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  1. Is it better to tell your rp partners something stupid (and something you only do) like I'm moving accounts than to say you're going to be away for a while (not long hiatus) and practically disappear (become inactive, they "never" see you again)?
  2. Er... No?
  3. It's better to tell your partners the truth.
  4. Well, yes... Of course it is. But is it better to tell your partners that you're moving accounts (for a stupid personal reason) rather than just becoming inactive on your current account? I assume yes but I'm an idiot.
  5. Whichever is the truth. If you are actually moving accounts, tell them, if you're just going inactive, tell them. You do not make it clear on what you may or may not be doing. So simply the truth is just the best way to go.

    Edit: You don't have to tell them WHY. just tell them you are. It's rude not to, assuming you actually WANT to keep rping with them.
  6. @Luna I understand. Apologies for my bad clarity. I'm just really freaking out because of it, because I'm not like other people on here (i.e. I could always do a name change instead of moving accounts but I'd still be overwhelmed with so much uneccessary activity if I didn't move accounts :/

    I've already been told (after I moved an account once for aesthetic reasons) that I move a lot and whether or not I was being harrassed (except that was my first account move and I clearly explained ob my profile why I moved)

    I'm just... insecure about something stupid, afraid if I move an account that'll make things harder, they'll push it on me, make me wonder why the hell I'm like this... :/

    For some reason if I'm ever overwhelmed be it by unecessary activity or unconsciously drowning myself in new roleplays, moving to a new account and "starting fresh" makes it go away. Changing names doesn't. :/

    It's pretty stupid but that's really how it is for me...
  7. If you just move to a new account it's....kinda a dick move not to say anything to anyone. at least end the rps your currently in. I'm just gonna be bluntly honest, either tell them "hey, I'm not going to be coming back" or just say "Some things have come up I need to end it" or something. because if they DO find out you've just started a new account...well it can be... hurtful. I'm going to just stop there and keep it simple. If you REALLY think a "clean start" is a good idea. then it's your choice. If you tell people or not, still your choice. But leaving people in the lurch is rude. Just sayin.
  8. I don't plan to leave them out of the blue, I don't want to, I'm just being insecure and worried more about how they'll react. :/

    i've had people be apathetic (in general) about stuff like this in the past or why don't you just change your name stuff.
  9. Multiple accounts arent allowed and moving accounts is strongly discouraged (even though we can't stop you).

    There's nothing, NOTHING you can tell people that makes it necessary to move accounts. If peopel are dumb little shits then let them be dumb little shits and ignore them being dumb little shits.
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  10. I'd say it depends on whether or not you want to continue the roleplay with that person. If you want to actually continue the roleplay with them then you can tell them about the move and just let them know what your new account is and pick up where you left off, no problem. Don't bother explaining the reasoning if you don't feel like it, just use the fun generic of "it's for personal reasons" and leave it at that.

    If you decide you don't want to continue it, well, it's probably better to just straight up tell them you're dropping the roleplay, then do the account swap. Lying about your reason for dropping the roleplay is not the best of things to do, but if you're okay with it then whatever, do your thing. Saying something like "stuff came up and I don't have the free time to roleplay any more, sorry" is a solid explanation for dropping a roleplay, and saying that followed by your current account actually going inactive makes it even better.
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  11. As for communication. If I were your RP partner, I'd prefer honesty. You don't even have to mention the reason, as long as you're up front. I'd be way more displeased with learning someone tried to pull some fade away shit, rather than telling me straight up they're not feeling the RP anymore. I may not be representative for the 1x1 community, but fuck, that's common decency. If you don't want to discuss your reasons, tell them you're uncomfortable with the subject. If people continue to harass you, ask them to stop. If people don't stop, report them, then block them.

    Just make sure you take the high road. It might be a little harder, but at least you'll be honest. You don't solve conflict by running away, especially not if that conflict is with yourself.
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  12. 1) Tell the truth, always.

    2) Multiple accounts are "No-No." That said, speak with an administration if there's a reason you need to "move accounts".
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  13. By the way, if you end up reading this, you could have just said you weren't interested o_o, no hard feelings.
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