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  1. Agh... sorry for the short post... I was trying to bust it out before I ended up passing out LOL

  2. He does have super accuracy, my man. It's not something I'm making up.
  3. Alexander looked confused for a moment* "what are you taking about?"
  4. Maersk Kingland
    Near Somalia
    2 years ago...

    They announced their arrival with gunfire. A few pops from five or six AKs and the ship's captain brought the cargo ship to a crawl. They had lowered their accomodation ladder and the pirates scrambled aboard, shouting at the crew. The civilians complied with all their requests save for one.

    The part about not resisting.

    Unbeknownst to the pirates a group of six contractors were aboard and stalking the pirates.

    "Tangos, main deck... Count two near foc'sle..." one of the contractors reported from his vantage point in the ship's crane. He watched them both strangled from behind by two of his coworkers. The observer shited to look at the superstructure. Three pirates were in the pilothouse, shouting at the watch team. They never noticed the two man team easing the door open and tossing a flashbang in. The observer looked away as the grenade went off, disorienting the pirates as the contractors entered, dropping the pirates with aimed fire.

    "Tangos down, pilothouse." the contractors reported.

    "Copy that... Break, got one more up on the accom ladder. My kill." the observer said as he set his binos down and brought an M-21 rifle up, shouldering it. He adjusted the scope then put the pirate's chest in his crosshairs. The pirate was floored as a fully jacketed, boat tailed 7.61X51 round slammed into him. "Target neutralized."

    "What about their boat? I see it circling." one operator from the pilothouse team asked. The observer looked out over the ocean with his rifle and saw the boat.

    "Give them a reason not to come back. Put Joseph up on the pilothouse with the 'pig.'" he replied. The observer watched one of the contractors leave the pilothouse and take a position up in the bridgewings with an M-60E4 maching gun. The belt fed, gas operated gun, the latest in a line of machine guns descended from the German MG-42. The observer watched tracers zip to and past the boat, some falling short. He saw one pirate drop, possibly hit. The skiff turned away from the cargo ship and sped away.

    "Great job, people. Gather the bodies and prep them for burial. Once that task is done-" the observer was cut off by a single shot. "What the hell was that?"

    "Son of a bitch... There was one left. Damn near got me." one of the contractors replied over the radio.

    "What's your status, Carter?" the observer asked.

    "I'm good... He's not... Blew him over the side with my shotty." Carter replied.

    "Saves us time burying that skinny." another added.

    "Stow that talk." the observer chided his coworker. "All hostiles are to be respected, regardless of the circumstances."

    "Copy that..." The observer relaxed, letting out a sigh before opening up a small cooler and taking out a dark colored bottle with a yellow label. He took his pistol out and locked the slide to the rear, using his sidearm to open the cap before taking a quick swig of Shiner Bock.

    "Captain Arcturus, I must commend you for your work." the ship's captain said over the radio to the observer, Captain Hayden Earle Arcturus.

    "We're just doing our job, sir." he replied. "Nothing more, nothing less..."


    5 miles from Meadow Bridge
    Present day...

    "Colemeyer, you guys come up with something?" Hayden asked over the radio. He and four other contractors were in a converted 1998 Toyota 4Runner, the all wheel drive vehicle much different from those one would find in a car lot. It had been uparmored, the frame strengthened and a special hatch in the roof that could have any number of mounted weapons fitted up to it.

    Said mount was empty. They had no need for a fifty cal or Minigun Stateside.

    "Negative, sir. We just picked up Roberts and DeJong. They found animal tracks but nothing like what we're after." Colemeyer replied. Hayden swore, his driver negotiating a sharp turn in the jeep trail. Before Hayden could reply the police scanner started squaking. The sherrif's department was mobilizing in response to someone losing a horse.

    "The menti are moving." Misha said as he negotiated another sharp turn in the trail.

    "So are we..." Hayden replied, keying the radio. "Colemeyer, you hear the sherrif's chatter?"

    "Lima Charlie. We're Mike Oscar." the other contractor replied.

    "Copy that. Bear in mind, sherrif's department knows we're here, they just don't know we're listening in on them." the contractor added. He then turned to the other operators in the truck. "Lock and load."