Primarily SoL MMO-based RP?

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  1. As I pondered, I looked at all the MMO anime and pondered - stuck in game? Cool legendary bull? Why can't we just have fun? Well, that will be what you can expect from a certain anime in a later season but that's another story.

    So anyways, here's the thing, I'm intending to call the Roleplay "The Gaming Club's Legend". It's a good enough balance of SoL and the actual game thingy.

    The RP revolves around the Gaming Club of Hanazawa Co-Ed School. Their primary activities include playing MMOs together, a few actually. I'll list info on said MMOs somewhere. If need be, I may create seperate threads for said MMO worlds. Maybe I could pop something interesting out of this.

    The Club was formed 6 months ago, but they've done an impressive yet not so impressive deal of things - formed guilds, beat raid bosses... well...

    The zeroth arc will revolve around the Club Leader's recent odd behaviour, and is very primarily set in the real world. The start point of the RP is the period when new members are expected to roll in.

    So, what do you think? MMO-based Roleplay, nothing too heavy or drastic... just a simple MMO on the screen.
  2. Ooh what's this anime of a later season? That sounds interesting.

    Not sure what this RP would really consist of or how it would work, but making the MMO server a roleplay server could be fun. A roleplay within a roleplay. Is there something magical going on with the club leader's odd behavior that'll turn into a fun plot, or is he just going through puberty?

    Also, is this a VRMMO type scenario or a normal MMO? Will they feel like they're in the game but be able to get out whenever they like or is it literally sitting behind a computer clicking in rapid succession?
  4. I can't imagine a browser based MMO would be particularly fun...
  5. You know the old amine rules where it's always fun with friends. It applies to real life too because I drop games when my friends aren't playing.

    Then again amine rules state that healers in MMOs go all 'I... I'll do my best!' but I'll depict healers...

    ... wait that is how I will depict my healer in this Roleplay. Except he kinda sucks at his job.
  6. Well damn, a terrible healer. No point even playing the MMOs then cos they're all doomed to lose :D I'll probably play the character that always plays the role of the "Oddjob". Y'know the one, it's in all games. They're pretty much a dps but for some reason they also have a couple of seemingly random abilities that don't make any sense being part of the class.
  7. He's more of a debuffer-buffer-healer, much like the bards in Aura Kingdom.

    When I was really really new to MMOs, I used priests without knowing how to use them. Nowadays I use the technology-based classes, or if those aren't present, Sorcerers and Magicians. Rarely use melee-type. My friends say melee weapons are more satisfying.

    Certain 'Oddball' classes tend to split into two completely different classes that, alone, make more sense. I remember a class of such description splitting into monks and priests.
  8. I usually play mage DPS, but if there's a Reaper-type class, I'll use that cos scythes are awesome and they always have the best animations. Also, if there's a class that wields spears, I'm more likely to use those.
  9. I guess I'll see if others hold interest.

    I have considered making some of the MMOs featured in the RP. based off actual series or certain RPs on this site. I actually thought of a 'Kamen Rider Online' or a 'Pokemon GO', the latter being explained as an MMO alternative to the cancelled project.

    But those ideas are likely to be abandoned.
  10. "making" some of the MMOs? As in actually programming them? That'd be impressive but a rather large job.