Pretending to be my Brother

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  1. "No."

    "You have to or your brother many never be able to finish his career! It'll only be for a few months at the tops. And I've seen you run around the town a few times! You act more boyish than as a girl. Even your outfits are more masculine than feminine."

    "I told you no!"

    "Please! I beg you! For the sake of my child to be. If your brother doesn't do well over the next few months in his new band then he'll never become famous."


    "Only for a few months?"

    "Yes. And then you can go back to helping homeless people at your church."

    She took a deep breath, looking at herself in the mirror before her. Short cropped brown-black hair as ruffled around her head. She was in a pair of slightly baggy pants and a shirt that hung loosely off her shoulders—just enough to have her tightly bounded chest from notice. She felt so tired and she hadn’t even met the group that she would be joining. A.N.Jell. She hadn’t even heard any of their music. It was not something she listened to on a normal basis.

    She took a deep breath and turned to the owner and the manager of the group she was joining. “Do I really need to do this? You can’t just sign him up until after he’s good and healed?”

    “No,” the owner said with a sad smile. “We already signed him in the day of his accident and members are waiting to meet him today.”

    “Anything for my dear brother,” the girl said and rolled her shoulders. Closing her eyes she tried to think about the way that her brother walked, talked, interacted with others. This would be hard. They were like Yin and Yang. She was quiet, gentle, and stubborn while he was fickle, loud, and hard to get along.

    She looked up at them with dark brown eyes and then went to leave the men’s restroom and walked towards the sound room that they had showed her earlier. She peaked in the window and saw a group of three men and she paled. She was not ready for this. It was not what she wanted to do. She wanted to be back at the Church, making sure that Jinn was eating.

    Taking a deep breath she opened the door and entered her new work as her brother Hyeon Lee. "Um, are you three A.N.Jell?" she asked carefully.

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  2. Whang Tae Kyung sat down, this was the day that a new member would come in to the group, if he were good enough. He wouldn't let someone in to the group without even knowing if he were good enough or not. He hadn't heard much about the new guy but of the little he had heard he didn't like him at all, he sounded like an impulsive person and a impulsive person would probably have bad habits and not clean after himself and such things. If the new guy deserved a chance then he would give him a chance, but it all would depend on what kind of first impression he would leave.

    "Shouldn't he be here now?" Whang Tae Kyung asked impatiently, he noticed a pencil laying a bit wrong on the table before him and fast fixed it. It was irritating when something weren't in order, the others didn't notice it often but he did, all the time he noticed the disorder around him and it irritated him.

    "Speaking of the devil." Jeremy commented as the door opened and he smiled brightly, he were jumping around on the inside but on the outside he staid calm, for the moment at least. Whang Tae Kyung got surprised because she even had to ask such a question, didn't she recognize them from TV? Of course they were A.N.Jell.

    Jeremy almost jumped out of his skin when he flew at the new guy, he overreacted as usual. He took a firm grip around the new guys shoulders and starred him in the eyes with a serious expression. After about ten second he broke out in a smile and hugged the new guy "of course we are, you must be our new member. I'm Jeremy." He smiled brightly at the new guy but Whang Tae Kyung wasn't as happy about it as Jeremy were.

    "Not so fast, we haven't decided if he is out new member yet. We need to know how good he is first." He commented coldly, he wouldn't let someone that didn't even know what he was doing get in to their band.
  3. (Because I don't feel like changing back and forth from her name to her brother's name I'm just going to call her Hyeon for the most part. :3 it'd get very confusing for me. And I like Shin woo as a name~ Though I might shorten it to just Shin. xD))

    Kang Shin Woo had been simply working on his instrument as he waited, listening to the hyperactive Jeremy and Tae Kyung bicker over the new person being late. He was of Tae Kyung's mindset--the new person should be tested out to see how they could perform. If they couldn't do well enough then why let them stay? It would only hurt A.N.Jell. However Shin found himself stunned at how feminine the young man before him was. In the pictures they had seen of this Hyeon Lee, he had always been relatively girlish looking but with him standing there right then being examined by an unusually serious Jeremy, Shin couldn't help but note that the pictures had not done the girlish features of the boy justice, though being too girly wasn't at all a good thing either. He rose and offered a hand to the to-be-new-member. "I'm Shin Woo, a pleasure to meet you," he offered before looking over at Tae Kyung in an affectionate way. No one quiet understood the dark, silent figure that was their lead singer, but Shin Woo had gotten over that attitude and come to see the man as a brother. "And that's Tae Kyung."

