Without Cronus being awoken, she only has enhanced jumping and gliding abilities, and is unable to truly fly like her symbolic animal - the crow. As she continues to advance, she will begin to be able to fly for longer periods.

    All plant life that surrounds her immediately liven up, even if dead. This is passive.

    Being the leader of the Titans, her strength and reflexes are actually quite extraordinary.

    As Cronus
    The split personality of Cronus can awaken within her, enhancing her time-based and strength abilities. This split personality, in addition to having Saturn's skills, has learnt some magic that Saturn cannot perform. Cronus also has an enhanced level of concentration, allowing her to deal heavier blows by striking vital points.

    Cronus can create a spell known as 'Gates of Tartarus', which takes concentration and effort. If concentration is broken, especially Cronus reverting back to Saturn, the spell is disrupted. Once this spell is complete, the gates will appear for ten minutes before disappearing. A certain key is required to unlock these gates.

    Cronus' Legendary Scythe Harpe - Saturn possesses an adamantine stick that can transform into a large gunscythe of about three metres in length, a mythical weapon known as a Harpe. This was the very same weapon used to castrate and slay Uranus. Harpe can pierce through nearly anything, and even create sonicbooms from its sharp blade. By inserting the pocket watch into a compartment, Harpe can fire bullets made from time-space itself, dealing explosions upon contact with solid matter. Saturn can easily sense her Harpe from any distance, due to her connection to it.
    There are only two Harpe in the fabric of existence, the other wielded by the Greek hero Perseus.

    Other Information:
    Nothing too important.​
  6. quick question: the olympians that are playable, they do to include Aphrodite do they? the one born from the penis of uranus? if not ill probably will play as hestia and a human a part of the end enders.
  7. Yes, Aphrodite is an allowed character.
  8. waaaaaaa!!!! okay Aphrodite and a human it is! currently making CS for both. trying to keep the types of characters balanced.
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  9. [​IMG]

    NAME.- Kerberos

    ALIASES.- Hades Hound


    RACE.- Son of Thypon

    GENDER.- Male

    APPEARANCE.- Kerberos (Alexander) is 1.80 cms., very black hair which he likes to use not very long, His skin its sickly pale, as if he never had a day under the sun, he also has several tattoos, all of them arcane symbols and piercings in the face and navel.
    His body its slim, almost emaciated with long limbs. His fingernails are black, most people thinks that he paints them but thats not true.
    His eyes are black with red iris, he keep his eyes hidden with black glasses.
    He always wear a black leather choker collar, he cant take it off since only Hades has the key of it.

    TRUE FORM.- In his true form, Kerberos its a monstruous three headed beast-dog of 5 meters high and 7 meters long (head to tail), the skin of it its burned and reddened by the fires of Hades kingdom. In this shape Kerberos can smell and see the dead so he can burn or devour them. His claws and fangs are harder than iron and his breath its poisonous.

    AFFILIATION.- Typhon cause.

    PERSONALITY.- Alexander is shy, almost never see anybody to the eyes, always keeping his head down, as Hades taught him. He only speaks when he has to. He get nervous when others start to arguing. He likes to obey even when the chore isnt of his liking. He still dont believe that Chronus or Thypon will fix everything and fear that everything gonna be worse for him and his siblings afterwards.

    HISTORY.- Alexander blames Typhon of his slave life under Hades command since, after his defeat, Kerberos was taken to guard Hades kingdom as a guardian dog.
    For a time he vented his anger with the pitiful dead spirits who dared to get near his post, mauling, burning them and devouring whats left of them. Then Orpehus went to Hades kingdom, the music from his harp put him to sleep so he didnt even had chance to fight, Hades was displeased and Kerberos was punished.
    But what he most remember its his shameful defeat at Heracles hands, his master Hades had tried to trick the demigod asking him to defeat Kerberos "without using any weapon", Hades had understimated Heracles strength and the demigod choked him until he fell.
    And then to add more shame to his humiliation, Heracles took him to the mortal world. There he was shown to the mortals, to King Eurystheus, with Heracles yanking at the chain that was put on his neck, a proof of the demigod strength and courage.
    Tired of mocking him Heracles sent him back to Hades.
    The somber god was enraged, Kerberos, his champion, defeated even when Heracles wasnt allowed to use any weapon, not only that but Heracles also had freed Theseus and Pirithous, and even dared to hurt his master Hades.
    The god whipped him tireless, with each strike reminding him of his failures and the great disappointment that he was.
    Until one day, when the god went to him and opened his cage without telling him what had happened.

