Prince the Badgerhog (Story)

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  1. This thread is going to be a story about my
    character: Prince the Bagerhog. Been working on this Since I was 16
    years old and still working on it still. So my story may come in
    paragraphs. I hope you enjoy. [​IMG]

    Oh yeah, depending on what I'm doing (working, yard work,etc.) I may
    take a little longer to write the next parts of my story. So please be
    patient. [​IMG]

    PS: There will be some grammer errors, etc. so please don't bash me on that. I will make the corrections when I have the chance.

    I love a good feedback so I want to hear what your opinions about my character, story, etc.
    But go easy on me

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  2. A couple of clouds rolled across the sunny blue skies while beautiful birds flew across the enormous oasis named Anaguma. The city was built on the waters of the oasis and on it's shores. It's buildings were made of hardened sand mixed in with a little bit of yellow clay making the houses more sturdy. Fountains were made through out the city which they act as wells for drinking purposes and such. Their trees and other plants were little over grown making it morelike a ruin more than city since the badgerhogs loved their plants so much. It was peaceful for a moment until the scattered conversations and excitement of badgerhogs broke the silence within the city grounds. Children are often playing in the waters while their parents do their daily routines. Some are on land playing other activity games. Some are just enjoying the scenery and climbing the vines and trees. There in the far end of the oasis, lies a huge palace like house that stood the highest of all of the other buildings and homes.

  3. Inside the palace-like home, the King stood upon the entrance along with his malicious Queen, looking over his Oasis. He carried a golden jewel-like staff that he uses mostly as a walking stick and as a fighting utensil. His hair was long, silver, and braided that stretch down to his back. He has a 2 battle scars, one his left cheek and one underneath his right eye from his past fights in his years. On his chest he has a light silver-grey chest hair and below it is a white sword mark pointed down diagonally; which symbolizes the Power of the Light.
    The Queen badgerhog looked at the badgerhog civilians below with a disguised smirk on her face. She carries a magic scepter - like staff with a baby blue jewel sealed in it that she uses for magic defense. Her hair was long, black, and in bangs that stretched down to her ankles. She wore a bluish-grayish tank top-like garment on her chest with gold trimming on its edges. Underneath the Queen's tank-top like garment, she had a black sword mark pointed diagonally in the opposite direction. On her waist is a matching long skirt that goes all the way down to her ankles. Finally on her feet, she wore simple double strapped sandals.
  4. The king smiled a little as he watched his people doing their own routines. Some are just enjoying the time out of their lives while some are having bad days. 'One day.....,' he thought to himself. His thoughts was quickly interrupted by of sound of running footsteps from inside the palace-like home. He turned around to see who it was and saw a young badgerhog running towards him and his Queen. The young badgehog ran with excitement and slowed down to where the King and Queen was standing looking at the badgerhog people from below.

    The young badgerhog appeared to be in his teen years, at least around 15. He wore hardly anything but thesandals on his feet, and a little golden wrist bracelet that he made when he was younger. His hair was very different from the queen and king. Instead, the young badgerhog's hair is spiky-like wavy on the top of his head. The very front part of his part hair (near the forehead) is whitish-silver while the rest of his hair is black. From the mid back of his head, his wavy like hair was spiked downward followed by 5 long bangs of hair that had the end clips on each bang which were non wavy spiked-liked. The only difference is that it's not braided like the King's, but has the same length as the Queen's hair braids. The hair on his chest was pure whitish-silver like and just a bit below it are two swords that are crossed in an X. This raised many questions from the other royal family members. One was black and the other was white which symbolized he has both powers of Dark and Light.
    The King gave out a light chuckle as he watched him looking past Anaguma.
  5. The king's chuckle only lasted for a mere second. As he continued to watch the young badgerhog, his face began to turn into a serious look. Something in his mind was bugging him and every time he thought about it, it angers him a little. "He's not learning the way he should learn," he thought to himself. "My son, Prince, the next future king, will be weak unless he learns and trains what we have been teaching him," He said thinking to himself. His grip on his staff has tighten a bit as he kept on thinking about it, but quickly calmed down.