    She felt assaulted. Her eyes were wide open as she was first grabbed by the man named Jeremy and then hugged. Did he by chance have bipolarism? If so then that was kind of scary. And then there was this man that didn't seem to like her at all named Tae Kyung. And then there was this gentleman offering a hand to shake as a greeting. "Warm, cool and cold," she muttered as she reached over and shook Shin's hand, looking from each as she assessed each of them. Well of course she knew that she would have to sing. She had heard enough of her brother's singing to know how to copy it, but would that be enough to convince these men?

    "Do you have something you want me to sing then?" she asked after thinking several seconds over what the 'leader' had said. She had to act like her brother--impulsive. It wasn't going to be easy, but she'd try. "Or is there something else you want me to do to prove myself to you?" She was speaking more to Tae Kyung since he seemed to have the final say in everything. Her brother would have started singing immediately, but this was her first day as her brother and she still had to get used to the idea.
  4. Jeremy jumped aside when Shin Woo came to shake the new guys hand. The guy seemed so small and girlish, on the picture he had been a bit more masculine. Jeremy looked at his hands, was it just him or had the new guy felt a bit small? Maybe he hadn't eaten properly or something. He glanced up from his hand on the new guy, he really looked as a girl from some aspects.

    Tae Kyung didn't bother with the new guys looks at all, he could as well be a drag queen as long as he could sing good. He took up a paper from his pocket, he had planned it days before hand so that they didn't have to argue and discuss about what song he were going to sing while he were there. Even though the others wouldn't care and let him decide for himself what song the new guy would sing it would take some time to think about it so it would have been better to do it before the meeting.

    He walked towards the guy and reached the paper out to him when he were one arm length away, he wanted to be as far away as possible to someone he didn't know. After all, who knew when the latest time he had showered or washed his hands were. "For the moment all you need to do is sing. Hopefully you can do something as easy as that." He told the new guy waiting for him to take the sheet paper. The song was named Panis Angelicus and were a religious song, it wasn't like he believed in God or anything but that song, even though it was easy, could show pretty good how well this new guys voice were.

    Jeremy tried to suppressed his impulses to do anything at the moment, even though he wanted to talk with the new guy and try making the mood in the room better it probably weren't such a good idea with Tae Kyung in that mood. There would probably be more time for something funny to talk about and do after he had proved to Tae Kyung that he were good enough.
  5. Hyeon reached out slowly and took the piece of paper from the seeming leader of the group. When she glanced at the paper, she couldn't help but let out a small smile. She knew these lyrics inside, backwards, and upside. After all, how many times had she heard them at the church that she worked for? How many times had she actually sung with the choir? Straightening her face quickly however, she looked around the room at the three guys.

    The young woman swallowed back a sudden fear that tried to overwhelm her. She glanced at the lyrics again and the song came to her mind. Swallowing again she opened her mouth to start and ended u coughing lightly as her throat seized up. The fear of failing her brother, being found out--it all hit her in this moment and she closed her eyes, her grip on the piece of paper tightening until her knuckles became white and the paper started to crinkle.

    Shin Woo looked at his fellow band members and then at the new member again. He felt almost sorry for the kid. Tae Kyung could be bossy but he could also be very intimidating for people that had to deal with him on a daily basis. But if this kid couldn't keep up then there was no reason to keep him. "Tae--" he started to say but stopped, his eyes widening.

