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  1. He is sick of having everything being handed to him on a silver platter. Draco Lundberg, prince of Sweden decides to run away to the US and live in Rockford Illinois, a small town. All he wants is to live a normal life. But will he be able to pull it off?
    -Quick Character Info-
    Name: Draco Lundberg
    Age: 17
    Height: 6ft
    Body Type: Athletic/Muscular
    Personality: Kinda, Caring, Protective, Tough, Great Leader, Stubborn, Mysterious, Loyal, Honest, Smart.
    Looks: (Pic Below after he leave Sweden)
    Draco grumbled and he sat up in his royal bed running a hand through his shoulder length blond hair. Then a realization hit him, today was the day. The day where he officially got out of here. He pulled the covers off him and hopped out of bed. He ran to his safe and did the combination, pulling out a good amount of money that he needed to start his new life in the US. He stuffed it all in a bag that he pact last night. Now its time for one last thing.... he went into the bathroom looking at himself in the mirror for a moment. Looking back at those surprisingly bright blue eyes then grabbed a pair of scissors. He began chopping away. He made sure every cut was perfect.When he was done he stepped back to take a look at himself in the mirror. He was surprised that he did a good job. He was a good looking young man before, but now he looks even better with short hair. He nods to himself, mentally wishing himself goodluck and went back into his room. He grabbed his bag and ran back out heading down the secret stairway. He went out through a secret exit in the mansion. He ran fast, he only looked over his shoulder once.
    Luckily with the new hair cut ni one seemed to have recognized him. He even got to go in a taxi which took him to the airport. Once he finally went into the airplane and took his seat he smiled to hinself. It was really haappening. Now he can finally live his own life.He was also pretty happy he knew english. Being a prince you have to learn a whole bunch of different languages. Finally the plane flew off... Finally...

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  2. (Side note: hope you don't mind if i join and excuse me or this is my first role-play in awhile)
    Name: Elena Waters
    Age: 16 (junior)
    Personality: fun, sweet, sassy, caring, stubborn, and can come across as annoying and obnoxious
    Looks: Bright red hair that goes a little past her shoulders, blue eyes, has around 6 pirecings (all in her ears), 5'7 and around 119 lbs
    Enjoys: Horse back riding, babysitting, reading, drawing on herself, playing video games, cuddling with her cat, annoying her two little brother and singing in the shower.
    Elena was snuggled into her pillow when her dreaded alarm clock started buzzing in her ears. The annoying ringing was beating her down until she couldn't take it anymore and sat up in her bed, yawned, and finally hit the off button. Blinking a couple times before getting up and walking to her bathroom. Suddenly two little brunettes ran past her and slammed the door in her face. "Tommy! Brendan! You guys suck!!" She yelled at her two annoying 12 year old twin brothers. They used to be sorta cute, now they were just little brats. Elena, deciding her time would be better spent picking out an outfit then banging on the bathroom door for the next 20 minutes, walked back into her bedroom and opened the closet door. Deciding on a pair of jeans and a band t-shirt from a concert she had attended in the summer, she walked back to the bathroom as her brothers ran out yelling about something she couldn't make out. Shaking her mess of red hair and looking into the mirror she shuddered at her reflection as her mop of brightly dyed red hair sprung out in messy curls all over her head. She slowly worked her brush through her hair and straightened the mess of hair until it was perfectly straight with her bangs hanging in her right eye. Applying her eyeliner and mascara she quickly got changed and picked up one of her 3 cats who was sitting on the stairs. Walking downstairs she said hello to her mother who was making breakfast. "Hey honey! Do you think you could run a few me a few errands today? I need to take the boys to there soccer tournament today." Elena took a piece of the toast and smeared an spoonful of peanut butter on it. "Yeah sure mom" she said shoving the piece into her mouth and chewing as her mother gave her devil eyes "Elena really eat like a lady!" Elena flashed her mother a quick smiled and took the list of chores from the counter and grabbed her keys "Bye mom, Bye dad" She put Nellie, her all white cat down on the floor and grabbed the two boys and kissed them both drawing a big "EWWWW Gross!" from them. She managed to get out a "Good luck" between her laughter and walked out the door. Okay first stop Rockford Airport to drop off a package to one of her mothers friends who worked as a flight attendant. Turning the keys and hearing the engine start up Elena pulled out of the small family driveway and towards the airport.
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  3. ((I dont mind at all ^^))
    Draco did not expect to sleep at all. But he did, the entire plane ride there. Someone actually had to kick the back of his seat and say, "Hey, wake up." Of course he grumbled and rubbed his eye for a moment. He sat up and grabbed his suit case heading out of his plane. As he got out he began thinking through his plan once more. First he was going to live in a hotel for a little bit until he found a place of his own. Then he would find a normal job for someone his age an startattending high school and just live a normal life. He smiled to himself as he thought his plan over and over again. He was thinking about it so much he waasnt paying attention to where he was walking.
