Prince Blackhearts Coming Of Age Celebration (Signups and OOC)

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  1. This is my first RP as a member of Iwaku, so any suggestions or possible edits are welcome.

    Brandon Blackheart, Prince of Hellions, is holding a celebration for his coming of age and rise to Kingship. It's set in the age of industry and being held at Castle Blackheart, a vast, regal estate set in the city of Solara, left to him by his deceased father and run (for now) by his uncle. Hosting the event will be the uncle, who reveals amidst the festivities that Brandon must be wed to inherit his kingship. With this revelation he takes notice of all possible women that showed up to the party.
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  2. And I'm Sabine. ^^ I'll be helping our newbie GM out with the board, so expect to see me around. I'll play a young heiress looking to become the next queen, but expect to see me double as time goes on.
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  3. Would I be able to play as a female bodyguard or something? If not I'll make a Princess:-P
  4. I think itd be better to be a have more party guests than people already having connections with my character. But its up to you. o:
  5. Alright:), I'll be a princess then
  6. Name: Brandon Blackheart
    Age: 20
    Hair/Eyes: Black/Green
    Height: 6'0
    Build: Slender but toned
    Description: The Solaran Prince, soon to be King of Demons. Quiet, brooding most of the time. Extroverted in the presence of others. Witty, sarcastic, yet quite sociable.
  7. Name: Lady Amity

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Hair/Eyes: Deep Purplish Black/Sky Blue

    Height: 5'5"

    Build: Slender, with a little bit of curve.

    Description: Lady Amity is very quiet and mysterious. She is the only daughter of the good-natured mage Queen Vera of a far away kingdom.
    Lady Amity herself is distant and introverted and prefers to be alone. During gatherings such as Coming-of-Age cermonies she can usually be found observing the festivities from a far end of the ballroom, and that's just fine with her. She is quite cunning and not easily broken even though she may come off in that manner. Her attire is fashionable yet functional, a simple cut white bridal-style gown that couldn't be worth more than a peasant could afford. Her hair is curled into tiny tendrils that are pulled back into an elegant twisted updo. She wears beaded white flats on her feet and she has a thin grey silk sash draped over her shoulders. She has no need to be too flashy.

    She hates it when people judge her intelligence/decisions based on her age, and most citizens think her unfit to rule due to that matter.


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  8. Name: Venatora Montressor
    Age: 20
    Hair: Deep red, down to her hips and nearly straight.
    Eyes: Bright, acid green. Haughty and sharp, her eyes miss little and approve of less.
    Height: 5'10
    Build: Tall and thin, she is a spare and elegant woman, statuesque and striking in a cold, aloof way. Her skin is pale, and one imagines it could be cold to the touch by the way she acts.
    Personality: Venatora is a woman of great beauty and notable intellect, as well as impeccable breeding. You can be sure she knows it, and acts the part. Though her family's wealth has declined these past years, their pride has not, and that has culminated in Ven. With a superior attitude and enough land, suitors, and learning to back it up, she has the arrogance that only a woman who has never lost can have. While she isn't senselessly cruel, Ven does not hesitate and feels no remorse in doing "bad" things for the sake of herself, her family, and her holdings.
    History: The House of Montressor was once one of the most respected names in the continent. Their lands, known as The Vinting, are located along a river vital to international trade, and produce some of the best grapes in the world. Through wine and shipping the Montressors made a great fortune, and used their wealth to marry well. Related to half the royalty of the nearby kingdoms, they are situated well in spite of recent wars and trade restrictions decreasing profits tremendously, and the current patriarch, Aristoph Montressor, squandering the family fortune on gambling. It has fallen to Venatora to restore her family's good name and holdings, which she has every intention of doing by marrying the young prince.

    Clothing: She had to sell some of her mother's jewels, but is wearing an extremely fashionable silk gown, emerald in color with a daring cut that clings to her body, showing off the elegant figure that she hopes will catch the prince's eye. It shimmers when she walks, and she is known for having impeccable posture. Soft slippers of matching green adorn her feet, their soft soles are good for dancing and do not add to her already unfashionable height. She wears no jewelry but for a single pin holding back her hair. The pin is an onyx serpent, the patron animal of House Montressor, which also adorns their crest.
  9. Forgive my newbness, but must I approve the characters? If so, everyone so far is welcome. cx
  10. Name: Angelina Markez
    Age: 21
    Hair/Eyes: [​IMG]
    Height: 5''5
    Build: fit with a sporty build
    Description: She is mysterious and silent among people, she is against trying to become Queen but her parents could careless, she is straight-forward and will not hesitate to give her thoughts on something. She enjoys reading books or sleeping in a tree, it calms her down and she feels like she can think when doing so.

