Prince Blackhearts Coming-Of-Age Celebration

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  1. Plot, OOC and Signups:

    "Sir! Young Master Brandon, you must awaken!"
    Brandon opened one eye with an irritated glare to find the source of this intrusion upon his nap. He immediately noticed the family butler, Jameson, standing over him, eyeing him with an 'of course you overslept again' look.
    He sighed and closed his eye again, mumbling "Five more minutes."
    "Sir, this evenings festivities are scheduled to begin within the hour."
    "WHAT???" He bolted upright, looking out of the jeweled glass window of his bedroom. The sun was slowly dropping on the horizon. Time had eluded him again, and he stood, stretching and yawning before ushering his trusted friend out of the room.
    "Yes, yes. Thank you. I'll be ready shortly."
    He closed the door and flew over to his wardrobe and flung open the doors, grabbing the suit he had prepared the night before. 'I really must get on a proper sleep schedule...' He thought to himself as he shed his black silken pajamas. He had been stressed the past few weeks over the death of his father, and nervous about the upcoming coronation. He didnt feel ready to lead this kingdom, to control the most powerful army on the continent, to have the crown weighing heavily on his head, and all the responsibility that came with it.
    He dressed quickly, donning his jet black suit, including a pair of black gloves and overly-priced black shoes. He dragged a brush through his flowing raven hair, tidying his bedhead but retaining a slight messiness, his locks falling to partially obscure one bright emerald eye. He looked into the full length mirror, ever the victim of his own vanity. Perfect, poised and proper.

    Finally ready, he left his room and descended the red velvet-carpeted staircase to enter the grand entrance hall, where tonights guests would be entertained. Jameson had taken the liberty of decorating the room, illuminating the area with a sizeable amount of scarlet candles, and roses in bejeweled vases on every surface. There wasnt much to do now except wait on Uncle Czaras and the guests.

    To say the least, the night would be eventful.
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  2. Fashionably early- it never went out of style. There was really something to be said for the first guest to arrive, that stunning example of courage and kindness who dared cross that threshold first. And, of course, it made it much easier to hide the fact that she arrived in the same carriage her father courted her mother in, which was by then some twenty-odd years out of style and beginning to fall to pieces, not to mention drawn by a truly terrible pair of horses that matched each other about as well as they might have matched cows.
    If she had the money, she would have gladly arrived just a few minutes late, late enough for everyone to notice her stylish arrival. But she had not the money, nor the desire to embarrass herself. Montressors had more pride than purse, after all. It was for that reason that the gift she carried with was not gold and jewels and fancy swords, like she fully expected to see later in the night, but father the family's true wealth. Nestled into the basket in her arms were two black crystal chalices, of expert workmanship, from her grandmother's dowry, also carefully hidden away to keep her father from finding it. To fill the glasses were included three bottles; the finest champagne in the family's extensive cellars, a superb vintage of Pinot Noir, and a bottle of the family's own Amontillado, perhaps the most famous wine The Vinting produced.
    After setting the gifts on the table that seemed to be set aside for just such a thing, Venatora wasted no time in seeking out her host. It had been some months since she had last seen Brandon, and she was somewhat surprised to see him again. He was starting to look more a man than a boy... and she had thought she was the only one of the young nobility actually maturing.
    "My prince. I am honored by your invitation," She spoke smoothly once she reached him, dipping into a flawless curtsy before she presented him with a pale, long-fingered hand. "I wish you all the best on this most auspicious occasion."
  3. Brandon turned around, a tad off guard at the arrival of his first guest. As she approached him he took in the sight of her, statuesque with long, scarlet hair. He was taken aback....had she always looked this stunning?
    She greeted him and he delicately took her offered hand, kissing the top of it and replying warmly; "Of course, milady. It's an honor to have you here."
    He turned around, grabbing an ornate crystal goblet and filling it with the finest of wines from the wine cellar, saved specifically for this occasion, and offered it to her. He took his own and sipped, still eyeing her over and appreciating the obvious care she took to look nice for the occasion.
