Pretending or reality?

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  1. How long does it take before pretending is reality?

    There's this boy. For some reason, he's on the run. Could be a crime, who knows? He's facing many years in prison for what he has done, and the only way out of it, is pretending to be mentally ill. A mentally ill person wouldn't be put in jail, right?

    Choosing between maybe even life time in prison or being in the psych ward, his choice is easy. Anything but prison, right? Psych ward it is. Now, he has to convince them that he's ill.

    Once in the ward, he relaxes. He has made it, he thinks. But then, maybe life at a psych ward isn't so glamorous after all? At the point where he realizes this, it's too late. He has convinced them all that he's ill. And who would believe him? He's just a confused, mentally ill patient at the ward.

    Soon, what first started out as pretending, soon blends in with reality. When everybody believes you're insane, why wouldn't you be?

    * * *

    This is an idea that I came up with the other day. I'm thinking that someone will be playing, of course, the guy pretending to be mentally ill. The other one could be playing the guy's therapist, maybe (I think that could be interesting). Or, maybe we could have several characters (depending on what happens)?
    I'm open for any suggestions and changes to my idea. For example, maybe the guy didn't even commit a crime (lets say we want him to be innocent), but they all think he's guilty?

    Anyway - PM me or write to me here if you're interested! I'm looking for a partner who can write more than one-liners, please. One-liners can turn out to be amazing roleplays (the rp partner could be great), but I'd rather roleplay with someone who can write a little more than that. Like, describing thoughts and feelings and not just what's physically going on. (But if you're a one-liner type of roleplayer and would really like to do this, that's fine by me, too).

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
  2. That sounds great! I understand, I don't always have the time/energy to write several paragraphs, either.

    Are there any suggestions you have to the plot? What character would you like to play as? We could keep discussing this in a PM if you like.
  3. I'm fine with you having the male role, actually, I'm curious about playing as the therapist. And I agree - I think it could be interesting to unfold. We could do character sheets, just briefly about their backgrounds, maybe. And also name, age, gender... you get it. Doing the character sheets via PM if that sounds good? If you're up for it?
  4. Is anyone else interested in this plot? ^^
  5. I'm actually fairly interested as well! It's very interesting. c:

    Similar to WishfulNemo, I can't be on as often as I would like due to school and soon a part-time job I may be getting. Hopefully this doesn't create an issue.
  6. No problem!
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