    If you want me to change anything, I will:)
  11. Hmmm.... I sort of want to join this. But there's already so many girls o3o
  12. The more, the merrier! It is supposed to be a party, after all.
  13. I will play a prince and a female.... Whatever.
  14. I've got the main thread posted in Fantasy, if those of you with character sheets wish to begin posting.
  15. Name: Luna Soteria
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Anime_Anime_girl_in_a_red_dress_044050_.jpg
    She has long silvery white hair that flows down her back in waves.
    Eyes: A vivid royal blue
    Height: 5'7
    Build: Shes 150 pounds with an hour glass figure, shes muscular and toned with long legs.

    Clothing: She wears a long flowing red satin dress that stops just below her knees, a silver necklace with a heart shaped ruby pendant, and black leather high heeled boots that go to below her knees.

    Personality: Shes a naturally quiet and calm girl with a hint of mystery about her, shes sweet and caring to almost everyone she comes in contact with unless you give her a reason not to be. She hates injustice and taking orders from anyone, shes very protective of those she loves. She loves animals, music, dancing, children, swords/knives, reading, and history.
  16. Still unsure if I'm supposed to be approving, but if so, Luna is approved.
  17. Of course, thats perfectly fine with me.
  18. Name: Ector Aquila
    Age: 27
    Position: Lieutenant Commander of the Royal Guard
    Hair: Military short, so pale a blonde as to almost be white.
    Eyes: Pale blue, usually cold and impartial
    Height: A tall 6'4. The Line of Aquila is known for their height, and he is one of the shorter men in his family.
    Build: Tall and thin, Ector has muscle but he is not muscular, persay. Broad shoulders taper into narrow waist and hips poised atop long legs that mirror long arms, which gives him a reach few men can match.
    Personality: Ector is untrusting and unforgiving, a somewhat cold and mercenary man... but it is all to protect the broken remains of the hopeful youth he once was, before he sacrificed his dreams and achievements for a woman who scorned him. He dares not love again, for fear of what may happen.
    History: The Line of Aquila is ancient. They are rumored to be descended from Azarien, the Avenging Angel, though the truth of that is debatable. In any case, the family occupation is Paladin. Over the generations, Aquilas have been Lord Commanders time and time again, retiring only after leading honorable careers and slaying many demons. Ector received the family sword, Valkyrian, at fourteen, and immediately joined the Paladin Order. By sixteen he had been made a Novice, and at eighteen he was made a full Paladin- only to lose it at twenty-three, when he slept with the daughter of a noble patron while convalescing after a battle. While all sexual relationships are forbidden by the Order, if they enforced the rules they would have only eunuchs and women left. Unfortunately for him, Ector did the honorable thing and married her, sealing his fate. Kicked out of the Order, he became a mercenary and moved South, looking for a source of income to support his beautiful wife... and soon, infant daughter. Work was hard to come by, though, and they lived in poverty until his wife left him for a richer man. Left alone with his daughter, barely old enough to be weaned, he reluctantly joined the Royal Guard of Solara. While his occupation often included demon-slaying, he has found that his skills as a paladin make him an invaluable asset, as most threats to the Demon Prince and his uncle come from fellow demons. The very sight of a man with a holy sword and experience killing even the foulest of monsters tends to force respect out of even the most stubborn and willful of vassals to the Prince.
    Clothing: He wears the uniform of the guard, only with the base color white trimmed in gold instead of the royal colors. On his chest is the royal seal, but to the left, over his heart, is the swooping blue eagle of Aquila.
    Sword: Valkyrian is an ancient blade, made of mithril and a fallen star, shiny as a mirror but for ancient runes engraved in the blade. Its crossguard is in the shape of outstretched wings, while the pommel is a star sapphire that flares with blue light when used against a demonic foe. While it is effective as a normal sword against an average opponent, its holy magics cause additional burn-like damage to foes of demonic ancestry. The sword is well known in the demon kingdoms, and well feared... as is Ector.
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