Primordial Lust: Slave to a Vampire

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  1. Can I actually do a onexone with this?
  2. Are you asking to use my thing for your own? Only if I get the credit for it
  3. I read it and...I don't want to play as a girl. Sorry.
    But, very creative idea and I wish you luck...unless you want to skip the romance part and do this with males?
  4. No. I'm sorry but I don't do male on male. I also have a person for this now. Thank you but no.
  5. Im very interested if your still looking!
  6. Yes let us start our own...btw is that you in your profile pic?
  7. Okay! And no haha i wish, its a character of mine c:
  8. Nice lol. Do you wanna Pm about it or what?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.