Prince Found Dead at Home

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  1. In honour of the man... My absolute favourite guitar-shredding moment, anywhere and for all time...

    His guitar gently weeps... like my soul...

  2. 2016 can fuck right off.
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  4. Well fuck, 2016 is really turning into a shit-show for keeping great music alive.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Lord have mercy! 2016 has no chill! FUCK THIS YEAR!!
  6. Moar Prince love.

  7. ...

    Would this make him The Former Artist Formerly known as Prince?

    On a more serious note:

    Why, 2016? Why are you doing this? Stop taking these people from us!
  8. I am in utter disbelief and now my mom is gonna flip... 2016, please be better to us...please...

    R.I.P Prince...
  9. It's like 2016 is priming itself to be the worst in human history.

    First Bowie, now Prince. What next? President Trump?


    Moar Prince love.


    "Game. Blouses."
  10. Very, very few people held a candle to that man when it came to pure, unfiltered charisma.
  11. Seriously though, this is the most messed up year when it comes to celebrities.
  12. Half way through the embalming process he'll be a Half-blood Prince.

    Rip in peace
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  13. You absolute bastard. I laughed.
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  14. Don't feel bad, I did too.

    Anyway, this has been a shitty year in music. I hate to see yet another Icon, someone that orchestrated a movement in Music, redefined it, and absolutely was one of the greatest voices of an entire generation to have gone long before Music was ready for them to go. My heart goes out to his family.

    /Goes to put on Purple Rain
  15. Prince died on the Queen's birthday.
  16. 1945 (atomic bombs) and 1918 (Spanish flu) would like to have a few words with you.
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  17. Trump 2016 incoming.
  18. Even Tom Hanks thinks you're being silly.
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  19. So, here's my contribution to this thread.

    EDIT: Video can't be embedded but here's the link Prince & Beyonce - Purple Rain / Baby I'm A Star (At The Grammys) (Live) (2008)

    Yes, Beyonce pretty much steals the performance for better or worse (as she's wont to do), but I think it speaks volumes that at this very early point in her solo career she chose to perform with Prince on the Grammys and sing his music. Like so many artists, she owes a great deal to the ways he revolutionized popular music with his unique songs, style and personality. It also shows his interest in new artists and his willingness to collaborate with other people musically long after he sold millions of his own records. Him performing a Foo Fighters song during half-time at the Super Bowl is also pretty indicative of that, as well as how respected and idolized he was by other singers and musicians simply for the fact he was even allowed to do so.
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