    The Queen notices the King's looks and smirks a little like she has something planned. Without a word, she just walked off down the palace's halls. She didn't say where she was going, or when she's going to be back. She just left as if she didn't even care. "Soon, very soon......." She said to herself.

    Meanwhile, the King continued to look at his son. "Prince, my son," he said in a normal tone. Prince turned around and looked at his father. "Yes father?" he replied back as he ran up to his father. "It's time for your training. Bring your training weapons and meet in the training grounds behind the palace" His father said. Prince didn't want to hear those words as he quickly remembered what happened in his years of training with his father. Hiding his true feelings, he nodded, "Yes father." He headed down to his room to get his training staff, his training swords, and few other things he needed. He wrapped them all in a bundle and carried them on his back. It was a bit heavy, but he ignored the pain and continued walking to back of the palace.
  6. Prince continued on making his way to the back of the palace along with his bundle of wooden training weapons bumping against each other. The sounds of the wood hitting and bumping over one another gave him a reminder of his past training with his father. Soon after, he started to remember the grunts and battle cries that he made when fighting with his training weapons, plus the constant heavy breathing. Being too deeply in his memories, he wasn't paying any attention to what was ahead of him which caused him to take a bit of tumble down a set of stairs.

    "Ooooow.......," Prince said as he rubbed the back his head. "Great, I can't even descend down a set of stairs without being nervous." Sighing, he gathered his training weapons again and grabbed his threaded weapons sack but as he put them in, they went through the sack. Prince looked at his threaded sack and realized that it had ripped during his tumble. "aaaaaaaaAAAAARRRGG!!!" He moaned frustratedly. "That's the third time that it has ripped. Now father is going to have fierce words about that and it's already frustrating enough dealing with his ........"training," he complained to himself. Grumbling to himself, he scooped up his training weapons again and held them in his arms along with the ripped threaded sack.
  7. Prince continued down several hallways until he finally made it to a shorter hallway that leads to the back of his royal home. Still frustrated and at the same time nervous, he continued to worry about how his training will turn out when his father sees the ripped threaded sack. "Why me?" Prince said to himself as he looked the sack. He continued walking towards the double back doors but in between Prince and the exit, he passed by a small heavy clay-like door that had appeared to be locked. Not paying any mind to it, he continued making his way toward towards the exit until he was close enough to reach for its handles. He was about to push the double back doors open until suddenly the door open with a thud along with a heavy scrapping of hardened clay rubbing against the clay floors.

    "Huh?" Prince said as he turned his head to see what the noise was. A small dust cloud came out of the door way followed by a couple of coughing noises. A familiar female badgerhog came out of the doorway dusting herself off. "Boy one of these days, I'll going teach HIM lesson....," she complained. "Throwing me into that dusty room....," she dusted herself off some more. "He doesn't know who he's up against....," she began to cough a few times, "up against one of the...cough...royal badgerhog family," she said after clearing her throat. After recognizing her voice, Prince fully turned around and was able to get a clear view of the female badgerhog. It turned that it was the badgerhog queen which somewhat stunned Prince in a way. "" Prince said in a confused manner. The badgerhog Queen stopped what she was doing and looked up, and saw Prince looking back at her while holding his training weapons in his arms. "Oh Prince, I...I didn't notice you were there. I thought you were training with your father?" She said as she closed the heavy clay door back. "I was until I heard a loud door opened and you complaining about someone," Prince explained. "Who is this "him" you're referring to and why are you so determine to get him?," He asked with much curiosity, "and to add on another question: How did you manage to open that heavy clay door open from the opposite side? I don't see any handles to grab and pull open, not even a lever," He pointed out to his mother while holding his training weapons in his arms. The badgerhog Queen felt she was backed into a corner with nowhere to run and had to think of a quick answer to get her out it. Suddenly she gotten frustrated with Prince, "What did I tell you about poking your nose in elderly's business," she said with anger in her voice. "I'm your mother, not one of your servants. So, I will appreciated it that you treat me with respect as your Queen and as your mother!," she said very fiercely. Using the "stay out of elderly doings" tactic, it forced Prince to rethink his next words. "I'm sorry mother. I was just curious is all," he responded, looking downward. Without saying a word, the badgerhog Queen walked away, leaving Prince in his deep thoughts.
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