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    Are you ready to become a Legend?

    Centuries have passed since the mythical Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric existed and lived. Amestris has been a rather peaceful place ever since the defeat of Father, becoming a very important country, its economy and overall power groing with each year. The trade, the economy of the country, its culture, and, naturally, its Alchemy, have continued developing with the flow of the years, making all of the aforementioned things incredibly developed. However, beneath the soil, there, where nobody can detect it, an old threat has been arising, threathening to destroy Amestris; and the world.

    Price of Your Soul is a Roleplay Forum based on the famous Manga and Anime written and made by Himoru Arakawa. Here, you will have the opportunity to create your own character, chose to become a part of the Army, a State Alchemist, or an Independant Alchemist, create your own alchemy, or your own weapon, and fight your way to the top, facing the powerful Homunculus, and Father himself.​
  2. This looks interesting! When do you suppose it'll take off?
  3. @Kitsunemage They've deleted their account, hence the title being guest. So, unfortunately, the only way to contact is through the other website.
  4. Derp. Okay, didn't realize that XD
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