  4. Elena picked up the package and headed inside the somewhat decent sized airport. Rockford was a small town but it was dead smack in the middle of the state so it only made sense to have a bigger airport here, although who would ever want to come to this dead end town, all Elena could ever think about was leaving this god forsaken town. Walking into the airport she was barley paying attention as she thought about the subject of leaving this town. She glanced up at the gate trying to remember which gate her mother's friend, Amanda, worked at. Was it Gate A? No.. maybe Gate H? No she didn't think that was right either. Mumbling to herself as she walked all over the airport hoping she could find someone to guide her in the right direction. Now Elena was always known as somewhat of a klutz, so when she stumbled into someone it didn't surprise her to much. The package flew out of her hand and landed with a thud on the floor. "Shit" Elena said as she looked up and saw and tall boy, Elena guessed about 6 ft mage 6'1 standing in front of her. His beauty kinda stunned her for a moment as she struggled to gain her composure. "O-Oh my gosh! I'm so so sorry! I'm such a klutz" She apologized quickly and looked down, as his bright blue eyes were quite distracting and seemed to be peering into her very soul. She brushed her jeans off and reached for the package, hoping it wasn't something breakable.
  5. Bumping into her caused him to loose his train of thought. Helooked down at her and thought, 'Oop.' He rubbed the back of his head for a moment and smiled a bit then began helping her up, "Oh no it was my fault," he says. His accent was pretty
    subtle, "I wasnt paying attention and I apologize." He said still smiling warmly. He kneeled down and grabbed the package looking into her blue eyes, "Is this yours?" He asked handing it to her.
  6. Elena noticed a slight accent and it made her do a little half smile. He looked into her eyes and she was trapped again, struggling for words she felt her heart start pounding. "Y-yeah, wait no! It's not mine, I mean it's mine cause I was carrying it of course but it's for my mom's friend, although I have no idea where I'm going.." She rambled on until she finally stopped to breath. "I'm Elena, Elena Water" She said quickly, the heat rising to her face as she took the package from him. "Thank you." She held it and sighed a little sigh of relief, nothing in the box felt broken. Thank goodness, her mom would have killed her! She looked from the package up to the young man and then back to where she was standing, in the middle of the let out gate and people were starting to tell them to move. People were so rude these days!
  7. He chuckled a bit at her rambling. He found it rather cute. Then people started telling them to move. It wasn't a problem for Draco, he did feel like he was kinda in the way. Once he moved a bit he held out his hand to her, "I am Draco Lundberg. Nice to meet you Elena." he decided to stick with his name because he figured nobody in the US would know who he was. Once they shook he was surprised at how soft her hands were. After they shook hands he looked around for a moment then back at her. He did find her pretty attractive, " So do you need any help finding your mothers friend? I mean I might not be a lot of help concidering I just got here but I can try to help you out." once again he gave her another smile.
  8. Elena and Draco moved out of the way of traffic. "Draco? Like from harry potter? OHH you look like him too! i bet you're a wizard!" she laughed nervously at herself. She shook his hand and noticed it was really big compared to hers. "You have huge hands! I mean like in a good way! You could play guitar!" she was now just struggling to control her nervous, bubbly personality. He offered to help her find her mother's friend and she gave him another crooked smile. "I'd actually love the company" She nodded at his back as they started walking "so where are you from? And why in the world would you choose to come here, I mean you basically just landed in the middle of snooze vill, Unless you're headed to a big city from here." She looked at Draco and noticed his tall, atheltic body figure. He didn't look much older than 18 and reminded her a lot of her father who owned the towns only auto shop. Her mother was a nurse at the local kids clinic and together they had a happy little family. Elena blew her bangs out of her face as she couldn't move them with her hands.
  9. Draco has actually been told that once or twice about the whole Draco from Harry Potter thing. He did find it a little ironic though but he usually just laughed it off. "I get that a lot," he says to Elena laughing a little, "But I promise I am no wizard. And I am no where near mean."
    As she shook his hand he shrugged a little, "I don't really play guitar but I do play drums." he said then she got to the topic of loving some company. She sure switches subjects fast. He didn't mind though. He simply nodded smiling once again as he walked with her. He didn't really mind telling people where he was from. He just wasn't going to tell anyone he was a prince. "Actually I am from Sweden I am transfer student." he says. A little lie wouldn't hurt no one. He stuffed his hands in his pockets.
  10. Elena started to relax and her words slowed down. "You play drums huh? That's pretty cool actually, you should show me sometime" Looking at him again she added quickly "That is, if you don't of course" As he explained to her he was from Sweden her eyes lit up. "That is soooo cool! But wait a transfer student? I didn't even know Rockford eye accepted transfer students, hell we never get new kids." Elena laughed "The girls are going to love you," she said smiling at him "Hope you don't have a girlfriend back home, cause trust me, with you're good looks all the girls are gonna be all over you" She turned her attention back to searching for Amanda.
