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  1. Cybil is a princess who is arranged to be married on her twenty-first birthday. Suitors from all kingdoms come to try and seduce the princess, but none could compare to Oliver, a princess whose true name is Olivia that is the same sex as the princess! With her kingdom failing, She's gone under cover to regain her family's wealth, but how will she hide her identity from her soon-to-be wife?
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  2. Two sets of hands carefully moved through Cybil's hair, one plaiting her long red locks into a braid, as the other interwove ribbons and flowers throughout. Today was the day she was to choose her suitor, the man she would wed on her upcoming birthday, and she'd been prepped all day. Servants had helped her to bathe, dress, and now fix her hair - things her father seemed not to trust her with on such an important occasion. Though she would have liked to protest, to insist she was not some child who needed constant tending to, tensions were high throughout the entire palace, and she knew to do so would only cause unneeded strife. So, she had relented, and allowed them to go about their business - watching in silence as they prepared her to meet the men from the surrounding kingdoms.

    In a way, it had been a slight comfort - one less thing to worry about. She'd been in a trance-like state all day, a million possibilities whirring around in her head. Though she would have liked to convince herself of otherwise, this was not some silly affair, but rather a decision of somewhat terrifying proportions. As the servants finally finished her hair, and ushered her out towards the main hall, she once again went over the sort of man she was looking for in her mind. He had to be smart, charming, strong-willed, and kind. The sort of man who was able to take care of her kingdom the way it deserved, but was also willing to listen to her input - to allow her to rule from the sidelines. Her people would never accept her as a capable ruler, as much as it pained her to think, but she needed no glory; As long as her husband allowed her to help in making the decisions, she would be satisfied; Her people need not know of her assistance.

    The main hall of the palace was a large, extravagant room, which adequately portrayed the wealth of the nation of Aionios. The ceilings were high, and curved, with beautifully painted artwork and carefully carved details. The large room was currently brimming with suitors from the nearby kingdoms, their hushed whispers reverberating off the surrounding walls.

    Cybil's breath caught in her throat at the sight of them. She'd been preparing herself for this for ages, gone over it in her head a thousand times, but the feeling of actually being there - in the moment - was entirely different than she ever could have imagined. With a deep breath to calm herself, Cybil stepped forward, focusing on the sound of her feet clicking against the ground.

    The room went silent as she entered, and she finally glanced up, allowing her gaze to linger over the men who stood before her. Carefully folding her hands in front of herself, she spoke up, giving the customary greeting of her nation. "Hello. I am Cybil Anastos, second child and daughter of Queen Acacia Anastos of Aionios, and King Matthias Anastos of Aionios." Short and to the point. She gave a small curtsy, and then stood straight once again. "Thank you all for attending. I, my father, and my nation, greatly appreciate it."

    Pushing her hands behind her back, she curled them around each other to help subside her nervousness, and began to socialize with the others. She had a big decision to make, and she was determined not to make it until she was sure she had found herself the best possible husband.
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  3. Olivia stared down at her lap, her hands folded in her lap in what might be the last time she could ever act like a princess again. If she did not succeed, she would return to her kingdom where she and her family would live in poverty until they died or were taking over by a neighboring kingdom. If she did succeed, she would remain in secret for the rest of her life, running a kingdom with another woman at her side.

    Her servant shuffling over and fixing the shoulders of her tunic before sitting back in her normal position. They had just reached the outer layer of the castle walls, and the princess grew more nervous with each trot the horses took. Soon, she would face the princess and ensue her lies and her false identity. IT was when the horse halted to a stop that Olivia flinched, looking at the castle doors.

    She shifted into a more masculine mindset as she stepped out of the carriage, taking a deep breath before running a hand through her now short hair. Her father had ordered it to be cut into the form of a boy's, to hide her the best she could. Along with the makeup and binders, she made a pretty decent man.

    But now, she stood with the other prince's, and she felt sick to her stomach. They all seemed so much better equipped than her, so much more princely. She stood a little straighter, dreading the time when she would have to face the princess.

    The minute the princess walked out of the room, she took a shuddering breath, ignoring the looks from the other princes that she received. She felt like she was trapped, and she wasn't going to get away from this. She would be found out, and she was terrified what could happen.

