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    David had spent the last 16 hours on this world, Tallon IV.
    He was new Cadet, when his ship was shot down by a Pirate Frigate Orpheon, and though he managed to escape, his escape pod's engines malfunctioned, and he ended up crash-landing on Tallon IV.

    He had sent out a distress signal, hoping a person might eventually come to rescue them. Of course, the Frigate was likely still there, so he figured he'd be waiting a while.

    He was wearing his Environmental Suit, and scouting the perimeter. He was careful not to stray too far from his pod (that was an easy way to die).


    That's when he saw a gunship descend from the heavens, an orange one. It reminded him of Samus's gunship.
    For a moment, he entertained the idea that Samus Aran had come to save him, but the thought made him chuckle. There was a lot of ships in the region, one of them was bound to resemble Samus's.

    Nonetheless, he approaches it, anyways.
  2. His hopes were not in vain, it truly was the famed Samus Aran's spacecraft. As it slowly landed in front of him, he could see the woman herself rise slowly out of the top hatch of the shuttle, clad in her bulky orange suit of armour.


    ...Or, what was left of it. By the shape her suit was in, he could probably tell she had been through Hell just recently. He could see her notice him, he green visor shifting towards his position, causing a quick twitch reaction in her as she leapt off of her ship and raised her arm-cannon. His suit didn't look like standard Galactic Federation attire, so that was a good sign. The only thing she disliked more than space pirates, was the military nosing its way into her work. He could hear her stoic voice shout from underneath the helmet.

    "No sudden movements! State who you are, and why you're here. Now!"
  3. David stopped in his tracks, and paused for a moment. He carefully set his gun down, and then raised his hands.
    He kicked his gun a little bit forewards.

    "I'm Security Officer David Nelson, of the GFS Poseidon" said David, in a scared but calm voice. "I...take it you aren't here to rescue me? My ship was shot down by pirates. I managed to escape in one of the pods, but ended up down here. You mind...lowering the power beam?"
  4. Samus did as she was requested, lowering her cannon. It seems her suspicions were correct. Partially, at the very least.

    "No, I haven't come to rescue you. I came after receiving an SOS from a station orbiting the planet."
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.