    "So, what brought you early? Not that I mind. But did you miss me that much?" He asked with a playful, teasing tone and a gleam in his eyes.
  4. Angelina had her long black hair up in a ponytail but there were a few pieces that fell out of it, it was neat earlier when her maids fixed her up but she had also climbed a tree right before she made her way to Prince Brandon's kingdom. There was a leaf or two in her hair and the one maid that she had brought with her was already scolding her about how she should be more ladylike.
    "Now that I've said all that, your mother has given me a few rules for you while you are here," Sarah the made spoke as she looked down at a piece of paper in her hands.
    "Let me guess... stay away from trees, don't sleep on a roof, keep my mouth shut and just look pretty?" Angie sighed with a bored look on her face, when Angelina finally made it to her destination she seen Prince Brandon speaking to a woman so with a shrug she let her eyes look around, she wanted some food seeing as how her mother had put her on a miserable diet she didn't need.
    "Princess Angelina please don't mock your mother, she is just trying to-" Sarah instantly stopped speaking the moment Angelina gave her a sharp look, she didn't like discussing her parents' personalities or what their goals were seeing as how actions always spoke louder then words. Without another word Sarah brought Angelina over to a corner and took out the diamond hair brooch; once the hair piece was taken out, Angelina's long hair fell down and Sarah once again began to fix Angelina's hair. This time she braided Angie's hair and let it lay over her shoulder, of course Angelina could careless about what she looked like, especially if it would anger or embarrass her parents.
    "Aren't you going to go talk to Prince Brandon?" Sarah asked as the two of them stayed were they were, a bunch of leaves were in Sarah's hand and Angelina couldn't help but smile at the thought that all of that came from her hair.
    "I will once he finishes speaking with that lady, its rude to interrupt someone's conversation you know... how about you go flirt with a guard? I'll back you up if you need it," Angelina spoke with a smile on her face, Sarah's face turned red at her words and Angelina couldn't help but laugh at this. Hopefully none of this would be boring because that was something Angie wasn't good at dealing with.
  5. She took the goblet with a chuckle of her own, pleased with the sparkle in his eyes as he looked at her. Men were so simple. If all it took was beauty and manners to please him, she sensed an engagement by the end of the night.
    "The answer just might be yes," The young heiress said softly after a moment, glancing away from him as though bashful, before adding in her own teasing tone, "Or it may have something to do with the recent rains. Never know when one of the bridges will wash out... perhaps the fates are watching out for me, because we crossed over a dozen and not one was damaged." It was the truth, though more truth be told, the bridges were made of stone and few had washed out within her lifetime. A good excuse was a good excuse, though.
    "Besides, someone has to be first. See, other guests are already beginning to follow me in. I believe the raven-haired beauty over in the corner is the Princess Angelina," Venatora mentioned after a moment. She knew the royalty of all the nearby kingdoms by heart, and most of the other major lords and ladies. Politics were unforgiving when it came to respect and tradition, and House Montressor had its pride resting on her shoulders. Simply wouldn't do to let down her revered ancestors.
  6. Luna was just arriving by carriage her butler riding with her fussing over her the whole way. She sighs at him not caring if her hair was perfect or her dress or anything else for that matter, if the prince only likes her for her looks and "perfectness" then she would rather not be his bride anyway. She pats her butlers shoulder gently "Its going to be okay William you know im a tough one quit being such a worry wort" she smiles reassuringly at him as the carriage stops she gets out and makes her way into the party her long silver hair falling down her back in waves a few locks falling down her front sides. As she walks in she looks around the room with her vivid blue eyes spotting the gift table she walks over to it placing a well crafted long sword with a black leather hilt and gold gilding around the edges and top with intriguing patterns in it.

    Seeing the prince otherwise occupied with another woman she drifts to the banquet looking through the dishes sampling a few wondering what the prince is like sense she has never met the man before.
  7. As she replied to him, he followed her gaze to the other guests that had arrived. He looked back to Venatora, looking directly into her vibrant green eyes.