    MOTIVE.- Part of him wish to believe that Chronus and Tyhpon will fix everything, but he also fears that they only gonna make things worse for him and his siblings, so he follows them hoping that if Chronus or Tyhpon are lying he can stop them before they hurt the others.

    ABILITIES & SKILLS.- As human he can see and speak to the spirits, he can order them to do minor chores since the spirits know who he is and fear him enough to obey his commands.
    He also control fire, usually as fireballs from his hands or as a fire breath. He has superior sight, hearing and smelling senses, which he uses to track targets.
    He cannot eat "normal" food, the food has to be spoiled or rotten.
    As last resource he can spit venom from his mouth, the venom its highly corrosive.
    His body has a high pain threshold and fire or heath has no effect on him.
    He is a lousy fighter, he rather keep his enemies away with the fire from his hands or mouth than engage in a hand to hand fight.

    WEAPONRY.- No one at all.

    OTHER INFORMATION.- Nothing at the moment.

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  10. @OnI6470

    Kerberos cannot be affiliated with the main duo at the start of the RP, mainly due to how no one is truly aware of the two.

    Why not 'Typhon's Cause', or if he's deviating, 'Rogue'.

    Overall the app is good.
  11. [​IMG]

    Name: Arata Komatsu
    Aliases: None
    Age: 15
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Tall, skinny, not particularly strong but has decent endurance. Thick black hair with maybe a brownish tinge and brown eyes. He's about 5'4", and tends to dress sloppy. Clean, but slapdash, whatever he can grab.
    Affiliation: Main duo
    Personality: Arata is cynical and sarcastic, with a tendency towards rash decisions. Although he would say he doesn't care what other people think about him, he has a lot of pride, and struggles with accepting help. On the flip side he's very protective of those smaller and weaker than himself.
    History: Arata's father used to be a successful businessman, until he was discovered to be embezzling from his company and went to prison. Arata's mother had to take a job, though that was difficult to get thanks to her husband's reputation. As the eldest of four children, Arata ended up trying to balance his own life (which now included a lot more bullies) and basically raising his siblings.
    Motive: He sees Saturn as a fellow outsider.
    Abilities & Skills: Reasonably good brawler, sprinter and climber, knows a lot of household maintenance and skills, including "girly" ones like cooking and sewing.
    Weaponry: Pepper spray. It's what he can afford, okay?
    Other Information: His siblings are Hiroshi (11), Mei (8) and Kenji (5)​
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  12. Ok, will fix it
  13. Update: i havent forgotten about the RP im 70% done but ive been unexpectedly busy, helping my famliy with thier business. Will try to have things up tonight even if its a WIP.
  14. Good to hear.

    @Michelle the Editor I hope to see the completed application. Just one part to add.

    @OnI6470 is accepted.

    I guess I should post Hydra and Chimera soon.
  15. WIP 1/2

    Name: Minami Bainbridge

    Aliases: Aphrodite

    Physical Age: 22

    Race: deity

    Gender: female

    Appearance: In human form Aphrodite is a light brown haired bombshell with a picturesque physic. She has taken on a similar shape as her original form, changing her eye color from purple to hazel, her hair, and her height. In her human form, she is 5’9. In her real form, Aphrodite is very tall, though average height compared to her fellow Olympians. Her long legs, toned waist, and large bust gets her all types of attention from Olympians and human alike. In her real form, she has nicely bronzed skin. In human form, she has a lighter skin tone, usually changing as she sees fit. She hardly wears human makeup, though she does favor eyeliner and a good lip color. Her nails are always done, and Aphrodite is never seen wearing anything but what she deems trendy.

