Pretty Rythem-Rainbow Live Next Generation[Sign-up,Accepting,ooc]

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    plot (open)
    years After Bell, Naru and everyone else graduated, the two Academies, Prism Stone and Edel Rose Came together. Everyone tries to match the legendary Performers, but everyone fails. Soon, the children of the old stars Show up, and strive to reach the status their mothers once had. However, meeting oposition from the von Schroeder family, it isn't easy.

    Rules (open)

    1.All Iwaku Guidlines apply one liners
    3.Please do not ditch the rp
    4.Not the libertine section. must i explain? post Accordingly.
    5.Minor romance is okay but if it goes any farther, move it to convos
    6.breaking any of the above rules will result in immidiat termination of your charecter, and you will be banned from the roleplay.
    7.have Fun

    sign up (open)




    Soloist, Duo, Trio etc.?:

    Duo, Trio etc. name?: (optional)

    Appearances: (include Hair Style/Color, Eye Color and Skin tone)


    Clothing: (includ formal, school uniform, practice clothes, causal for all seasons and pajamas)



    In the Series: (Optional)

    Special Talent:



    Prism Shows Special Effect:

    Fashion Element:

    My Song:

    Theme Color:

    Prism Watch:

    Signature Prism Jump(s):

    Prism Jumps:

    Prism Acts: (optional)

    Signature Prism Act(s): (optional)

    Prism Live: (optional)

    Signature Prism Live: (optional)

    Showtime Outfit:


    Coach: (optional)

    Pair-Charm: (optional)

    Animal Coach: (optional)

    Other info:

    Claimable Charecters (open)
    Bell renijouji-
    Otoha takanashi-
    Wakana Morizono-
    Ann Fukuhara-
    Ito Suzuno-
    -naru Ayase-

    Charecters Already in (open)

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.