    " sincerest apologies, Ven. Allow me to go and welcome the new guests, they appear a little lost. We can catch up shortly." He bowed to her politely and strode past, seeking out the new arrivals. He noticed that the girl she mentioned, Angelina, had taken refuge near the food table. He approached her, a hand over his heart and the other making a grand sweeping gesture as he bowed and spoke in a warm, inviting tone.
    "Greetings, Princess. I am Brandon, and I thank you for joining us this evening. You look lovely, if I may say." He flashed his million-dollar smile at her, something that would make any average woman swoon and fall over themselves fumbling for a response. Although he didn't expect any of these guests to be so easily swayed.
    "I take it you found your way here alright?" He inquired, sipping his wine. He made a mental note to speak with the silver hair girl, who was currently placing something he couldnt see from this far onto the gift table, soon. But he had to be fair and give each guest a proper welcome, lest he risk offending anyone or appearing rude.
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  8. "Sure, nice eyes by the way," Angelina said with a tilt of her head as Prince Brandon walked over to her, Sarah was stiff and nervous over him and Angie knew that she probably already fell for him.
    "Are one of your guards single? Sarah here is a bit to shy to admit she needs a man," Angelina grinned as she held a glass of wine in her hands, Sarah's face grew red but she kept her mouth shut seeing as how she usually only spoke so openly with Angelina.
    "Anyways, its nice to see you," Angie did a slight bow, she didn't really care that her bow wasn't really polite but just quick because at the moment she was hungry and wanted to get some food into her system. Brushing a piece of black hair that was to short to go into her braid, she began to look at the food and wonder what she wanted first.
  9. Luna looked around the room impressed with the decorations she sips her wine from her goblet standing next to the banquet table her red velvet gloves running up to a inch below her elbows as she notices the prince approaching another girl with black hair
  10. He laughed at her question, thinking in the back of his mind of his servants and guards, all demons and terrifying creatures with no interest in romance and the like. But to appease her, he smiled and looked to Sarah and replied "I shall look into it, dearest."
    He turned back to the Princess, bowing once more. "I must welcome other guests. But please, help yourself to whatever you fancy, and enjoy yourself. I'm personally honored to have you here." With one last smile he turned to head towards the newest guest, but at that moment, his uncle entered, looking sharp in his military garb. Czaras Blackheart, Knight Captain of the Solaran Army, was sporting his kingdoms colors of crimson, gold, and black. He was a short but built man, his black beard streaked with grey and immaculately groomed. He approached Brandon, clapping him heartily on the shoulders. "Brandon, m' look so...grown. Mature. Your father would truly be proud to see you now."
    "Glad you managed to make it back before the ceremony is over." He chuckled, poking fun at his uncles poor punctuality.
    "Er, yes...about that. The ceremony..." He looked around to the few girls that had shown up thus far, having been invited by him for a purpose about to be revealed.
    "The actual coronation will not be tonight." He continued.
    "What? Why on Earth-?" He started, an eyebrow arched curiously. Czaras held up a hand, ceasing his protest. "A prince cannot rule. Only a king. And to take the throne, you must take a bride. Only then can the crown be passed down to you."
    Everything slid into place in Brandon's mind. The weeks of party planning, the secret invitation list, his insistance that he dress his best for the night....his uncle had arranged a matchmaking event in hopes of hastily pushing him up to the altar and then the throne.
    "Oh, joy." He replied sarcastically. He didnt at all protest the thought of marriage; in fact, he desired it. But knowing the true meaning behind this soiree added a sense of pressure. What would these girls be expecting of him? Had he inadvertantly come off disinterested to anyone so far? He shook his head and sighed. "Alright. Excuse me, uncle. One guest remains unattended."
    He continued his path to the silver haired woman, his smile not betraying the whirlwind going on in his head at the moment.
    "Hello, miss. I am Brandon. It's a pleasure to meet you and have your attendance." He bowed to her as well, his scarlet eyes taking her in with great approval. She looked wonderful, not too flashy but definitely not subtle. He awaited her response eagerly, his face the calm, pleasant expression of a host.
  11. "That was so embarrassing!" Sarah huffed as she folded her arms over her chest and looked at Princess Angelina who was busy with her third cup of wine, if Angie had it her way everyone would be drunk on something stronger.
