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  1. --channel three news, here to report that yet another family pet has fallen victim to the mysterious animal, the Hayse's pet chihuahua Boomer disappeared last week and recent remains discovered by local law enforcement has been proven to belong to the much-beloved miniature member of the family--

    --tracks discovered near one of the mountain trails have yet to be matched to a specific species, but the sheriff, in an interview with WCHS reporter Sandy Richards, has confirmed that it is indeed some sort of large feline, probably weighing upwards of four hundred pounds--

    --with the loss of another horse belonging to local farmers, law enforcement has begun to enforce a curfew for all townspeople, advising that people avoid the mountain trails and stay in the more populated areas, and be inside their homes before dark. We here on channel 13 WOWK will have more for you within the hour--

    --this is WVVA TV, with the ten o'clock news, and we are very sorrowful to report today the death of Officer Daniel Wilson, the thirty-year-old husband of Catherine Wilson and father of four-year-old Rebeccah Marie Wilson. His remains were discovered just last night outside the limits of Meadow Bridge--



    Something strange has been going on in the small mountain town of Meadow Bridge, West Virginia. A large predatory creature has been preying on the local animals, and recently, even killed a member of the town's law enforcement. The strange descriptions of the animal have begun to attract the attention of the local scientific community, resulting in an investigation that produces startling results: the predator striking fear into the people of Meadow Bridge isn't from our era, but from some time far in the past.
  2. Character Sheets

    Character Sheet Template



    Name: Lance Bowman
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    Age: 39
    Profession: F.B.I agent :D
    Skills: Investimigation, legal what-not, forensicage.
    Equipment: Standard-issue sidearm, flashlight, dictaphone, notebook, handkerchief, reading glasses, forensic-kit, badge-of-authoritah.
    Physical Description: Hee! [​IMG]
    Background: Agent Bowman is a 10 year veteran of the Bureau with a clean record and a spotless reputation. He is less known for his clinical and systematic approach to investigation and more for his eccentric OCD mannerisms. He likes things clean and in their place, including people. Born in Pennsylvania, he distinguished himself in the Force during the capture of the Mercury Killer in 98. After joining the Bureau he made every effort to crack down on "X-file" investigations and refine psychological profiling, also lending his aid to cold-case inquiries. It seemed that his desire to have things clean and tidy extended into every department, past and present. Now he is all lined up for a position as Assistant Director and he's not about to let his reputation be sullied by a town of superstitious hysterical retards who smell.

    Name: Ian Wright
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    Age: 22
    Profession: Student of paleontology at Marshall University
    Skills: Fascinated by prehistoric creatures; has access to many databases containing extensive information on all sorts of extinct animals, and has been working on compiling a complete listing of all known species.
    Equipment: Laptop.
    Physical Description: Tall and rather gangly, he looks (and acts) younger than his age. Has short red hair, grey eyes, and fair skinned. Rather lacking in the athletics department.
    Background: Grew up with an incurable fascination for dinosaurs; turned that fascination into the career he's currently studying for in college. Dreams of becoming a successful paleontologist and making many important contributions to the scientific community in the future; at the moment, however, he just hopes to graduate from college. Always curious about theories regarding the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, the Yeti, and any other imaginable tall tale including monsters, his interest was caught when he saw a news report mentioning a sighting of a strange-looking creature near Meadow Bridge, only two and a half hours away from his campus in Huntington, and decided to head over there for the holiday weekend in order to investigate in the hopes of finding something.

    Name: Yuujirou Tazema
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    Age: 23
    Profession: Student of mythology at Marshall University
    Skills: A knowledgeable historian, particularly of mythology.
    Equipment: MP3, swiss army knife, cell phone
    Physical Description: Female, black eyes, black hear with sky blue streaks, 5"7', spiked dog collar, black nail polish, black lipstick/eye shadow, sky blue cammie, fishnet long sleeve over shirt, black cargo pants, and combat boots.
    Background: Got passed around from foster home to foster home throughout her childhood. She fell in love with mythology while at a museum on a school field trip during the 3rd grade, and has avidly studied it ever since. Got dragged along by her friend Ian to check out something interesting going on in Meadow Bridge.

    Name: Tanya Smith
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    Age: 29
    Profession: Animal Behaviorist
    Skills: With an interest in animals since she was kicked out from the womb, Tanya carefully and with an OCD-like measure, has found wildlife to be simply amazing. She's visited different countries throughout her life so far and has gone to amazing lengths just to see a glimpse of something in person, even if it means laying down in the soil of a jungle, waiting in that position for twelve hours without even twitching. She loves their behaviors and their personalities, and each animal in the world has a place in her heart.
    Equipment: a laptop with countless files and pictures, filled with amazing amounts of information, enough to fit into five good sized dictionaries. Liquid latex (You never know when you can get the mold of a new print left behind by any animal).
    Physical Description:
    Background: Tanya has been working with with the Wildlife Zoo for quite some time, merely biding her time, studying the animals and comparing their behaviors to those of their counterparts in the wild from where they originally came.