    A sound so clean and pure filled the room as Hyeon opened her mouth and began to sing. The words spilled from her mouth in an almost religious way and filled the practice room as she grew more confident in the words. Shin mouth opened a little at the beauty of the boys voice. They had not been lying when the owner had said that the boy had the voice of an angel.
  6. Tae Kyung waited for him to start singing but he could notice that the boy started to get nervous. If he would be to nervous to sing for three people how would he be able to make it in the music business? It just convinced Tae Kyung that he were a good for nothing after all, he would probably not even get out a single sound.

    He smirked and let out a small snort, now they were back at finding a new member. He started to walk to get out of the room, after all, he wouldn't get to hear anything from that new member. But already in his first step he got stopped, not because of Shin Woo that were about to talk to him but because of a heavenly voice that entered the room. He looked at the new guy almost chocked, just a second ago he had been so nervous he could barely stand and still he were now singing like that. It was more irritating than pleasant. Maybe he could sing like that but Tae Kyung didn't like the fact that he got so nervous, would he really be able to stand on a stage?

    He turned to look at Shin woo, if he told them now that he didn't want the new guy in the band then they would just start to argue against it. For the moment he just had to accept him in to the band. He turned to look at the new guy as fast as he had stopped singing again. He sighted before he spoke. "You're good enough to be in the band, but I still don't approve of you being here." He told the guy bluntly before leaving the room. The others maybe wanted to socialize with the new guy but he weren't interested.

    Jeremy had almost gotten shocked by the voice and it took some time for him to collect himself. First when Tae Kyung started to leave he woke up. "Tae Kyung, are you going to leave now?" he asked disappointed, he didn't think that Tae Kyung would be like that after hearing such a good voice.

    "I'll wait in the van." He simply said before closing the door behind himself. Jeremy just shrugged his shoulder and turned to the new guy. "Don't care about him, he is nice when you get to know him." Jeremy told him "so what's your name?" He asked the new guy.
  7. Hyeon was staring after Tae Kyung in surprise. Had she done something wrong with singing it the way that she had? And then he said he was waiting int he van and the boy named Jeremy was asking her name. Her immediate response would have been 'Hyaon Lee' but she swallowed that bag and put on a smile and shrugged, "Hyeon," she said, "Are you sure that he is all right? He looked like he was ran over by a truck just then--or at least what I think I would look like if a truck tried to run over me."

    Shin smiled back at the young man and tilted his head. "Tae Kyung is a bit eccentric. The more he gets to know you the warmer he'll become. He doesn't treat us much better to tell yout he truth and we've been together as a group for almost four, maybe five years now. Jeremy, I'm going to make sure that Tae Kyung doesn't get into too much trouble. Will you accompany Hyeon down to the van? Show him the important spots that he'll need to know about this place?"

    "Van?" Hyeon asked, her eyes widening slowly.

    "The van that will take us to the boarding house. Did they not tell you that you'd be living with us as well?" Shin asked, blinking.
  8. Jeremy looked surprised at the guy, they should have told Hyeon that he were going to live together with them. "Well even if they forgot about telling you that you at least know it now." He told Hyeon "I'll make sure to show him around and then take him to the van and you make sure to check on Tae Kyung." Jeremy said as he turned to Shin woo while doing a salute and trying to make a serious face. Then he turned back towards Hyeon and put on a smile again.

    "Don't worry about Tae Kyung he's just a bit stubborn but on the inside he's also stubborn." He joked while walking up besides Hyeon to put an arm on his shoulder. "Ready to see the place?" His smile didn't leave his face and the voice remained in a childish tone.

    Tae Kyung walked down the stairs, hopefully that new guy wouldn't become any trouble for him. He didn't want some troublesome guy around himself, but if he were to much trouble then he would just force the others to agree with him to make the new guy leave. But he would give the new guy a chance, if he stayed out of the way and did his job then he wouldn't complain over him. He took up his mp3 player and started to listen on music to collect his thoughts a bit. He didn't know what it was but something with that new guy disturbed him, it was something with his behavior. He had a feeling that the new guy would become trouble because of how he acted, hopefully his intuition were wrong.
  9. Shin Woo raced to catch up with Tae Kyung but stopped when he saw that Tae Kyung had his earphones in. There was no use in talking to the man now that he was plugged in. Instead Shin moved into the van and took up one of the seats before relaxing back. If Tae Kyung wanted to talk about the new member then he could. He knew that Shin was always open to hearing others talk--even if it was about someone they both knew. Hell, Shin had been the listening pair of ears for both of his bandmates since the beginning. He supposed he'd offer the same services to the new kid as well.

