Princely Roleplay Ideas (1x1's)

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  1. So does anyone else ever feel the need when the due date for a paper is fast approaching? That's the time I always get the most ideas! xD Don't worry, I always reply (and I'm pretty friendly, too)!

    I'm looking for a partner that can handle at least 2-3 paragraphs and won't mind if I fluctuate from short to novel sized posts on good days xD
    You don't have to be particularly fast, but I do like to post at least once a day; life happens, I get it-but you know just putting that out there. :'D

    I don't mind some shenanigans here and there either─If you feel stumped on a serious scene, though, I'm always up for scene-to-scene planning.


    (Romance)Work is Hard!
    || "Lay off, she's mine." ||
    The five short words that change the life of a normal, everyday business woman in her late twenties. Independent and proud, this young lady carries a certain air of class around her, something that only a true royal may exert. But what of her private face? She's just as excitable and boisterous as a blossoming school girl (if not more so)! As the coronation of a prince from a distant land inches closer and closer, he rushes to find a suitable queen to rule by his side. A fateful encounter brings these two together, and with the help of a couple excited body guards and a succession hanging over the prince's head, the dame finds herself attached to his hip for just a while longer than she had ever expected.

    If you want to play the prince (nice or other), then I'll play the girl─but if you'd like the girl, I'd prefer to have a rather snotty prince xD

    (Romance) Given
    || "Her? ..You've got to be kidding me.." ||
    Even a mafia grunt couldn't have expected this kind of outcome! Arranged marriage? What are we in? The Middle Ages? There's a limit to how far the fingers of The Life can really dig in before it turns into a spiteful little thing. Levi, the daughter of a well-known underground goon and Donato, the playboy prince of a rivaling mafia, are to be wed in order for the two syndicates to join forces. But what can be said about the hostile air that radiates off of them when their partner-to-be is mentioned? Old habits die hard in this romance not-meant-to-be!

    I have no preference over playing either gender.

    Let me know if you're interested with a comment/message or if you'd like to discuss over PM, help me use up these 6 posts xD
  2. I'd be very interested in this, if you want to RP with me! I have the perfect idea for this female character that I think would go great with this idea. It seems really cute :)
  3. I noticed in your resume you like majical and mythilogical. Do you think you might be intrested it that? And I believe I am semi- lite. I can do really well if inspired. I am on every day so I believe I can keep up a good pace. So.... intrested? ^^
  4. Awesome, I'd love to! ♥ Which idea is it for? There are two xD

    Sure, I'm up for anything! xD Did you have an idea or particular myth that you wanted to base it on?
  5. There are some I enjoy. The gods and goddesses are always a fun medium. Classical Mythology with animals, egyptian, folklore, greek, roman. Or maybe our own made up legends. I have a few 'out of hat' idea's for those. Which of these strikes you?
  6. Ah I just now saw number 2, but I think I like number 1 :)
  7. I'd honestly love to do something on gods and goddesses─Greek is my norm when I go mythology, but an Egyptian myth inspired rp sounds like it would be a lot of fun! I'll just put my idea into a spoiler tag, but if you have any of your own that you'd like to share, I'd love to hear them! :)

    - God/GoddessxScribe
    perhaps something where the gods descend upon the people and blend in with the masses? I've read some Egyptian love poems and they all seem to allude to the Nile River; I was thinking that maybe a god disguised as a noble takes on a new scribe OR even takes on the role of a scribe as well and needs to go into an apprenticeship?​

    Sounds good! I've been dying to play that one in forever! xD Do you want to make reference sheets or discover the characters on the way?
  8. Oooooh now these are some fineee ideas :D

    I would love to do either plot with either gender. (Mafia one sounds really fun.)

    Though I tend to write in 1-2 paragraphs (at least ... thats what I aim for and sometimes I end up going overboard) if you don't mind xD

    I love the moderness to both (not the greatest at fantasy - mythos)

    If you're interested, feel free to pm me :) and I'll reply ASAP
  9. I'd like to make some reference sheets if that's okay, but if not I don't mind figuring them out as we go along.
  10. LOL thanks. Quantity's not really a problem since I have a tendency to go from extremely long to extremely short posts myself xD
    Sorry, I can't PM just yet D: I think I still have two more posts to make before I can do that─hopefully I can before it's too late or before you get to reading this xD

    Psh, that's more than fine xD I'll see if I can have something up within the next half hour.​
  11. Great! I should have something made by then too
  12. Lol alright thats good and same here. I can go from really inconsistent amount of length. So I'm assuming you're willing to do this mafia rp? xD You wouldn't mind taking the male part would you? :3 <--- in a feminine mood lol. And just to get some basic ground things.

    1) Need an age, I'd say around 24+ maybe 25 for female and 27+ for male

    2) Setting

    3) Shall I make the thread or you?

  13. I like the idea of the god becoming a scribe. It shows the god is also wanting to learn humility in his/her time on the earth. Which do you think you would prefer?
  14. Yes, of course xD No, I don't mind at all! Haha

    1) I was planning on making my character 28! Whatever age you go with is fine by me, really as long as she's not extremely young.

    2) I imagined the opening scene to be one in a private bar where the two mafia heads are "discussing" a treaty between the groups over a couple of untouched beers. Maybe the mafia heirs had come along for learning purposes or whatever you'd like. xD I'd imagine the bar will be a common meeting place. Time-wise, I wanted to keep it modern day (or steampunk if you really want?),

    3) I can make the thread, but I need to get a start on my Psych paper, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow. If you're free, though, would you mind starting?

    Oh, good you liked it~ I kind of want to play a female scribe if you don't mind playing the god? Of course if it's easier for you to play the scribe, I have no problem with swapping.
    Do you work off of character sheets?
  15. 1) Alright I'll stick with my original and use 25 lol :D

    2) I think modern day would be best since steam punk is difficult considering the fact that the techonology is more limited. And I think that's a great way to set up things :D They could tag along ... sure. I'll go with the flow of things haha.

    3) Ah I would but I got some AP to do. Should I give you the female pic? (I'm pretty sure we're doing realistic right?) :D
  16. I don't personally no. I like making a character everytime I am in a new story. And I never use a character again after I have used it. Its sounds weird and I don't know how to fully explain it. I just think if I make a new born character I am not shackled by its previous experiances and get to feel out their personality. LOL but you can if you want to. And also the scribe if you would like that as well.
  17. 1/2) Sounds good! That was what I was thinking, too xD (It's easier for them to cover things up as well haha)
    3) I'll write it up tomorrow then and PM it to you xD Feel free to go ahead and send me a picture, though! :)I still have to do a little picture fishing but I'll send it in due time //oh and realistic, yes. Whatever you'd like. xD

    Haha, it's fine─I'm the same way lol. Do you want to talk setting or are you alright with just jumping in? xD
    All that aside, would you like to start or shall I?
  18. No offence but if I had the god I would start. I mean if I a common human was in the temple of Isis listing the common ground and personal connection only for you to drop from the heavens as Hathor.....that would be weird lol
  19. oh wait I got thrown off. You talked about the god possibly being a scribe and the you said you wanted to be a scribe so I depicted you as the god LOL Are you wanting to be human is what I'm asking^0^
  20. Oh my, I'm so sorry for not making that clear! (It made sense in my head, now I see how confusing the wording was..) I wanted to be the human; if you don't mind playing the god?