"Pride is a march, not a parade."

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  1. This is directed to all you who ask about "Why do the LGBT have a parade?! Why isn't there a straight, cis parade".

    Let me tell you right now: Because every fucking day of your life, is a celebration of normality. You will not face the vitriol of getting your ribs kicked in by homophobes. You will not run the risk of gunmen shooting you down in mass at a nightclub because you are straight. You might end up in the crossfire becouse you are soft target to a bunch of zealus cowards and nutjobs. But not over your sexuality, not over that very core part of who you are that you cannot and should not ever want to change.

    Pride is a march, it s a celebration and a manifestation. We won't go away. We won't cower to the slander, the hate, the violence and the lawmakers who target us. Pride is what we have, one of the few things we have that allows us to be human. To show, without having to feel we are freaks of nature, our true colors. I have lesbian friends who cannot show their affection at parties because a bunch of guys will always make a deal out of it and sexualize and objectify them openly. They will encroach on their private space and try and goad them to "give them a show".

    And I have gay friends who, if doing the same thing would get told not to "Don't do that shit here. take it to private. Don't flaunt your sexuality." We have to look at television and see characters that share our sexuality get killed in disproportionate amounts compared to their straight counterparts. And if we were to point this out, we get mobbed by people claiming we are just wanting something to complain about.

    Transpeople have to fight just to be able to use the bathroom, and are lumped in with rapists and "deviants" who might somehow magically use a trans-friendly bathroom policy to rape? And this is a commonly accepted excuse. Not to mention people will claim that Transexual people are mentally ill. That is still ticking, that is thrown around constantly to this day.

    When 50 people get shot by a raging homophobe lonewolf, they actively try to minimize the fact that there were gay people being shot. They tried to minimize the problem that this was fueled foremost by a individuals homophobia. Was he radicalized? I would assume so since he got a fucking "Assault rifle" and went to kill 50 people. But he was seething ball of homophobia, racism and mysogony according to people who knew him. And he isn't alone. Not by a long shot. Its something you can find all over the fucking spectrum of religious people and not so religious people.

    Pride is important. Because, in many ways, it is all we got. Both the parade, and the concept of having pride in who we are. You ask why we have a parade? We don't have a parade. We have a march. Stonewall only started, we are not free yet. We march for our right. We celebrate our identities, and we have one day where its OUR day.

    You. have 364 days that are yours.

    Sincerely, Hellis.
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  2. A day will come when nobody will give a fuck about anyone else's sexuality. Take comfort in that this day getting closer each passing minute.

    Who complains about this shit? It's dumb. Even if people wanted it, the fact it's not being organised is indication enough nobody gives that many fucks. I mean I've seen it as an argument, but the easiest response is "I don't know, why don't you organise it?" Shuts it down in far less words ;p
  3. My eldest half-sister is one. She is constantly saying things like, 'Straight people deserve a day too.'

    People want to ignore the fact that they oppress another by their twisted morals. Fact is, the reason we have pride is because of what happened in Orlando, and Mexico. It's what happens around the world as transpeople are left dead in the streets.

    Why is there not a straight pride?

    Because they don't need it, they aren't shamed for who they love. They aren't shamed for their gender identity. People who talk about creating a straight pride don't seem to want to understand that they don't need a day, they live their lives without ridicule of their sexuality and/or gender identity.

    Spot on Hellis, and I'm sorry that you and anyone in the LGBTQ+ community have to deal with this. You aren't alone, don't let anyone take your pride.
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