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Anastasia Fall

Years after naru and her friends recovered the Prism Sparkle, the prism World is in danger once more. The daughter of June Amou has made her mothers same mistake, but only with one big difference- She went to the Prism wORLD when she shouldn't have. Soon, the prism sparkle is in danger again, and it's up to the children of the main heroines to reclaim the prism sparkle with the help of their parents.

However, getting the new bell Rose and Hapy rain to get along is easier said then done, plus teams are mixed up. Ito and kouji's daughter, Hiro and bells daughter, and ann and Kazuki's daughter are the new bell rose, while Naru's daughter, otoha's Daughter and Wakana's Daughter are the new Happy Rain. With everything diffrent from their parents, can the children become friends in time to save the prism world? only you can decide the fate of the prism world.

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Not open for further replies.