Pride's search for friends and partners! (Doubly Friendly! Fantasy/Apocalyptic pairings)


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Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, etc.
Hello everyone, my name is Pride and I have risen forth from the dead. Everything looks new and different so I'm hoping maybe to have a clean slate and find some new writing partners. However, because it has been so long since I have been on here I will keep this simple and brief. I am going to state right off the bat, if you know me from the past a lot has changed I have new boundaries for myself and many other things. This also goes for those who may be seeing me for the first time. Basically what I am trying to say is that I am trying to work towards being a better writer, partner in roleplay, and many other things. And before I get into the fun part, what I am looking for, I will share a few things about myself to see if you would be interested in me as a potential writing partner.

~About Me~
- I work in a bakery and am working on finally taking college classes (was taking a break from school to save money). So my schedule is subject to change depending on what is going on in my life. But I have been working letting my partners know about these changes.
- I can chat almost every day, but I can't always post every day. I have been working towards from to post at least once a week, but I can do more depending on how much time I have on my hands
- I am generally pretty lax and do not mind waiting for replies as well (its a two way street after all)
- I have always struggled to describe my writing style, but I would say I fall into the advanced category. I like to write big chunky posts, but I recently have found joy in the smaller posts. However, I usually hover around one to three paragraphs minimum
- I hate, hate one liners. So you won't see them from me
- I love to chat, plot, and make headcanons. It is fun for me and hopefully for you.
- I generally lean towards realistic fcs (I.e. models, singers, actors, etc.) because it helps me to visualize better. But I may be persuaded to do art fcs, and you will see why in a bit.
- I feel most comfortable writing from fxf, mxm, and mxf
- I also am okay and enjoy doubling
- I feel like I am missing something, so if you have any questions please do ask.

~Now for You~
- I am not too picky as long as you are willing to talk and collaborate with me
- If you are planning to message me, please do not hit me up with 'Hey, would you like to rp'. Please give me a little something about yourself and what drew you in. It helps me understand you better and what you are looking for, what are your boundaries, etc.
- Not afraid to voice ideas and boundaries with me
- We are both here to have fun, not make it into a chore
- This is not very long because I feel like about my also mentioned kind of what I was looking for

~If you still remain~

~Pairing and Misc. Lists~
For pairings I don’t particularly lean towards one side over the other because I am open and enjoy doubling so that we can both have fun or try both sides of the pairings. Also all these are meant to be friendly to mxf, mxm, and fxf pairings

~Fantasy Pairings~
Dragon Shifter x Royalty
Dragon Shifter x Dragon Rider
Dragon shifter Royal x Royal
Dragon shifter Royal x Normal person
Shape shifter Royal x Human Royal
Shapeshifter x Royal
Royal x Royal
Royal x Normal person
Magic-user x Human
Magic-user x Magic-user
Elf x Human (Can both be royalty or whatever)
Elf x Elf
Elf x Dark Elf
Fairy x Human
Fae (fairy) royal x Human
Pirate x Mermaid/Siren
This is really like a taste of what I am into, so uh if I am not careful this will get super long. I just love fantasy so much

~Urban Fantasy Pairings~
Vampire x Human
Werewolf x Human
Vampire x Werewolf
Mermaid/Siren x Human
Monster Hunter x Monster
Monster x Monster (Can be fairies and witches, Ghosts and Vampires, just hit me)
Paranormal Investigator x Demon
Demon x Human
Angel x Human
Angel x Demon
Ghost x Human
Time Traveler x Anything really (Hit me with your ideas)
This will always get really long if I am not careful

~Zombie Apocalypse pairings/Setting~
Survivor x Half-Zombies (All of Us Are Dead inspired)
Survivor x Survivor
Survivor x Immune
Immune x Half- Zombie
Human Survivor x Supernatural Creatures survivor*

*I have a kind of plot where there are werewolves in a zombie apocalypse setting. I will pay good money and love you forever if you want to do this with me. And yes we can play with soulmate elements. You have no idea how much I want this please. Will sell my soul and first born.

~Settings/Themes I enjoy~
- Forbidden Love
- Enemies/Rivals to Lovers
- Sweet and Passionate Romance
- Slow burn
- I also like to play with Sci-fi elements (Like zombies in a cyberpunk era)
- I do like some slice of life stuff, but it takes a good plot to win me over


Themes: Romance, Contracts, Modern Fantasy, Prophecies, A Korean Odyssey Inspired, Human x Supernatural creature

Muse A and B are twins born to what one would think is a normal family, but how wrong they would be. Muse A and B are destined to change the world. But it comes at a steep price. One of their lives. Muse A is supposedly this heavenly savior that is protected by the gods. While Muse B is the one that will stand in their siblings way. Muse A is told that they have to be the one to take Muse B's life if they want to protect humanity. It has to be them, it can't be anyone else. And Muse B always has demons whispering in their ear to get rid of Muse A before they can kill them. Haunted by a destiny that they supposedly can't escape they turn to the other worldly forces. Muse A and B make pact when they are kids to protect each other from their destinies, and the way they do this is by making contracts. Muse A makes contract with a powerful demon (Muse C) that Muse B called upon to taint their soul, but Muse A helps Muse B make a pact with a fallen deity (Muse D) that used to sit beside the fates to help Muse B balance the darkness in their mind. This of course does not go over well with the Muse A and B's family and the fates. In order to "correct" what the twins did they formulate a plan to make them follow their destined paths.

Their first problem was Muse C and D the being that the twins formed bonds with specifically in order to deny their fates. When Muse C and D are threatened with being sealed away by the gods for intervening with the twins fates (even if the twins kind of forced them into it). However bonds pacts made with humans are not an easy thing to break especially when the humans are refusing to break it. So Muse C and D do the next best thing. They take away a portion of Muse A and B's memories. Leaving only nothing about the creatures they made a pact with. Making it so the twins were not able to call upon them. Doing this allowed for the twins to be separated. Muse A is raised like a saint and Muse B is abandoned in an attempt to make them weaker. Now as adults Muse A and B are still fighting their destines and trying to find a way back to each other. They have no desire to fall into roles they have been assigned, but will they have much of a choice when the cogs of destiny start turning. But first they need to find Muse C and D if they want to protect themselves from what is coming.

Hope to hear from you soon. You can post here or send me a pm!