    The new kid. There was something off about the kid--his voice his features everything seemed so feminine. The owner had pointed out that quality too but in a praising way as if that was completely and utterly normal for him. Shin stared out of the van silently as he thought about the perfect notes that had come from that young mans lips. If he hadn't known any better he would have sworn that that person was a girl from hearing his voice.

    "It'll definitely add to the group dynamic," he said thoughtfully.

    Hyeon stared after Shin and then up at Jeremy. Share. A house. With three men. She had to fight to keep a blush the size of the country from spreading across her cheeks. "Sure, show me the wonderful world of A.N.Jell headquarters," she squeaked out, suddenly very nervous again. She would have to find that manager of hers and demand a different place. If anyone else at the church or any of her old friends found out that she was going to be living with three guys she would never get the image changed back to a young woman willing to help those in need.
  10. Tae Kyung noticed that Shin Woo came in to the van but he didn't say anything, instead he kept listening to music. Shin Woo wouldn't try to disturb him if it wasn't urgent when he were listening to music, he knew that Tae Kyung wouldn't react to it at that point. It was his way of escaping the outside world for a moment and just relax, something he didn't do often with his schedule.

    Jeremy noticed that the young man started to get a bit nervous, it made him more girlish than before. Even his voice were like a girls, it was a bit weird. But he had heard of guys that were like that their whole life just like there were girls that got taken for guys their whole life. "You really are like a girl." He pointed out and then ruffled Hyeon's hair. "Well, that is good to. It will probably make the girls happy." He said and pulled Hyeon with him.

    "The places you need to know is where the recording place is, where our boss office is and where we eat. That's the three main things that you can't live without knowing." He told Hyeon exited, pulling him around the building to show him everything.

    Tae Kyung paused his mp3 player for a moment and turned to look at Shin Woo. "Don't you think there's something odd with that guy?" He asked him, was it just him or was something really weird with that new guy? Maybe it just were because of his girly way of acting and looking, it probably weren't anything wrong with that new guy. But if it were then he would make sure that he would get thrown out from their house faster than he had been able to get in to it.
  11. "I'm nothing like a girl," Hyeon said, panicking as she was dragged along after the young man. She had to admit that he was nice for a country wide phenomenon--or at least that was how she had thought of any idol bands since she was a child. She had already been on a tour of the place with the manager and the owner and drag them as quickly to the side as possible and to tell these men that she was girl or even better yet let her come to work from her home!
    I'll kill em. I'll kill em both. ​she thought mutinously as she was dragged around the area.

    Instead she moved around with the young man, exploring the place again, getting reacquainted with the place again. "So how big is this house we are supposed to share?" she asked as they moved around. "They really didn't tell me anything when I signed up for this."

    Shin Woo blinked and looked at Tae Kyung. "There is something odd about you when I first met you but we work out just fine now Tae Kyung. You have to be a bit more specific before you can expect me to comment fully on that," he said lightly. Anyone that got to know Shin Woo knew that he never meant anything he said meanly. There was little that he would ever say that was mean--for that was imply how Shin was.
  12. Jeremy only laughed at Hyeon's denial, he really were a funny little girly guy. Even though he tried his best to act as good as possible Hyeon still seemed very tense and nervous, maybe it was because it were his first day, in some days he would be used to it. After some time Hyeong asked Jeremy a question, he hadn't even gotten to see a picture of the house? but on the other hand, it should be obvious that everyone from A.N.Jell would live together, so he could just have checked the house on internet. It were good for the band if they got along enough to be able to live in the same house, it would certainly hurt their reputation if someone of them moved out of the house after such a long time together.