    Name: Captain Hayden Earle 'Killing Machine' Arcturus (US Army 1ST SOD, ret)
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    Age: 38
    Profession: Mercenary for Black Adder Industries
    Skills: Expert Marksman, Sniper qualified, Jump Qualified, Ranger Trained. This Delta Force graduate is more than capable of handling the human threat and has shown a penchant for adapting to the ever changing battlefield.
    M-4 SOPMOD (Special Operations Peculiar Modifications)
    Desert Eagle Mk XIX (Chambered for the .357 Magnum)
    M-21 Sniper Rifle (For the observer role))
    Physical Description:
    Background: Previously a career soldier in the US Army's 1ST Special Operations Detachment, Delta Force, Hayden was disillusioned by the inflexibility of the way the US Army did things and resigned after fifteen years and two tours in Afghanistan. He was signed up as a contractor for North Carolina based Black Adder Industries. His team has been running exercises in the surrounding foothills of Meadow Bridge and has been called up to assist the Sheriff's department until orders from Mynock, North Carolina state otherwise.

    Name: Ian Keller
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    Age: 26
    Profession: Mercenary for Black Adder Industries (Formerly a member of the US Army)
    Skills: Sharpshooter, Communication Technician, Jump Qualified.
    G36C Assualt Rifle with attached laser sight and EOTech holographic sight

    FN Five-SeveN with flash light

    And short range communications equipment.

    Physical Description:

    Background: Formerly a competent member of the US Army Signal Corp. Was assigned and deployed with the 82nd Airborne prior to leaving the army and going to work for Black Adder Industries.

    Name: Elizabeth Rayne
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    Age: 26
    Profession: Professional hit-man
    Skills: expert marksman, fluent in five languages (English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Japanese), excellent horseman, and skilled in archery, fencing, and sansetsukon



    Physical Description:
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 140 lbs.
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Green (I know her eyes aren't green, but just imagine that they are)

    Background: Born in London, England, but grew up in several countries as her father was a diplomat for the British government. When her father died at the age of fifty of a heart attack, eight years ago, she left her studies to be a foreign diplomat, and instead trained to be a bodyguard. She was then recruited, privately, by the government to take out personal threats to the crown. From there, she was then propostioned by an old friend of her father's to take some side jobs for a good deal of money. Since then, she has been giving her services to the highest bidder, all without being detected by her employers.

    Because of her position in the government, she has diplomatic immunity. Is stationed in West Virginia at the moment, and owns a comfortable three story house with attic and basement.

  3. Background Information

    Meadow Bridge, West Virginia
    The location where the action is taking place. Formerly a coal mining operation called Beelick Knob, it is found in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, and has a population of roughly 320 people.

    Hovatter's Wildlife Zoo
    A zoo located in Kingwood, West Virginia, about three and a half hours from Meadow Bridge. It is believed that the Meadow Bridge creature possibly escaped from their facility.

    Marshall University
    A university with a Biology program that also promotes the study of paleontology. Located in Huntington, West Virginia, about two and a half hours from Meadow Bridge.

    Black Adder Industries
    A Private Military Corporation based in North Carolina that has contracts with the United States Department of Defense, law enforcement agencies, and some national militaries. Their operators are nothing short of professional soldiers, the global experience of their numbers making them a highly trained, well motivated fighting force.
  4. Reserved for quick summary of current events.
  5. Doing some CHARDEVEX.
  6. Right, posted up the character sheet template, as well as a list of the basic characters we'll need to get this game running.
  7. Name: Tanya Smith
    Age: 29
    Profession: Animal Behaviorist
    Skills: With an interest in animals since she was kicked out from the womb, Tanya carefully and with an OCD-like measure, has found wildlife to be simply amazing. She's visited different countries throughout her life so far and has gone to amazing lengths just to see a glimpse of something in person, even if it means laying down in the soil of a jungle, waiting in that position for twelve hours without even twitching. She loves their behaviors and their personalities, and each animal in the world has a place in her heart.
    Equipment: a laptop with countless files and pictures, filled with amazing amounts of information, enough to fit into five good sized dictionaries. Liquid latex (You never know when you can get the mold of a new print left behind by any animal).
    Physical Description:
    Show Spoiler

    Backround: Tanya has been working with with the Wildlife Zoo for quite some time, merely biding her time, studying the animals and comparing their behaviors to those of their counterparts in the wild from where they originally came.
  8. Lorentz yanked his hand back and the catwalk above the teens groaned in brief protest before ripping free of their moorings. Erika cackled while waving a hand, telekinetically tearing the falling structure in half and throwing the pieces to the sides with a loud crash. Meanwhile, Raven stepped in front of both Natalia and Erika and pumped mana into her gloves. "Here's a shocking update, Lorentz --" Her fingers spread outward; a net of lightning crackled forth like a wave of pain.