    But, she took a breath, and prepared herself for meeting the princess. With slow steps, she approached the princess, who looked lovely for a girl, putting on a polite smile. "You look lovely." She greeted, her voice deepened slightly to get a roughness that all the other men had, bowing as her father had taught her.
  4. Cybil would in no way consider herself a shy girl. She was quiet, yes, but not shy. Social situations did not cause her anxiety, and though she made the occasional stumble due to her somewhat clumsy demeanor, she was generally careful and reserved in her mannerisms. This, however, was different, and she was having difficulty knowing what to say, or where to get started - for one of the first times in her life feeling something like fear for those around her. And that is why, as the one of her suitors approached her, it caused her to feel a flurry of different emotions.

    There was a wave of relief over having someone else take over the responsibility of initiating interaction, a nervous fluttering of butterflies in her stomach, and a sort of suffocating warmth in her chest she had never experienced before. "Thank you." She said, her gentle steady tone masking her true unease over the situation. She slowly glanced the man who had approached her up and down, caring not to be discreet; The men knew why they were here, and she could feel their eyes examining her in the same way. He wasn't the tallest, nor the most muscular of the men present - and if she was to be blunt, there was even a sort of femininity to his looks, a gentleness in his face that other males didn't seem to possess. Still, though, she would not consider him unattractive - there was even something appealing about his appearance, though it was not entirely what she had been expecting.

    "You look quite handsome yourself, sir..." She added, before a slight pause. "I'm sorry, but I don't believe I recognize you, and I never got your name. You are -?"
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  5. To say Olivia was nervous would be an understatement of all the emotions running through her at the moment. She was absolutely terrified, unable to think about anything else other than the thought of being found out. Surely, she would be punished severely for this if they were to learn that she was in fact a woman?

    The fear only grew as the princess looked her over. She could tell that Cybil was no fool, and would wrong move would make her suspicious. So, with trained practice, she stood at ease, trying to seem as confident as she could at this time. The clothing pulled at her neck, only adding to the difficulties of breathing normally, making a shiver crawl down her spine.

    She almost let out a breath of relief as Cybil spoke, unaware that she was speaking to a girl. "I am Oliver Grace, eldest child and son of King Cryon Grace of Siliren." She said, bowing as they had taught her. It felt a little clumsy, a little informal, but she hoped that the princess wouldn't have noticed.
  6. Cybil nodded as Oliver spoke. The way he stood made him to seem confident, and at ease, and it only made her feel more self-conscious. Was the way she was standing inappropriate? She did seem a bit standoffish, she imagined, with her hands clutched so tightly behind herself, and her body shrunk away slightly. One of these men - maybe the one standing in front of her right now - was her future husband, and she didn't want him going into the relationship thinking of her as a cowardly fool. And so, she tried to relax, to loosen her body a bit and seem more at ease. She stood straighter, and took a step towards Oliver, letting her arms drop to her side. She could only hope her body language was more confident now, and that her suitor didn't notice her shaking hands or the slight redness that had flushed to her face.

    "Well, it's lovely to meet you, Oliver Grace." She said. "I don't think I've ever heard of Siliren. I try to keep up with the surrounding kingdoms, as any person of high standing should, but some do fall through my grasp. I assume the area is a small one?"

    She paused for a moment, and as she did the idea that what she said might have been rude flashed through her mind. "Oh, was that inappropriate to say?" She added. "I didn't mean to offend anyone. Small talk isn't really my forte."

    It was true. Usually, in social situations such as this one, she either got right to business, or remained silent.
  7. Olivia couldn't help but notice the shift of attitude and body language from Cybil. Now, she seemed so much more confident, more powerful. She could imagine that Cybil would make a good Queen to consult with, but that only served to make her more nervous. After all, if Cybil had been a air-headed princess, she might have been able to pull this off. No way was she going to escape this now.

    Nevertheless, she played her part, smiling the friendly and reassuring smile that the nobles of their kingdom had taught her. "It is quite alright, princess. You are doing just fine at small talk." She assured, fighting the urge to link her hands together. Instead, she ran a hand through her hair, gritting her teeth just the smallest bit.

    "Yes, we are a small kingdom. My father has had rule for many years, and it is a really beautiful land." Olivia answered honestly, although she left out the part of their economic disaster. It was better that she came from a small unknown kingdom, able to hide behind other's lack of knowledge. After all, no one even knew of their family, allowing her to do this now.
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