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  1. I don't know how many of you are familiar with the TV show Primeval? But for those of you who aren't, the basic premise is that the fabric of time sometimes wears thin and these little temporary doorways will show up, allowing people--and more often, creatures--to travel from one time period to another. The protagonists first become aware of them when a prehistoric predator shows up in a populated area. The good guys want to try and contain these time-portal phenomena, and keep the creatures they unleash from causing too much damage and harm. Bad guys... Well, let's see if we can't get this thing off the ground first.

    We'd probably start it as just a sort of creature-of-the-week RP, with a portal opening at some location, some prehistoric baddie being let loose into the public, and the players having to find the beastie and, preferably, return it to it's original time period before the portal closes again. Further plot will probably come about as we start developing the characters and their relationships.

    As it is, we'd need three types of characters right off the bat. First, the scientists, since they're the ones who will be responsible for correctly identifying the creatures being dealt with, as well as suggesting the best possible method for getting said creatures to go back through the portal and into their own time. Paleontologists, paleobotanists, zoologists, entomologists, anyone who studies animals, past or present--we only really need one specific character who's knowledgeable about paleontology, with up to two others who can be familiar with plants and animals in general.

    The second important set of characters would be some kind of military presence; they can be actual members of the military, they could be some kind of mercenary or defense group, or they could be local law enforcement who wind up drafted into the group. Point is, when you're dealing with wild predators, especially from the past, you're probably gonna need guns. Especially big ones. (I seriously would not want to take on a rampaging t-rex without lots and lots of guns at my back, would you?) Optimally, we'd have at least two or three trained fighters, all preferably belonging to the same group (be it a military squad or a mercenary group).

    Lastly, some kind of government official. We could probably make due without this role being filled right away, but what keeps the scientists and the military group working together long-term would probably have to be the government establishing them as an official task force (because let's face it, while the scientists would probably be happy to go off chasing dinosaurs, how many soldiers are likely to want to do the same without getting paid for it?)

    Idk, how many people would be interested in playing something like this?