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    “A man once said that the horrors hidden in the depths of the sea were nothing compared to those that lurk in the depths of man's mind.

    I say he gave too much credit to mankind...”

    - Suicide Note of Adrian Priestly, First Director of the Nautilus Facility

    Over two miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

    Welcome to the Nautilus Facility, a secret zoological research lab attempting to discover the secrets of the ocean's depths. A place of pioneering biological investigations and discoveries, where strange creatures are studied and documented for the first time in the history of the human race.

    Yet the crew are about to discover that some things are best left undiscovered.

    Something has gone wrong with the facility.

    Something has been released.

    Over two miles below the Pacific Ocean; no help is coming. The surviving crew members must band together if they hope to live long enough to escape the dying facility.

    But they must tred carefully.

    Because now they walk through flooded hallways and laboratories populated with creatures of nightmare from the depths of the ocean. Time is not on their side, and neither is nature; the facility is dying, slowly but surely.

    And if they don't escape in time, they'll find out just how terrifying the ocean can be.

    1. Join with the understanding that your character may very well be eaten by terrifying sea monsters from the depths
    2. Join with the understanding that the aforementioned monsters may drive your character insane
    3. Choose a Name, Appearance, and Role (your position in the station)
    4. Select one of the following Departments that your character will belong to, which will affect the Secret your character starts with (please make sure the occupation you choose fits into the Department). Don't put any background history in your bio (feel free to to write up your character's personality, however)

    - Trench Excavation and Investigation
    - Aqua-Biology Department
    - Biospecimen Research Lab
    - Maintenance and Engineering

    5. Choose your Starting Equipment (The game is set in contemporary times, ensure your equipment suits your role on the station)
    6. Choose a starting SANITY between 40 and 60
    7. Divide 135 points between the following three stats:

    i. IDEA
    iii. LUCK

    8. Leave an entry at the bottom of your bio entitled 'RESEARCH LOCATED'; you can use it to store information your character has found about what's really been going on in the facility
    9. Start praying to the Roleplay Gods that you don't get eaten by giant sea monsters​

    (Note: These are blatantly stolen from Asmo because he explains them well and I'm lazy)
    KNOWLEDGE: If you want a technical detail, such as "What is this artefact made of?", "How do I make fire from a cockroach and a handkerchief?", "Can I fire this Commie gun?" or "Does my character know the constellations?", then roll a Knowledge check and if successful, I'll give you the answers or confirm that you have that skill. This is a very useful stat for intelligent, educated characters.

    IDEA: If you want a clue from the GM, such as "Was the killer a female?" or "Am I right to go to the Antique's Shop?" or "Should I trust this guy?", then roll an Idea Check and if successful I'll point you in the right direction. This is a useful stat for deductive, quick-thinking characters.

    LUCK: If you want to pull a crazy stunt, or if I throw something dangerous at you, then roll a Luck Check and I'll tell you what you achieve. This is the primary stat for more physical, tough characters.

    SANITY: I'll ask you all to make Sanity Checks and then deduct accordingly depending on what horrors you witness.​

    * * *​

    It's a well-known fact that Mother Nature is a bitch sometimes.

    And the ocean often seems to be the best demonstration of this fact.

    'PRESSURE' is a game about Mother Nature and her various fucked-up children from the depths laying their wrath down upon your characters; the facility you're in has been breached and is slowly flooding, soon to be sucked down into the depths of the ocean, and your escape from it is made all the more complicated by the creatures that have been released into the flooding corridors and rooms. Terrifying, monstrous creatures so strange and unique they might as well be from a different planet.

    In short, your work's cut out for you. Best stick together if you want to survive.

    'PRESSURE' is set in modern times, two miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. Depending on which Department you select for your character to belong to, I'll send you a PM with your character's SECRET. This is some of the more dangerous knowledge that your character holds regarding the facility, information that may hint what exactly caused the disaster.

    I've written up a list of suggested character occupations if you guys are stumped for ideas; feel free to use them, or come up with something yourselves.

    Possible Careers/Occupations (open)
    Security Officer
    Micro Biologist
    Communications Officer
    Medical Officer
    Maintenance Worker
    Marine Biologist
    Submarine Pilot

    Character Sheet (open)

    [B]Appearance:[/B] (image preferred; use of anime will result in death by firing squad etc.)
    [B]Starting Equipment:[/B] (all characters will start with a PDA and a security card (I'll tell you in your PM what clearance your character's card is)


  2. Name: Doctor Yuri Radinov

    Role: Microbiologist
    Department: Biospecimen Research Lab

    SANITY: 40

    Idea: 50

    Knowledge: 50

    Luck: 35

    Starting Equipment: PDA, security card, bio-test kit.

  3. I need to talk to you about my idea.
  4. Fire me a PM then, man. Let me know what you've got in mind and we'll see if we can't work something out.
  5. Name: Office Fotin.
    Appearance: Officer Fotin
    Role: Security Officer
    Department: Trench Excavation and Investigation

    SANITY: 40

    Idea: 40
    Knowledge: 45
    Luck: 55

    Starting Equipment: PDA, Secruity Card, Diving Suit, 9mm pistol, Name tag, taser.


  6. Name: Dr. Civvi "Civ" Carrington


    Role: Marine Biologist/Oceanographer

    Department: Aqua-Biology Department

    SANITY: 55


    Idea: 40

    Knowledge: 50

    Luck: 45

    Starting Equipment: PDA, Security Card, Inhaler, Pack of Gum, Ballpoint Pen, and a Specimen Treatment Pack

  7. *plans to steal that pack of gum before the roleplay is out*

    Also Idylle, you're welcome to take more equipment than that. As a Security Officer you'll have access to a firearm (just a pistol, mind) and if you're a part of the Trench team you probably have access to some sort of pressurised Diving Suit. Plus some other stuff you find appropriate.

  9. Name: Gregory Hunt
    Role: Diver/Sub Pilot
    Department: Trench Excavation and Investigation
    SANITY: 50

    Idea: 50
    Knowledge: 40
    Luck: 45

    Starting Equipment:

    Security Card (crappy photo)
    PDA (coffee stained)
    2000 lieges under the sea (paperback)
    Deep sea diving suit (integrated communications system, naked mermaid painted on one side of the helmet)
    Emergency depressurization kit (basically just morphine so you don't scream so much as you die but also helium to mix with the air in the sub)
    Lucky diving belt (has a horse shoe)
    Knife (never go underwater without one)
    High powered underwater flashlight and camera (has rails to be mounted on helmet)

  10. Haha! I'm gonna remember that Asmo!
  11. 2000 'lieges' under the sea, a comprehensive fiction on the ruling family of Atlantis.
  12. The whole damn dynasty =D
  13. Don't make fun of people's typos, Jack.

    It's insensitive and just makes you look like a jerk.
  14. that's because jack is a jerk. lol.
  15. Actually it's 2000 LEAGUES Under The Sea, Vay. ^_^ Not being mean like Jack at all! But change the spelling pleeeeeease! i get jittery whenever I see something misspelled and the person doesn't change it! And Idy, you also spelled Security wrong. :D

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  18. Name: Gregory Carpenter
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Role: Engineer
    Department: Maintenance and Engineering

    SANITY: 60

    Idea: 20
    Knowledge: 60
    Luck: 40

    Starting Equipment: PDA, tool box with a full tool set, beef jerkey

  19. Ya'll can't take a joke. >: l