    Lorentz commanded the ruined halves of the fallen catwalk to his side, erecting a haphazard static-diffusing cage before him. Raven's lightning splattered against it, sparks flying here and there, with the metal of the catwalk glowing yellow-red from the heat. But none of that energy broke through to strike the grinning mage.

    With a push of his hand, he sent the catwalk pieces hurtling toward the girls...where it stopped scant inches away. Natalia, with widened eyes, willed it so.

    But this time, Lorentz was ready for the blonde creature before him. With Natalia's focus taken up in stopping the catwalk, she didn't have time to react to the car doors peeling away from where they blocked the factory exit. One of them clipped the girl across the back and knocked her down. Raven tried to leap away, but instead got caught by a door to the stomach and found herself pinned to the ground.

    Erika favored better, deflecting a door with a wave of her hand...only for Lorentz to command some nearby scrap metal to bind itself around her arms and legs like a snake.

    "You girls got guts, I'll give you that," Lorentz admitted. He glanced at the downed Natalia. "That one, especially. I can't read her magic at all. It doesn't make sense! Its fascinating! What are you, child?"

    A gunshot from his left struck him in the shoulder, causing him to cry out. A second gunshot from behind tagged him in the back of his leg, forcing him to his knees. Jade Wilson stepped forward and Crossfire came up from behind.

    "They're under my protection, that's what," Jade grimly said. "Stay the fuck away from them." She called over to Crossfire. "Where's Sam?"

    "Here," the man in question answered, hobbling up behind Crossfire.

    "You look like shit," Jade noted. Sam just gave her an annoyed look.

    "Do the smart thing and stay down," Crossfire barked at Lorentz.

    The gaunt man cackled while wincing at the pain from his wounds. "Nonmetallic bullets and guns. You three think you got it all figured out, huh? Well, I don't need to stand up to do -- this!" He snapped his fingers.

    All around them, the barks and yips of something vile and predatory echoed throughout the factory. Raven was helping Natalia up and looked around warily. Erika was grinning at the prospect of more fighting. Jade and Crossfire, as if reading one another's minds, scanned different floors for hostiles. Sam just closed his eyes.

    "They're called blood puppets," Lorentz informed them. "The more they kill, the more they make. They're beautiful creations, magic and murder combined into art!"

    "You're a sick fucker, aren't you?" Jade hissed.

    "They're coming down north stairs!" Crossfire barked out in warning. He reloaded his pistols and hopped up onto some machinery for a better shooting position.

    Crossfire shouted, "Here they come!"

    The blood puppets emerged seemingly from everywhere, careening down the stairs and slinking from behind crates and heavy machinery on the ground floor. Some skipped the stairs entirely and leaped from the catwalks to the ground below. They howled like rabid animals and they moved with disconcerting swiftness for their size.

    "Shit!" Raven cried out, frantically unleashing lightning bolts at the oncoming horde. Several blood puppets burned at her assault, but kept on moving forward.

    Erika laughed, "Oh! Its like Space Invaders!" and waved a hand so that several stacks of crates flew to the side, crushing blood puppets against the wall...and yet their remains continued to press onward.

    Jade joined Crossfire at her perch. Their weapons spat out a storm of gunfire that barely slowed the monsters down. "There's just too many of them!" Jade grunted in frustration.

    Sam finally opened his eyes. He could hear them. "There's more...coming up from behind...."

    He darted toward Raven, Erika, and Natalia, just as the exit Lorentz blockaded burst open. The doorway was crowded with blood puppets trying to force their way through the narrow opening.

    "Jade! Need a weapon!" Sam called out. The woman threw one of her backup sidearms toward him.

    Sam plucked the weapon out of the air, grabbed Raven, and tackled her to the ground, saving her from the swiping claw of a blood puppet. The girl cried out, while Sam drew his pistol and blew out the monster's face at near-point blank range.

    He worked his way to a sitting position, then kneeling, then standing, all the while laying headshots into the blood puppets fighting their way through the door.

    He had to pause to eject the empty magazine. "Move!" he ordered the girls, turning to face them.

    "Behind you!" Raven warned.

    Pain lit up Sam's back as one of the blood puppets took advantage of his momentary distraction to rake a set of long gashes across his flesh. He spun back to meet his enemy with jab-cross-uppercut-cross combination, punctuated by a pushing kick to put some space between them. The creature, unfazed, pulled its arm back for a mighty swing.

    Sam turned and sprinted away, snapping up Raven in a bridal carry rather than run around her. "Move, move, move!" he commanded.

