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Childish Grumpino

all things are nothing to me
Original poster

I have a tendency to be a bit over-wordy when pitching ideas, but I'll try and refrain from doing so here.

'PRESSURE' is a modern-day Lovecraftian horror game set in an underwater research facility over two miles beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean. Naturally, things have gone horribly wrong, the facility is slowly filling with water... and the horrors that lurk in the bottom of the ocean have been released into it as well, meaning the surviving crew members (read: the players) are going to have to fight to stay alive, and more importantly sane, as they attempt to escape.

I plan on using the Call of Cthulhu system Asmodeus' is using for his Black Elixir game, just to keep the tension (and the possibility of going completely insane) up.

Any takers?



It sounds great! But will it be hard cause it sounds hard...i have no idea what Black Elixir and Call of Cthulhu is....and i'm not good at all that weird dice roll stuff

OMG. Just looked it up and it looks FREAKIN HARD!!! I know Asmo has a liking to hard stuff........he seems like it.........

Sir Basil

I'm interested! I've never played CoC before, but I've always been interested in giving it a go.