    Affiliation: non-affiliated (will be changed depending on the story-line)

    Personality: Minami is known to be bubbly, honest, and very fashion forward. Aphrodite is not as ruthless and jealous as she has been described in history books. Due to the jealously from her fellow female Olympians, Aphrodite has been painted as a jealous goddess who only cares about her looks and sex. In reality Aphrodite maybe be a little vain, but her true passion is spreading love. Aphrodite once made it her campaign to promote freely loving whomever. This resulted in the humans going lust crazed at her temples, and blame her for their shameless affairs. To correct her mistake, she supported Hestia in promoting marriage, and focusing on loving everyone. Aphrodite is very joyful and understanding. She has a keen eye for beauty, and tries to surround herself in things pleasing to the eye. Aphrodite has an amazing sense of style, and is usually the one who pioneers fashion trends in the human world. Her moto is to never say untrue things. She may not be super nice, but she always finds a way to be encouraging to the lowly humans. She also loves children, having some herself. But she was not always like this. Like the other gods Aphrodite went through a time of cruelty towards the humans, feed up with their inabilities and stupidity. She has learned to accept their imperfections over the centuries.

    History: Aphrodite was born from the severed genitalia of Uranus. Her troubled beginnings did not stop there. Aphrodite was born during a troubled time. Her father was killed, and the only person who took true interest in her was Gaia, the ruler of the earth. During the golden age Aphrodite saw what should have been the conditions the human world today. Aphrodite saw first-hand how Cronus turned from someone she could relate to, to someone to avoid. When all the titans were banished, she mourned for who was the only thing close to a parent, Gaia. Gaia had taught her many things, such as the beauty in nature and the innocence of mankind. When the Olympians took over, she was granted a spot on Mount Olympus due to her many worshipers. However she was faced with baseless opposition. Hera was against her for reasons Aphrodite did not care to learn. Athena also became her foe. The rest of the gods loved her, some even fought for her hand. One of those poor saps was Zeus. Aphrodite was not interested in him, seeing how he was not a man of love, but of lust. Angry that she wouldn’t lay with him, he forced her to marry Hephaestus. Her husband was not a bad god. He was a funny man, often showered her with gifts, and even encouraged her to learned sword fighting. However she did not love him romantically. Aphrodite as a result had many affairs with ones she did love, and bore many children that she loved completely. Hephaestus became her best friend, though she knows that he loves her. She tries to keep her lovers secret from him. After a while Aphrodite decided to live among her worshipers, taking the form Minami.

    Motive: Aphrodite has never fit in with other Olympians. From birth she was thrust into adulthood with no childhood or memories of her father, Uranus. While Aphrodite has learned of the evil ways of him, she has also seen the wrong doings of the Olympians. She is by nature Cronus’s sister, and an aunt to Zeus. She was left out of the squabbles between the two. She does not feel as though either faction is in the right mindset to rule. Aphrodite is about love between all creation, a viewpoint that is absent in both prospected rulers. She is more inclined towards Cronus, since Zeus forced her into a loveless married after she refused his advances. On the other hand she does not care much for Cronus, mainly due to Gaia’s influences during the Golden Age.

    for hair and face only, pretend it`s the same girl!

    Abilities & Skills: Aphrodite has the power over emotions and psyche. She can control emotions of humans, even directing them to carry out her will. She currently uses the powers given to her by the muses to use music as a medium for her abilities. Even the deepest buried emotion will be rooted out by Aphrodite’s abilities. She can see auras, shape shift certain physical characteristics, and can also use traditional weapons to fight.

    Weaponry: Aphrodite manifests a sphere of her energy, and hurling it at her enemy to gain control of their emotions. She always uses her music to influence human minds. Physical weapons includes daggers and a special celestial weapon crafted and blessed by her husband that looks similar to a Xiphos. Aphrodite uses this short sword in emergencies only since it causes severe burns.

    Other Information: Aphrodite my not be a virgin goddess, but she does not like sleaze balls who constantly flirt. When she sees something she likes, she goes for it head on. This is true for business deals, song inspirations, and men. Aphrodite has an international company for fashion named Radiant beauty, and is a famous singer in the human world.​
  16. @Crow Which part? I can't spot whatever's missing. Was that aliases? I filled that in.
  17. Additions to your physical appearance.
  18. I would request a more specific height for scaling, then we're all good.
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