  11. "I don't mind at all." he says looking at her then quickly adds, "Well they accepted me so I guess I was an exception." he chuckles then stops for a moment when she said the girls are going to love him. He actually blushed a little. Of course back in Sweden all the girls loved him, but he just figured it was because he was a prince. He laughed a little and waved it off like it was no big deal, "No I don't really think so but thanks for the compliment.
  12. Elena stopped in her tracks. "You're kidding right? Draco have you looked in the mirror lately?" She laughed "You're a total hottie, plus you're new And you're foreign. Trust me when i tell you that the girls here are going to shit themselves when you walk into that school." She thought for a moment then asked "So who is your foster family?" thinking it was someone she may know. "Well of course it depend on what grade you're in but I'd be happy to help you if you need help finding you're way around the school" The high school was the only one in the town and it had more than 2,000 different students, some from the neighboring towns as well, Rockford high was a big high school in a small town.
  13. He rubbed the back of his head at the complement, "Well thanks." he laughed lightly. Then she asked him about the foster family and nearly froze once again in the middle of his tracks. He thought, "Oh fan..." which is 'Oh Shit' in Swedish. He thought quickly, "Uh there names are Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I am going to wait for them at the nearest hotel. That's where they said they would meet up with me." he smiled at her kindness, "Actually I would like to have someone show me around the school. I should be able to go in 3 or 4 days after I get all settled in."
  14. Elena tilted her head trying to think "Mr. and Mrs. Smith.. hmm i'm not sure i know them.." Elena was about to say something else when she saw "Amanda!" Elena said and ran up the middle aged lady walking to gate F. "Hey sweetie! Oh is that from you're mother?" Elena handed her the package and smiled. "sure is! not sure what it is but you know my mom." She flashed Amanda her "perfect daughter" smile and then said her goodbyes. Turning back towards Draco she smiled again at him "Would you know it was a sweater!" she fumbled though her pant pockets for her keys and pulled out her keys. "I'd be happy to show you around sometime hottie, just let me know." Looking at his bag she noticed he didn't have a whole lot. "Are you waiting on my luggage cause I'd be happy to give you a ride to the hotel if you want." she offered sweetly
  15. He sighed in relief when the middle aged woman called Amanda showed up. He didn't want her digging too deep. After she Amanda the package and went back over to him he flashed her another smile. The next thing he knew she was offering him a ride. 'Should I accept the offer?' not too long after he decided yes. Still smiling he nodded, "Sure! That would be great! Thank you I really appreciate it." he grabbed his luggage and he followed her out to the car.
  16. Elena led Draco to her tiny red Malibu, not to flashy but that's the way she liked it. It was a present from her parents a couple months ago and she had been so surprised. Popping the trunk open she nodded at him to go ahead and put the bag int the back as she got into the drivers seat. She stuck the keys in the hole and turned as the car roared to life. "seatbelt" she nodded at him and pulled out of the parking lot and on to the road. Mapping out a way to get to the Holiday Inn.
  17. He examined the vehicle. It wasn't much but he didn't mind at all. Back in Sweden he never ever bragged about how rich he was. Once she opened the trunk for him he put it in and said, "Thanks." he got into the passenger seat and buckled up looking back at her, "Ok I'm ready." he said with a smiled then she drove off. "By the way your car is pretty neat."
  18. She smiled at him "Thanks, my dad owns the auto shop here in town so he got me a car that would last, it's not much but it drives well and gets me where i need to go" Stoping at the red light as they drove down town she explained the small area. "this is downtown Rockford, A couple food joints, little boutiques, an arcade, a gas station, her dad's auto shop, and a couple random shops. We also have a mall but it's down by the movie theater" She said as the light turned green and she put her foot lightly on the gas pedal. Her galaxy converse sparkled as she moved her foot and soon she was pulling in to the very small and very quiet hotel. "Here we are, the only hotel Rockford has." Elena shot him one last smile "It was nice to run into you Draco the wizard. Hope i see that smile around town" She brushed the bright red hair out of her eyes and poped open the trunk again.
  19. He nodded as he listened to her explain the things in Rockford. Then they eventually got to the hotel. He smiled, unbuckled and hopped out of the car. "Cool! Thanks again!" He says as he gets his suitcase out, he laughed a little at her Draco comment then simply waved, "See you in a few days alright?" and with that he went inside the hotel. For a brief moment he had a feeling she would soon do some research on him or something but quickly decided she wouldn't do it. He got a room key and headed to his room. The moment he got into his room he opened his suite case and grabbed his lab top. He opened up a news website for Sweden. They have already announced he was missing...
  20. Elena did the rest of her errands pretty quickly and by 2 she was home. Parking the car in the drive way she opened the door and headed up stairs. Her house was empty except for her 3 rescue kitties Nellie, Buttons, and Mr. Mittens. Grabbing a bag of chips she headed up to her own room and laid down on her bed and checked her phone. School tomorrow would be interesting as the new guy showed up. a little later Elena got a little curious and started to search her yearbooks for a smith..
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