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  1. Primrose Academy welcomes new and old students with open arms. Please make sure you have all the materials and have applied to your proper classes. Any further questions may be asked on the application paper. Thank You and please make sure you are at the Welcome Feast at the Great Hall before the first day of classes. The feast is compulsory, as it is where you will get your schedules along with the rules of our lovely academy. After you have been accepted please meet with other students and try to make friends, as Primrose completely supports and expects a friendly and non-hostile environment for our students. Try to limit your classes to 6 or 7. Each student is only allowed one specialty class per semester, but you may switch at the semester end. Once again, Thank You, and welcome to Primrose Academy for the Magically Gifted.

    Specialty Classes Currently Being Offered:
    - Any Kinesis
    - Clairvoyance
    - Divination
    - Telepathy
    - Astral Projection
    - Natural Magics

    Secondary Classes:
    - Art
    - What's my power and what good is it?
    - Meditation
    - How to Control Your Specialty
    - Potions
    - Defense
    - Hand to Hand Combat

    Compulsory Classes:
    - Math
    - English

    Character Sheet:

    Full Name:
    Magic Specialty Class:
    Secondary Classes (if being taken):
    Compulsory Classes:

    Appearance (Picture of Description:

    (I also realize that there is no species option. Everyone is a mortal. Human mostly. Though in your history you are free to add that you are part whatever. But no one is immortal. Sorry.)


    Name: Thea Merle Allen
    Nickname: Thee
    Age: 17 (Junior)
    Gender: Female
    Magic Specialty Class: Astral Projection
    Secondary Classes: Hand to Hand Combat, Art, and Defense
    Compulsory: Calculus and English 3.
    Personality: Nice to everyone and not easily angered. But if you do manage to make her mad, you should stand a few hundred feet back. She has been taking Hand to Hand Combat and Defense since she was a sixth grader. She is not easily scared, except when it comes to horror movies. She walks lightly, and is known to be always smiling. She doesn't usually speak up unless she is spoken too, or a subject comes up that she has a very strong opinion on.
    History: Thea was born in a small Elven village not far from Primrose. Her mother was Elven while her father was human. Her pointed ears come from her mothers side, but her delicate features from her father. Primrose was educated at a regular school within the village, then sent to Primrose as she became a high-schooler. She is nice to everybody, because as a child no one was nice to her, and it hurt, and she doesn't want anyone to feel like that ever.

    [​IMG] Her blue hair has become sun bleached and is a lighter shade. It has also grown in length, and runs in a long braid over her right shoulder. Her eyes are a light grey, almost white but darker. Her pet ferret is named Glagory and she has had him since she was little. She likes to practice earth/ natural magic but specializes in Astral Projection.

  2. I hope this is okay. .3.

    Full Name: Arrow

    Age: 15 physically (sophomore)

    Gender: Male

    Magic Specialty Class: Astral Projection

    Secondary Classes: Meditation, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Potions

    Compulsory Classes: Algebra II, English 2

    Personality: Arrow is naturally a very curious boy. He wants to know how everything works, how everyone ticks, and especially how everyone else lives their lives. However, he's been taught never to trust anyone, even if they seem trustworthy at first, so he has trouble expressing his curiosity, for fear of being looked down upon or hurt. It isn't easy to anger him, but he does often find himself confused or disillusioned. All he really wants is to solidify his purpose in life, and figure out whether what he's doing is right.

    History: Arrow is completely human, but he was not born. He was created by a stubborn and distrustful wizard named Shiro, who sought company and perhaps a boy he could call his son. Arrow was home-schooled for the first two years of his existence, learning the ways of the world he was forced into, before he expressed a desire to go to a real school and meet new people, having been cooped up in Shiro's cramped cottage home all his life. He attended a normal high school for his first year, but after a series of magical mishaps was transferred to Primrose. He has no idea what to expect here, but the butterflies in his stomach make him feel truly alive.

    Most of his classes were chosen by Shiro, not him. Astral Projection and Hand-to-Hand Combat were Shiro's specialties when he attended Primrose decades ago, and he considers Meditation a must. Potions was the only class that Arrow picked. It just sounds interesting to him; he has no experience with it.