    "It's a big house, you will soon get to see it." He assured Hyeon. "I promise that you will like the house, and you will definitely like Jolie." He said and smiled brightly. He could barely wait to introduce Jolie to Hyeon, they would surely get along as good as he and Jolie. Maybe not as good as them but close to them at least. "Come, lets go to the van." He then said and took Hyeon's hand and started to go in a fast pace to the exit.

    Tae Kyung snorted over Shin Woo's comment. "Forget it, I probably imagining stuff anyways." He said and starred out of the car window. There was something disturbing about that new guy, but what could it be. Well it didn't matter, he would get to know what it was sooner or later and if it was to disturbing they would just have to kick him out.
  13. "Jolie?" Hyeon asked as he followed the young man towards the van. She had yet to see the manager or the blasted owner and she still wanted to talk with them. After all, how was she supposed to live in a house with three guys and them not find out? "Who is Jolie?" she asked and tiled her head to the side as they moved down the walkway towards a van. How would she explain if she was caught? And was it like the rooms at the church--they all shared one long room and had their own part in the house? No they wouldn't make idols deal with that kind of living would they? And how big was 'big'? Her stomach was flopping every which was as fear flew at her.

    Shin chuckled at Tae Kyung's reply and looked out the window, seeing that the new guy was being dragged behind Jeremy towards the van. "Just don't glare at him too hard Tae Kyung. He seems like a pretty nice kid, if a bit innocent. It'll help our image that is for sure. We've got Jeremy the child type, you, the dark and silent but devastatingly cool type, and me the calm, collected, gentle type. If we have a member that's innocent and almost girlish, maybe we'll get some new fans?" Shin offered.
  14. Tae Kyung sighted a bit "I don't promise anything, if he does something stupid then I will glare." He warned him. There was something fishy about that guy, if it would become a problem for the group then he would need to dispose of him soon. He just had to keep a close eye on that new guy so that nothing happened, but at the same time stay away from him so he didn't need to get involved with him. He didn't want anything to do with that kid, it felt like something horrible would happen if he were to close even if that guy seemed so innocent.

    "You will see who Jolie is when we get back to the house, believe me you will love her." He assured Hyeon with a big smile and opened the van door. "It's not far to the house, you will love it." He said as he jumped in to the van excited to introduce Jolie to Hyeon.
  15. Hyeon slowly got into the van, but not without sending one last look out around the parking lot for the manager that had sworn to her that she would be safe and nothing bad would happen to her. This would constitute in her book as 'bad'. After seeing no one she slipped into the van and took the last remaning seat--the one directly across from the angry young man. She stared at him and then looked at the two int he back--Shin and Jeremy--before slipping into her seat and looking at her lap as she crossed and recrossed her hands. Mentally she was doing the steps to a dance that usually calmed her, but her hands seemed to just be nervously moving unless one had learned the same dance.

    "So, Hyeon, Jeremy hasn't worn you out yet?" Shin Woo asked charmingly, trying to be polite and show interest in the little guy. After all they were to be house and bandmates they might as well get along like such.

    Hyeon turned in her seat and smiled. "I have a lot of stamina from--" she hesitated and looked around. They couldn't know that she worked in a Church. Her brother wouldn't get caught dead in a church. "From all the practice I do with my sister. She has terrible dancing skills and is always trying to learn so I have to keep up with her to make sure she doesn't destroy my toes."
  16. "I would like to meet your sister and test dancing with her, it would be interesting to see who will worn out who first." Jeremy said with a smile and stretched out a hand to ruffle Hyeon's brown hair.

    Tae Kyung didn't look at the guy when he entered the van, he just kept looking out of the window. Why did they need a new band member? They had made it so long with just the three of them, he didn't see a reason for them to get another guy in to the band. But of some reason it had been decided that they were going to take in another member anyway. As long as he didn't get disturbed by the new member then he would leave him alone.

