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Pretty Rythem Rainbow live-The Next Generation

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Anastasia Fall, Jul 6, 2015.

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  1. PLOT
    Years after naru and her friends recovered the Prism Sparkle, the prism World is in danger once more. The daughter of June Amou has made her mothers same mistake, but only with one big difference- She went to the Prism wORLD when she shouldn't have. Soon, the prism sparkle is in danger again, and it's up to the children of the main heroines to reclaim the prism sparkle with the help of their parents.

    However, getting the new bell Rose and Hapy rain to get along is easier said then done, plus teams are mixed up. Ito and kouji's daughter, Hiro and bells daughter, and ann and Kazuki's daughter are the new bell rose, while Naru's daughter, otoha's Daughter and Wakana's Daughter are the new Happy Rain. With everything diffrent from their parents, can the children become friends in time to save the prism world? only you can decide the fate of the prism world.

    Available Charecters-
    Naru Ayase-
    Bell Renjouji-
    Otoha takanashi-
    Wakana morizono-
    Ann Fukuhara-
    Ito Suzuki-
    June Amou-

    Children of the Main Charecters-
    Jessica Amou-Open, Daughter of june.[​IMG]
    Crystal Takanashi[Daughter of otoha]:[​IMG]
    Laura Suzuki[Daughter of ito]:
    Luna Ayase-Daughter of naru:
    Wisteria Morizono[Daughter of Wakana]:-
    Alexa Fukuhara[Daughter of Anne]:
    Fill out skelles for these charecters please!
    MY Claimed charecter
    Anastasia Renjouji

    Birthday:October 23rd


    Soloist, Duo, Trio etc.?:Trio

    Duo, Trio etc. name?:Bell Rose


    Personality:Anastasuia is a kind girl whose parents were amazing. Bell renjouji and Hiro were the best parents she could ask for, spoiling her constantly. She has a spoiled Demenur at times, and is very hard to befriend but once you do shes your friend for life.


    History:Anastasia was born in Tokyo to Bell renjouji and Hiro. From birth she had a perfect life and was trained in prism shows. ASt age 14 she enrolled in prism stone and graduaTED EASILY. sHE THEN WENT TO EDEL ROSE To continue her Education.

    She is best friends with Laura Suzuki and Alexa Fukughara, togetehr there the new generation of Bell Rose.

    Anastasia is good friends with Bell and her friends She was there to witness the prism queen cup, and even Partocipated.

    In the Series:Anastasia was not in the pretty rythem series
    Special Talent:Playing piano

    Likes:Candy, Cartoons, anything sparkly, music, fashion

    Dislikes: Bugs, Anything Mundane or boring, Rich Snobs

    Prism Shows Special Effect:Roses raining from the sky

    Fashion Element:Sexy

    My Song:Butterfly Effect-Prizmmy

    Theme Color:Lavander and pink

    Prism Watch:n/a

    Signature Prism Jump(s): Declaration of an Eternal valkyrie heart

    Prism Jumps:Sexy Splash, Aurora rising, Sparkling Future Star, Golden Stay magic, Infinate prism phoenix, Rainbow Arc fantasy, Stardust Shower Perfect, Eternal Queens gate,

    Prism Acts: n/a

    Signature Prism Act(s): n/a

    Prism Live: Violin and Piano

    Signature Prism Live: Piano

    Showtime Outfit:[​IMG]


    Coach: Her mopther, bell June and Rinne

    Pair-Charm: n/a

    Animal Coach:n/a

    Other info:Often seen with a crescent moon locket with a picture of her and her parents in it. She also hides her poodle Crystal on campus in her dorm.

    RP Sample:
    Anastasia returned to her room after another sucessful prism show practice. She figured she would catch up to her mother bell in no time. <Ah This is the life..> She thought, relaxing on her bed reading her favorite fairytale,Cinderella. Sjhe quickly became lost in the books Pages, cut off from all reality.

    A few hours later she came to her senses, and began to play her Plaqstation 2, putting on Scooby Doo Night of 100 Frights. She wondered if any of her friends would drop by before nightfall.

    OC Skelle-




    Soloist, Duo, Trio etc.?:

    Duo, Trio etc. name?: (optional)

    Appearances: (include Hair Style/Color, Eye Color and Skin tone)


    Clothing: (includ formal, school uniform, practice clothes, causal for all seasons and pajamas)



    In the Series: (Optional)

    Special Talent:



    Prism Shows Special Effect:

    Fashion Element:

    My Song:

    Theme Color:

    Prism Watch:

    Signature Prism Jump(s):

    Prism Jumps:

    Prism Acts: (optional)

    Signature Prism Act(s): (optional)

    Prism Live: (optional)

    Signature Prism Live: (optional)

    Showtime Outfit:


    Coach: (optional)

    Pair-Charm: (optional)

    Animal Coach: (optional)

    Other info:

    RP Samp[le:

    Cannons please ask me

    OCS can be created too
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