    Erika grabbed Natalia's hand. "Come on, buddy! Let's go play with the others!" She joined Sam as he made his way toward Jade and Crossfire....

    ...With about a half-dozen blood puppets in their way.

    Sam called out, "Jade, Cross, I need a path!"

    "Sam, run straight!" Crossfire returned, dropping to a knee as he put six precise headshots into the puppets barring Sam's path.

    Raven managed to catch her breath from the excitement and terror of the fight. It helped that strong arms held her aloft, as if carrying her from the violence. She had to admit, the short Asian man -- Sam, she heard him being called -- had a rugged appeal to him, though even she had to admit it was a rather strange thought to have in a life or death situation.

    Sam set her down by Jade and Crossfire's perch. "Get up there," he told the teens, joining his comrades up top. "Where's Lorentz?" he asked the other two.

    "Lost track of him in the fight," Jade reported. "He must have snuck out during the confusion." She reloaded her weapon with a grim expression. "Last clip."

    Crossfire holstered one of his pistols. "Last gun."

    Sam glanced around them. Between them, they had destroyed an impressive number of the blood puppets, but they still kept coming. "We can't beat them all."

    "And these things will probably get free and hit the next district, and the next, and the next," Jade said. "We need to figure out how to contain these things."

    "Good luck with that with only two clips of ammo left between us," Crossfire murmured.

    Sam turned to Raven, his intense gaze suddenly making her blush involuntarily. "You three. You have powers. Magic, just like Lorentz."

    "Y-Yeah," Raven elegantly stammered. "How do you guys know about --"

    "We're Hushcobb," Crossfire cut in. He glanced at Jade. "Well, some of us are." Then at Sam. "Or were. Long story."

    "I know Hushcobb," Raven said. "Everyone at the Ivory Tower's heard about you guys, maintaining the secrecy of magic. Keeping mundanes from learning too much about us."

    "Can you help us?" Sam cut in, redirecting her attention to the very fatal matter at hand.

    "I don't know," Raven admitted. The horde of blood puppets continued to stalk closer. "There's too many and they can take a pounding. Erika and I haven't been able to do much more than you guys." Then she looked over to Natalia, who stared out at the deadly horde with wide, vacant eyes. "But she might."

    Raven gently took the other teen by the shoulders and locked their gazes together. "Natalia, I know we just met, but I need you to help us. I saw how powerful you were at Cherie's house. You took on Lorentz like he was nothing. We need you to use that power again. We need you to save us!"
  9. Perfect, Ryker, I'll add it to the cast list. TK, I'm sending you a quick PM about yours, I think you misunderstood a thing or two, but overall, it looks okay, too~

    EDIT: Everything's been updated~ Thanks everyone!
  10. Wow, that's really good! 8D
  11. ... I just saw the latest episode. On one hand, kinda sad we didn't get to see another gem since I was going hard down the path of corrupted Jasper making an appearance.


    Latrice Royale, season 4 of RuPaul's Drag Race

  12. Psy has a cold and I for one know how those can affect one's muse.
  13. Cool nice job got any favorite animes i can see if i have any amv's of them. Note most of mine are from animes that can be seen in English dub.
  14. Okay, back now.

    All I'm waiting on is someone who wants to play the... remaining scientist slot that we still need. And maybe one more soldier or two. The second we have that last scientist, though, I'm more than happy to get this thing started, but I refuse to play that role myself, and we kinda need it for the game to work. ^^; Or at least, we need someone who wants to study mysterious and unknown tears in the fabric of time and space.
  15. I talked to Asmoman earlier today. He says he'll see what he can do.
  16. Thanks, Ryker. ^^;
  17. Alright. Hmm....although I am thinking when we go back to rping that we may do another rp, and push the two we were going to start back. Since if I recall correctly both were focus more on romance/sex, and little else. Hmm....currently I am reading a Game of Thrones fanfic, and I remember you mention doing a rp about the dragons in the story. The other rp could be ..the big rp I mention, but we did not really talk about. Such as the 'sword-seducing master, and princess and knight' rps possibly being combined.....and for both rps we would focus on the politics/maybe a bit of fighting/ mostly the drama side of things rather just the romance.

    Thoughts? Or would you rather go ahead and do the two rps we were originally going to do, and get them out of the way? Since both will probably be short rps.

    Palonis is gonna play a mercenary, I've got Haji interested in taking up a role as another scientist, and Slyen's still trying to choose between a role as a government official or our final mercenary- so aside from that, we just need one more player, who I'm currently trying to recruit at this moment (I hope). So right now we just need those last character sheets to come in ASAP, and then hopefully we'll be able to get this show on the road! 8D

    (And please tell me nobody else forgot about this RP in the past week <.<; Slyen already did *points at Slyen accusingly*)