    (srry it's so short, got a bit writers block on this part xb)
  17. ((Don't worry about it. xD I've been in a classroom all day so my replies will be a tad bit on the low side.))

    "You wouldn't want to, I promise Jeremy," Hyeon said quickly, trying to think of a way to make them forget about the 'sister of Hyeon'. "And anyway, she's out of the country currently. She thought it would be nice to go to Africa and work with hungry children there. She won't be back for a good year." A year. That was the longest that she could expect her secret to go for without the whole nation finding out about Hyeon's accident. If it was longer than that she would ask the manager to make up some story about him getting into an accident and how he would need to recover for a time before he reutrned to where he needed to be. She should have just asked for that, she realize,d from the beginning. But no, her brother had tried so long, so hard, to become a musician. She couldn't take that away from him now. Not after he'd finally made it into a band and was going to be able to complete his dream that way.

    She would just have to stick with it and hope that no one found out about her feminine side. A few months. That was all she needed to survive. And then she could return to the Church and finish helping out others with the rest of her days.

    "Well you'll have to introduce us to your sister sometime. Is she as good of a singer as you?" Shin Woo asked politely to show interest.

    Hyeon grasped for an idea of how her brother would describe her singing. "It's passable. You can understand her meaning and the words, but sometimes she goes off key. We are trying to get her to get better at it but she doesn't have to sing on a normal basis most of the time so we don't really bother," she said with a shrug before trying to brush her hair back into the way that she had had it before.
  18. Jeremy sighted disappointed, "As fast as she's back you must let us meet her or else I will get angry" He warned Hyeon, if Hyeon looked girly then his sister must look like an angel. She should be as fun to mess with as Hyeon were, even though they had only been with each other for a small amount of time he already liked the guy.

    Tae Kyung chuckled, he had never seen Jeremy angry, if that guy would succeed then it would be pretty interesting, but he was certain that the new guy would be out of the house before that time would come so he would never see it happen anyways. It was a pity. He thought for a moment, had Shin Woo said that guys name? Yes when the door to the van opened then he said his name. What was it again? Hyeon if he wasn't mistaken. Well, it wouldn't be anything he would have to remember for long, that Hyeon guy wouldn't last for long if he kept being so nervous.
  19. The young woman looked at Jeremy and smiled a little. "I'll be sure to do that, though she may have a few choice words for me if I spring it on her when she returns. She doesn't have any internet or cell down there so I'll be springing enough stuff on her when she returns," Hyeon said with a shrug. It was easier to talk about herself being in Africa than she had thought. She just had to make sure not to say anything that would damage the great secret. She, as the sister she was speaking about, would have to pretend total ignorance when--if--she met these men as herself. that would be harder depending on the amount of time. That was even if she wanted to meet them after it.

    She turned straight again, her eyes temporarily landing on Tae Kyung. Now he was intriguing to the girl. Rude, annoying, but intriguing. He obviously didn't like her--for whatever reason that was. She would just have to show him that Hyeon was a good singer and performer. "Um, I do have a question, since you seem to be the leader," she said, turning her dark gaze on Tae Kyung. "How much time do I have to practice before any sort of performance?" She was decent at remembering song, her brother was phenomenal at it.
  20. Tae Kyung turned to Hyeon that suddenly had started to talk with him, his dark lifeless eyes looking straight into Hyeon's. "It depends on how much time you need." He said and turned his head towards the window again. "Of course if it takes to much time for you then we just have to kick you out and go on stage without you, so don't think you have all the time in the world." He warned Hyeon "We just have to wait and see how long we are ready to wait until you can do a performance. But I warn you, I'm not a patient person."

    Jeremy shuddered a bit over the tone in Tae Kyung's last sentence, it almost felt threatening. "Don't scare him Tae Kyung. Don't worry, take your time and do a good job and you will be ready in no time." Jeremy told Hyeon to ease the mood. Tae Kyung snorted at Jeremy's attempt to ease the mood and hoped that the new guy would feel the pressure because of what he had said and would do everything wrong so they could just kick him out soon.