    "So what? Its not like he'll actually do it... I don't think he will," Angelina thought for a moment, what if he actually did it? That would've been funny to see Sarah in such a struggle. Sarah always had emotions that she could always display so easily in front of Angelina seeing as how Angelina banned Sarah from being so 'uptight' like the others in the castle. Even though there weren't many things that Angelina cared about, Sarah had been around since the both of them were little girls. Sarah is like a little sister with less privileges yet more freedom then her.
    "Get drunk for a moment in my place, this looks delicious," Angie believed it was fish but it didn't matter because when she put the food in her mouth she enjoyed how it felt like it was melting in flavors with the taste of a bit of butter.
  12. Venatora's eyes took in her fellow party guests-turned-rivals. She had been just close enough to overhear the announcement... though it came as zero surprise. Her father had told her everything. More accurately, she had opened most of the letters herself. Lord Montressor was not a half-bad statesmen, but his bad habits overpowered his better sense more often than not, and she had taken over much of the Lordship responsibility.
    The other princesses were both beautiful but Venatora was beautiful as well. Doubtless if they were commoners, they would be quite desirable. Fair of face, with girllish charm and the personality of girls in their early teens- yes, that was the sort of thing a blacksmith or an innkeep would desire in a wife. But a prince did not marry the cute little girl with the face of an angel and the heart of a child. He must marry for politics, for success... he must marry the woman with the heart of a lion and brain of a general. A queen was expected to do more than lurk by the refreshment table or gossip with her maid.
    A queen needed to be working. Always working, politically or socially or economically or in some other way. As for Ven, she made a beeline for Czaras as soon as Brandon left. "You throw a most delightful gala, Lord-Regent Blackheart," She complimented him with a smooth curtsy, giving him the proper respect due a man in his position. "It has been some years since we have spoken. I am Venatora Montressor. Lord Aristoph's daughter- I believe you two served together in your youth? He, unfortunately, was called back to The Vinting not long after he was knighted."
  13. Luna seeing the prince approach sets her goblet down and smiles a small smile at him "Hello Prince Brandon its so nice to finally meet you, I am Luna Soteria" her voice has a light Italian accent, she gives a small curtsy to him after he bows mesmerized by his scarlet eyes "You look very dashing this evening, I hope your enjoying yourself Ive seen you greeting each guest that is very courteous of you" Luna tucks a lock of silvery hair behind one ear curious of him
  14. Galasen had just arrived, thankfully unquestioned. Her carriage had already left and she fiddled with her choker. The scarlet dress flowed behind her as she had approached the castle, her shoes making a clicking sound as she walked. She entered, looking left and right and went forward above all. She had hidden a knife and made it look like a tube of lipstick, that was functional. She took to the right followed by several more turns and found herself at a "Dining room" that was as big as her guild's main floor, which was HUGE. Prince Blackheart was attending to several guests, many of them bowing or curtsying to him. She gracefully walked to the table and pulled out an empty chair, tucking her long black hair behind her. She sat down, her blue eyes searching the tables, the guest's face and last of all, Prince Blackheart himself. He caught her eye and she quickly turned away.
  15. It was only right and courteous to arrive at least 5minutes late to allow the host a chance to make any last minute preparations. She knew that it was royal celebration so its most unlikely but it was a habit. She fiddles with the gem on her necklace, nervous and excited at the same time. She rarely ever get the chance to leave her palace alone, nevertheless the kingdom. As she steps off her carriage, she walks up the stairs slowly and carefully, being the cluts she is, she hopes not to trip on her dress, in fact, not tripping at all. By her side was Andrew, her trustworthy butler carrying the gift for the prince. It was one of her favourite book and a silver silk tie which she had asked the finest tailor in Rosellian to sew, both carefully set in a box wrapped and tied in a bow. Entering the grand ball room with Andrew at her tail, she bows her head at the greeting servants and took a glass of wine. She stood by the side elegantly as the butler left the box at the table and returned by her side. She scanned the room in search of the prince only to find him busily attending to her other guests.
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