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  1. Does anybody watch Pretty Little Liars?

    I've watched the first two seasons and I have some questions about season two's finale that I'm hoping somebody can help me with. My friend told me a lot of spoilers, but I'm still a little confused about some things D:

    this show is my guilty pleasure


    I just started watching it this week while I have been sick. c__c I'm a few episodes in to season 3.

    I HATE IT. The written dialog is terrible, they are leaving plot holes everywhere, stuff doesn't make logical sense, all the male characters seem like they are exactly the same, bad/suspicious people all talk with that annoying "I'm a bad guy!" voice. D:<

    But I still can't stop watching it and I don't know whyyyyy. ;______;
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  3. @Diana Ahahaha! xD Its not the kindof thing I would normally watch, either. When my friend was telling me about it I was like "You're seriously going to make me watch this?" but now I cant stop. I've sold my soul and there's no going back ene

    I have a question about Spencer and Toby in the season 2 finale, do you think you could answer it? You're not much further ahead than I am so unless its answered in the first few episodes of season 3, you might not. It better be answered eventually... If not, its going to be one of the many plot holes.
  4. Ask and maybe I can answer it. O___O They do a lot of weird shit and sometimes I dunno what the hell they are going for.

    I just saw an episode with Adam Lambert guest appearing in it, though. So suddenly I like things a lot more. 8D
  5. I'll ask in a spoiler tag because its, well, a spoiler xD

    Show Spoiler
    So Spencer had Emily lie to Toby and say Spencer had been cheating on Toby with Wren, and that's how she got Toby to stop trying to get back with her, to protect him from "A". He acted like he hated her after that. In the season 2 finale, he comes back and smiles and says "Pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I've ever done." like nothing happened, with no explanation. Did he somehow find out that Spencer had lied about Wren, or what?? They didn't address or explain it at all??
  6. Yeah thats one of those damn plot hole bitches they throw in there. D:<

    MORE SPOILERS (open)
    THEY NEVER DID ADDRESS IT. He just knew it was lie and they were cool after that. But then more stuff happens and they have fights again. And then an OH SHIT thing happens with Toby that I can't tell you about. O___O I STILL don't know what's up or down with him yet.
  7. Show Spoiler
    Is it ever addressed that he somehow knew where Dr. Sullivan was and knew how to contact her to make her come back after "A" was caught? Didn't she 'disappear' on purpose so that nobody could find her?
  8. Show Spoiler
    NO! never addressed! D: They answered nothing! But I think they did that on purpose for some of the OMGWTFTOBY surprises they have in season 3.

    Stupid show. >:[ Stupid, addicting show.
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