    Appearance: Arrow has a build fairly average for his age, though his shoulders are quite broad. His hair is brown and done up in spikes that slope downwards from the top and sides of his head, some of the smaller ones hanging partially in front of his eyes. His eyes are his most striking feature, with their vibrant blue color and large, boyish size. The circumstances of his creation led to a couple of imperfections: his nose has a slight sideways bend in the bridge, as though it were broken, and there is a large, jagged scar in the exact center of his chest.

    He wears an orange shirt with two black leather sashes tied over each shoulder, forming an X in the middle, baggy black shorts, and orange sneakers.
  3. Accepted. Welcome to Primrose, Arrow.
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  4. Full Name: Sakura Rieko
    Nickname: Saki, Kura, Rieko
    Age: Sixteen
    Gender: Female
    Magic Specialty Class: Clairvoyance
    Secondary Classes (if being taken): Meditation, How to control your specialty and What's my power and what good is it?
    Compulsory Classes: Calculus Honors and English 3 Honors
    Personality: A shy quiet girl, who isn't very outspoken at all. Usually keeping to herself, her nose in a book. Sakura doesn't have many friends, though she doesn't mind. Being mute does have some consequences. People see her as a push-over and to tell you the truth she knows she is inside. Sakura isn't gullible but she is naive, so what normal everyday people could see from a mile away, Saki has more trouble noticing. So I guess that's what keeps her away from others, afraid to get too close to those she knows could use her. Almost rarely get's mad, she's always calm and polite. Watching from a distance.
    History: Sakura was raised by her Grandmother and Grandfather in the a small, secluded area where all you could see around you were corn fields and meadows. Her Mother and Father had passed away previously through some circumstances her grandparents wouldn't tell her. Though as she got older she noticed she was learning things and understanding ways faster than her peers. Soon her Grandparents had realized as well. Soon skipping 2 grades, but even then she still was a higher achiever than others. It was at this point her Grandparent had no other choice but to send her to Primrose, hoping they could help with her increasing intelligence.
    Which is the main reason 2 of her 3 Secondary classes are about trying to figure out and deal with this "power". Meditation was the only one Sakura could have picked. It always fascinated her the though of self praise by silence.

    Appearance (Picture of Description): Sakura's hair is a light pink , going past her shoulders and stopping at her hips and almost always has it in loose pigtails tied up with whatever ribbons she can find. Her eyes are a dark chocolate brown, though they are covered up with her large dorky glasses that seem to adorn her tiny face. Standing at a staggering 5'0 she doesn't stand much of a chance against people. Her stature and complected give Rieko a kinda innocent look, to wrap it all up~

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  5. You are accepted but it is really unlikely that she would be in the senior class at 16. Sorry, but because its a school based magical talent, she is most likely to only be in the sophomore or junior class.
  6. That's fine! I figured it was a bit over the top, but you gotta try right? ^^ Thanks for accepting me nonetheless~
  7. Full Name: Aaron Maloran
    Nickname: Mal
    Age: 17 (Junior)
    Gender: Male

    Magic Specialty Class: Aero kinesis
    Secondary Classes: Art, Defense
    Compulsory Classes: Algebra, English 2

    Aaron is very accepting of others (being a mix of three races kinda' does that to you) and greatly appreciates anyone who doesn't mind his strange physique. That said, it's not exactly easy earning his trust.
    He enjoys reading fantasy novels, and often thinks about how it would be to live his favorite stories. Aaron tries to live by the 'heroes' code'; honor, bravery and loyalty, though he'd rather leave evil slaying to someone else.

    Main traits: Friendly, loyal, curious.


    Aaron's family relations are, to put it mildly, strained. His father, an orc, was responsible for training his village's hunting wolves. He was greatly respected, and a good candidate for their next chief.
    His mother, a half-elf, was working part time as a wizard's assistant. Her human family had a family business making furniture in a sustainable way, planting a tree or two for every tree they used to manufacture their products. Her elvish family owned a bed-and-breakfast and a popular summer camp.
    They met when Aaron's father brought a wolf with a mysterious illness to the wizard his mother was an assistant for. He would afterwards use any excuse to visit the wizard (though mainly his assistant), and they had their first "date" when Aaron's father let Aaron's mother join him on a hunting trip. After knowing each other little over a month, they moved together despite protests from both families.

