Primal Rage: Wrath of the Old Gods

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Giant monsters and the apocalypse. What's not to like?

  1. Needs more giant monsters.

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  2. Needs more apocalypse.

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  3. Why not both?

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  1. [​IMG]
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    One thousand years have passed since The Cataclysms.
    Humanity has been reduced to a primitive, feral state; lesser beings compared to the Draconians.
    The world is divided into seven tribes, each ruled by its own patron deity.
    An unsteady balance is kept by the warring of the gods.

    There are four Virtuous Beasts who seek to restore order to the devastated world.
    Blizzard, Armadon, Talon, and Sauron.
    There are three Destructive Beats who are hellbent on ushering a new era of woe.
    Chaos, Vertigo, and Diablo.

    This conflict of both beast and tribe comes to a halt when the dragon of death, Necrosan, arrives from the stars.
    The gods mysteriously vanish, leaving the fate of their tribes to the Avatars.
    An Avatar is one who is imbued with untold magical power from their Draconian overlord.

    Will they continue the battle among each other, or unite against Necrosan and his undead horde?
  2. Hahaha. I remember this game even though it was likr 22 years
  3. I first played this game at a local diner and it my childhood incarnate.
  4. Sauron was my fave, I dont know if it was because he was a dinosaur or if he was slightly overpowered--gut hey I was like 6. lol
  5. Come to think of it Sauron was overpowered.
    No wonder I always played as him.
  6. I hated Vertigo. I could never kill that bitch. Could beat all the others though. Think my second favorite was Armadon.
  7. I once had an Armadon action figure but in-game he beat me silly.
  8. Was it his tail? lol Somehow he'd always get me in a corner and club me.
  9. I feel like this is the plot from a novelization of the game I read about once.

    In no way is that a criticism. I think it would make a great RP, actually.
  10. That tail was the stuff of nightmares.
    Well, my friend, you are certainly correct. I have yet to read the novel but I certainly plan to.
  11. I figure it might be hard to find, but I would certainly be interested in hearing what it's like if you do.

    Apparently, they turned the plot for the sequel to Primal Rage into a "novel" after it got canceled. You would have played as an avatar of one of the original characters instead of the beasts themselves.
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  12. I remember this game, The Tyrannosaurs were always my fave.
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  13. I'm torn on whether or not to add more deities to the roster, but that would change the world map quite drastically.
  14. I guess it is slightly unbalanced to have only three Destructive Beasts.

    Are you thinking of using some of the fanmade beasts from the same series of fan art you used for the main seven above?
  15. I never knew that there were fan-made beasts. That being said, I'm very open to including them.
  16. New gods of Urth

    There was a contest on dA at some point to come up with designs for original gods in the Urth setting.

    Probably not a good idea to just use them since they are somebody else's creations, but maybe we can get some ideas.

    Then there is also Slash Fang, who was created for the canceled sequel game. I honestly don't see him as a destructive beast, though.

    Sauron could go to the other side and we could have Slash Fang take his place among the virtuous beasts. Sauron has much more in common with the destructive side anyway in terms of being antagonistic to humans, in my opinion.

    Or we could try and come up with original beasts of our own and say they were dormant until Necrosan arrived on Urth.

    Whatever people think will work best is fine with me. I'm not dead set on anything in particular. Let me know how I can help with figuring things out if ideas and opinions are needed.
  17. Sauron should be reclassified as neutral, come to think of it. Slash Fang is definitely going to be added.
    I think any custom deities we add should be lesser gods. Ones that don't have as much influence as the canon roster, in a sense.
  18. Sauron as a neutral wildcard makes a lot of sense, actually. That would make it more or less balanced.

    Any non-canon deities we could say were defeated by the main seven long ago, but now that they are out of the picture these entities are able to have their own avatars.

    Maybe they were part of older pantheons (think the Titans of Greek myth) that are slowly recovering their strength now and so they can't individually empower avatars, but perhaps collectively. It could open opportunities for a couple more characters, if that's the concern.
  19. The tribe mechanics might be altered if more gods are added, since the in-game universe divided tribe by deity.
  20. True, although I did think it went well with the title.
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