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What Should Grumpy Run?


    Votes: 4 66.7%
  • St. Arthur's School For The Undead

    Votes: 2 33.3%

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un jour je serai de retour près de toi
Original poster
Sorry for spontaineously deleting the previous thread, guys, but I've been asked to pitch this other idea, too.

Blame Tegan; she likes the idea of beating zombies with cricket bats.

* * *​


I have a tendency to be a bit over-wordy when pitching ideas, but I'll try and refrain from doing so here.

'PRESSURE' is a modern-day Lovecraftian horror game set in an underwater research facility over two miles beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean. Naturally, things have gone horribly wrong, the facility is slowly filling with water... and the horrors that lurk in the bottom of the ocean have been released into it as well, meaning the surviving crew members (read: the players) are going to have to fight to stay alive, and more importantly sane, as they attempt to escape.

I plan on using the Call of Cthulhu system Asmodeus' is using for his Black Elixir game, just to keep the tension (and the possibility of going completely insane) up.

Any takers?


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My second idea is something a little less... serious.

'St. Arthur's School For The Undead' is a horror-ish game in a similar style to Sam Raimi's 'Evil Dead' movies. None of that "EVAL CORPARATAN/OMG ITSA VIRUS" stuff; this is an old-school "OH SHIT DARK MAGICS IS FUCKING SHIT UP" game.

St. Arthur's is a game set at a private English High-School, and the players will be taking the role of the various high-schoolers and teachers who study and work there. As the title might suggest, shit goes down and the majority of the students and staff are transformed into flesh-eating monsters, meaning the survivors (again read: the players) must arm do battle with the undead and discover the truth behind their zombification.
Interested in both! Doesnt matter to me which one you do just as long as I dont die from thinking too hard *coughasmocough*! :D
i like the second one better. and i need to get some creative juices flowing or else i'm useless.
I voted for the silly second one. <3

If you go through with this Grumpy, then dammit, it better stay alive. >:[
Well, after three days the votes appear to have gone to PRESSURE. Thank you everyone for voting; I'll have the OOC thread up by the end of today, I think.

It'll give me a distraction from my essays, at the very least.

*goes to start making maps of the research facility*
if there's character sheets... please, please please forgive me. they may be bland... because I HATE character sheets. 'tis why i don't use them.
It's a very simple character sheet, don't worry. I won't be expecting a short novel for a backstory or anything like that.