    Aaron thought of the wizard (Whom his mother had begun working full-time with) as family more than the rest of his actual family. He studied with his "grand father" instead of attending regular schools, and even began learning basic magic by the age of twelve. His immediate family often helped with community events in any way they could.
    His extended family would come by every summer and winter, and every time Aaron would go to "grand father's" home where they would read stories or practice magic. When the two families would finally got over their mutual dis-respect, Aaron would come back and show some of the magic he had been taught. That way, every one stopped thinking about how awful their in-laws were and leave happy.

    When Aaron thought himself to be old enough to leave home he applied to Primrose.


    Aaron stands very tall at 6 foot 2. He has wide shoulders and is obviously physically fit, which isn't so surprising as he often hunts with his father and helps him train large dogs. His skin is light green, eyes are brown and his black hair hangs loosely at shoulder length. There are four long scars running down his upper arm, a reminder of why he and his father hunt wild predators that stray too close to town.
    He has a wide face, and his jaw is almost square. His elven ears are surprisingly prominent even though he's only a quarter elf, and his teeth barely resemble those of an orc.
    Aaron often wears jeans and an open shirt over a t-shirt. On cold days he wears thick woolen sweaters. He usually wears hiking boots, but also owns a pair of trainers and his favorite slippers.
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  8. Accepted. Welcome to Primrose.

    For anyone that has been accepted you may begin posting.
  9. Quick question; does enchanting exist?

    If it does, how does it work and what are the limits? Would it be possible to alter existing enchantments? Do they decay over time? How would one go about learning it?
  10. Okay, Enchanting would exist here. But if a student wanted to learn about it, they would have to do it in their free time with books from the library. The limits for enchanting are pretty vague. Don't go super over-board with it. Nothing too extreme.
  11. Nah, I just wanted a horribly outdated enchanted map of the school grounds for my character. c:

    I'd like to have my character go on adventures and update the map as he finds interesting things. ^u^
  12. That's fine, sounds great!
  13. Is there an IC thread up? :?
  14. Mind if I join?
  15. Not at all! Just create your CS here please.
  16. No problem. I'll have it up either tonight or tommorow.

  17. Name~
    Alyss Rowan
    Ro, Aly, and Al.
    17 (Junior)
    Definitely female.
    Magic Specialty Class~

    *Fun fact*
    Pathokinesis is the manipulation of emotions. At the age of what Alyss is, she may only manipulate the emotion of serenity, happiness, and anger. She can as well, sense other's emotions.

    Secondary Classes~

    Compulsory Classes~
    -English 3

    Alyss is calm, some may think its eerie of how she is always calm. She can almost always be seens writing or drawing in her journal that she will absolutely not let anyone look in. She writes down her emotions instead of expressing them. She is always afraid she will hurt people with her words, so she simply doesn't speak what she feels. She keeps a straight face always.

    Due to her cat-like personality, she can be cunning, fiesty, and very lazy when she feels like it.

    She cares for others deeply, if she senses that someone is upset or angry, she tries to calm them. She cannot stand to see someone getting hurt and will do anything to help that person.

    Alyss never knew her mother, but her father always told her that she was a Neko, half cat, half human. She often wondered why her mother left them, but would never ponder on the thought too long. It upset her too much.
    She grew up with anything she could ever have wanted, her father was a CEO of some major company and life was great. No one cared that Alyss had a cat's tail and ears, they only loved her more for that.
    That all stopped when she was 10 years old, her father had lost his job, and since living in the big city it was hard to find a job. They had no food, no home, and no money to buy their supplies. Alyss and her father lived on the streets, scrounging food and money they had found to live.
    This continued until she was 13, right before she enrolled into Primrose Academy. She began to feel certain emotions, happiness, anger, sadness, all from these people on the streets with them. She told her father that and he used her, used her as a attraction. People came to have their emotions said aloud by the 'Great Cat-dini'. They finally could get a place to stay after that.
    A year later, her father enrolled her into Primrose Academy. And since then, she has been at the Academy, trying to make friends, and keep them.


    Her soft beach blonde hair falls down to her shoulders. She has soft brown eyes that seem to catch notice of everything. Pale, almost translucent skin. She also has cat ears that are slightly darker than her hair, and a tail that is the same exact color until the end of her tail, which is solid white. She is 5'3 and has a petite body structure, which at times, because of that, she is often mistakened for a child.
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  18. May I join as well? This sounds very interesting!
  19. Of course! All are welcome! The only thing is that a CS is required!
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