Prince of Blood (Thomas and Roses)

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    Name: Prince Asarath "James" Highblood III

    Age: Irrelavent

    Race: Vampire
  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Isabella Lovelace
    Age: 16
    Race: a human with powers and rare blood.
  3. Isabella was wearing a light blue gown. It was corset top and it was lacy. She smiled as she fixed her skirt. She then went to her throne chair and sat there. She looked around her surroundings. She was so happy about where she was going from here. She was glad to make this ball for all the rich people near. She didn't know that there was vampires upon them. She crossed her legs as she glanced around. She sighed glancing at her father. She then siad, " You didn't invite the people I didn't want to invite." The ing smiled, " It's for the rich and royals so of course... All the royals around us." Isabella tensed, "That means you invited~" she didn't finish her sentence but he nodded as if he knew. Isabella sighed softly. " In that case I'll be back here shortly I have to change." She stood up and left the ball room before heading to her room to change into a pretty Dress She fixed her hair and put on matching shoes before rejoining the room. She slowly went to go to her throne.
  4. Asarath peered through the window of the ballroom, eyeing the crowd for his next meal. He had been rather bored this past century, not much exciting had happened. There was that massive fire in Germany and that war in the islands near Asia, but otherwise it hadn't been much fun. And anyway, he was hungry. It was late. So, terrorizing the local royalty might be fun. And tonight was that of a party, so it would be even more fun. And then someone caught his eye.

    A girl, the daughter of the nobleman who owned the estate. He had heard stories about her. Her whole line had special blood, but she was the first in the past three centuries who showed signs of actually being able to wield the power of her blood. Taking her would be... interesting.
  5. Isabella sighed softly. She sat there as she thought. She was so bored. She glanced over at the window feeling eyes on her. She then moved to dance with a person. She was so happy. She tilted her head and kept dancing with the one noble. Isabella smiled, afterwards, she wanted to take a breath of fresh air. She knew that she was a special person, she was the only one from her parents who had magical powers. Isabelle looked around before she went to go to the balcony. She leaned forward as she sighed. She ran a hand through her hair. She smiled lightly. She tilted her head softly.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.