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  1. Welcome Player, choose your character, your gender, your avatars clothing, your weapon, and then select a stage. What would you like to do? Take your avatar to the clubs? chat with other users? or enter the death match pits?

    It is advisable you take care of your avatar or you may loose it permanently. Disease, injury, and death are all permissible to happen with your avatar but you are free from them, after all it is only a game. Welcome to Virtuahumana press start whenever you are ready.

    Welcome Avatars, you have been selected by the chief justice and administration department to be part of a new project: Virtuahumana. Your lives were calculated down to the most specific statistics to determine if you are or are not a danger to society. To protect the public you must be contained, pacified, and controlled. You will be chosen by your player, they will guide you in your actions within a safe and controlled world. You will no longer have to work or toil with thought and free will, that will be decided and done for you. You are safe, and free.

    In a world considered to be the free world video games have taken a new turn. No longer do characters online look so fake, so digital, because they are not fake. A computer generated system has ruled out those deemed unworthy or unsafe of being part of normal society and has kept them aside to be avatars that can be controlled by someone else. Supposedly this brings peace and amusement at the same time as to control both populations. One day there might be some sort of debate and battle in the big houses of law about this or maybe a revolution but for now who the fuck cares?! Its an awesome game like grand theft auto that lets you do whatever you want only better! Hotter! Sexier! Gorier! There is not only other people, but there are monsters, perilous obstacles, fantasy or modern setting, magic, tech, demons, robots, hell everything the machines of the future can fabricate into the game. You can make your character strong, rich, notorious, a tentacle rape victims of horny aliens, pregnant, or accidentally wind up killing them with their guts all over the floor! But be carful because what you do to your avatar you will also experience and feel through your virtuahuman headset and visor!

    Yes this roleplay might have everything in it, but heres the catch: at the end of the day it is all just a fabricated illusion of a computer program like the matrix only more real. Hence why its in the sci-fi virtual reality thingy.
    The game is called Virtuahumana a virtual reality world that people can control other real people whom society deemed too dangerous to have a free will.You can choose to be a player or an avatar. As a player you have a character you control which you have made up and this character controls another roleplayers character which is an avatar that they created.

    As an avatar you get to decide your gender and appearance, you can decide how you react to situations, what you feel, and what you think but your actions and 90% of dialogue are governed by your player. If your player releases control of you like a log out or offline you are free to act on your own from then on. Normally in an rp it's against the rules to control someone elses character but in this case...thats the point.
    It is suggested you pair up with someone for this roleplay and decide which one of you wants to be a player and which one to be an avatar. Also as a player you may have more then one avatar you the mothafudder pimp you are. I personally would like to be an Avatar, and looking for a player to match up with. I prefer to rp with those with some experience and like to put at least half to full paragraph into their post/messages but am not super picky. Will explain the details of my own character in this madness below. Oh and if you decide to use an image to represent your character in this rp you should probably not use a pic of another person you know that would be a little weird and creepy please be generic about it. or you could always just give written description.

    (This is open to questions and discussion as well. Also expect myself to reply to this threat at least once a day.)

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    Name: Eve
    Log in: EVE02
    password: *****(To be decided by admin)
    Age: 17-20
    Sex: F
    height: 5'8"
    breast: 26CC
    Type: Admin/Bonus Avatar.

    About: Originally this avatar was reserved for the game makers and admins. Her real name is unknown and the last of two born into the system to never see the world outside of virtuahumana. She is the predecessor of Adam, the first avatar to be admitted into the game who broke free of their control, rebelled, and had to be terminated. The purpose of Eve is to be the vessel within the game used by the admin to keep things under control, assist players, and stop radical avatars like adam. Her brain is partially cybernetic so she can tap into the games cams, AIs, and sometimes other avatars. One thing she does have that other avatars don't is something like telekinesis, a tool used to manipulate physical aspects of the game and her body is constantly modified to outperform the other avatars should a incident of rogue avatars arise. She has an argumenative software that reminds the admin of the game rules and regulations(though few there are some that keep things in check.) She has a strange personality and oddly enough will talk back to her player which the designer found amusing and allowed it. Her controls can glitch on her every so blue moon and it is feared she may rebel like adam but test after test had proven to show no risk of dysfunction. Unlike other avatars who regain their free will once the player logs out or is offline too long she does not act on her own. She follows a strict programmed protocol and returns to her station until she is accessed once more. As a bonus character players may use her in special stages after completeing challenges or if they are buddy-buddy enough with the admin he/she might give him/her the password to activate her. (Obviously am looking to pair with someone willing to be the admin of the game and co-run this with me.)
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  2. well I suppose if its a virtual reality game then just about any and all weapons can exist from ancient to modern to weird strange sci-fi types like in halo. Yes am aware that no one plays that damn game anymore and its all about COD. But does COD have blue blood?! no, didn't think so. nuff said.

    YAY violence!
  3. @godkillingmachine

    Hey...I like Halo. I still play it every now and then. :(

    Reason why I asked is cause you're character looks like Asuka Langley off of Neon Genesis. So I thought it was post modern or futuristic.

    My character will be up shortly. :)
  4. Name: Gabriel
    Log in:Blade Runner
    password: Paladin
    Age: 26-27
    Sex: M
    Height: 6'4
    Type: Bounty Hunter
  5. Just so I am clear: The avatars are real people who have been put into this virtual reality thing for people to control because they were deemed dangerous in real life. And do they remember their past if I have this right?
  6. yup they remember every memor wether its good or painful which makes the experience even better or worse for them while being controlled.
  7. Ok, then here's an avatar! Guess I'm looking for a player if accepted :)


    Name: Lara
    Log in: LARAKL1
    password: detnuh4
    Age: 22-25
    Sex: F
    height: 5'4”
    breast: 32DD
    Type: Avatar
    About: Lara is soft hearted but tough on the outside. She grew up having to be tough to live in the environment she did, but it didn't keep her from loving when she could. She was always smart and always taking care of others. In high school she got a crush on a guy who did and sold drugs. She wanted to help him, and got abused sometimes doing it, but did end up helping him get off drugs. He started selling exclusively with Lara helping him, as she was a lot smarter than he was academically, even though he had street smarts. More dark stuff happened just like it did when she was a kid, but when her boyfriend could/was around he would protect her. He ended up getting shot and dying when refusing to turn over some drugs to a guy who hadn't paid in months. The guy turned the gun on Lara, but she gave him the drugs and he left. She took over her boyfriend's business, and ran it. Not only did she run it she grew it, expanded. But got caught when one of the guys working for her turned her over anonymously so he could take over her customer base.

    Once caught Lara was deemed appropriate for the Virtahumana program.

    She has experience with various weapons and some self defense, so she would be good for street fighting, but nothing professional. She is also suited for just about any day to day activity like chatting or clubbing or whatever. She is a soft spoken character who is particularly fond of calling other avatars dicks when they tick her off, as well as the player controlling her when made to do something demeaning. Otherwise, she is a compliant avatar who sighs with boredom when logged in but the player is away.
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