Pretty Little Rivals

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  1. Arugaki Risa had always been the best. She was one of those girls that you admired and envied at the same time. She was beautiful with long auburn hair and similarly colored eyes. Boys wanted to date her; girls wanted to be her. Admittedly, she reveled in this sort of accomplishment. Everyone was in the palm of her hand. While she wasn't a particularly manipulative being, how could she not relish in the feeling of superiority to everyone else?

    That was her life...until she came along. She was blond, blue-eyed, and damn annoying. To Kia, she was competition. The only competition she'd ever known. And so, the rivalry began, and Arugaki Risa would soon realize that she could not always be the best there ever was.

    "Have you seen her?" Risa's friend Akame questioned, looking at the red-haired beauty. Risa scowled, slamming her locker door with an anger she hadn't felt in quite a long time. Akame's eyebrows raised but decided that she had asked the wrong sort of question. "I'm...going to head to class." With that, the girl ran off, and Risa was left to her own devices.

    "Of course I've seen her," she muttered to herself. "And I'll make sure she isn't a threat for much longer."
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  2. Mayumi Shino walked to class eating a bag of chips with a happy expression on her face. She was in heaven. There were beautiful girls everywhere all with many faces, many different hairstyle, figures; Shino's face heated up as she thought of surrounding herself with these beauties. She could picture it perfectly.

    "Shino-san," A young brown-haired girl would say, with nice curves that were easily noticeable because she was wearing tight knee socks and her uniform was also a bit tight looking. "I don't know how to say this but... I fell for you the day I met you."

    "Shino-chan!" A cute girl with short, red hair and a slim figure would say. "This is not fair! I wanted to tell you my feelings first!"

    And then girls would crowd around pressing up against her and fight for her, but she would pet their precious little heads and say, "There's enough to go around."

    And then-

    "How creepy," A man, obviously a teacher, with hair slightly lighter than Shino's said, interrupting Shino's wonderful thoughts.


    "Shino-nee, you should get to class, you're gonna be late," He said. Shino reacted with an irritated, and insulted face.


    "No, I am your teacher," he said, "You have to treat me with respect here, understood?"

    "Yes, bastard Mayumei-sensei," She replied, mockingly sweet.

    "That's better- Ah! Wait what?!"

    In no time, she ran through the halls towards class, a snide expression on her face.
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