Preparing your luggage for traveling. Things You Forget...



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... and then once you reach your destination you say, ''OH CRAP.''

Help me, so that does not happen to me. I'm preparing my suitcases now...
This is a common theme for me and leads to much purchasing in haste when I arrive, but I tend to forget to bring shampoo.
It's infuriating and means a trip to the store to pick up something that I KNOW I have at home, sitting there on the shelf where I left it...


I always forget my contact lense fluid for some reason, that and shavers or shaving cream. That and other toiletries but I can usually buy those. I highly suggest writing off a checklist then checking things off as you pack your luggage.
You can never have too many pairs of socks...

I have traveled a lot. Something that helps me is mentally walking through a day in my head. I think about all the things I do, all the things I use on a daily basis. This helps me prepare. I used to always forget at least ONE thing, but the last few trips I forgot nothing!
Seeing as I travel from Puerto Rico to New Jersey on a monthly basis..Lets see:

Cellphone or any other electronic charger [ I always forget at least one ]
Toothbrush, facial creams, skin creams & lotions [ At least one of them ]
My eyeliner, which is technically my baby -___-"
Photos and or camera [ That usually happens when I return from the trip ]
Some kind of paper containing something important [ A new persons address or phone number ]
Souvenirs... [ That bugs the hell out of me .___. ]

Cough, in the sense that when I return from the trip I always find myself leaving some underwear or socks behind.
.... Deodorant. I run to the store a lot to buy this one thing. That and a toothbrush or toothpaste.
Last trip I forgot my hair pick. Should have been in my purse, but didn't make it to the smaller one for some reason. I normally don't forget anything that is expensive or difficult to replace, like power adapters. clothing and toiletries can always be bought if its urban traveling.
Dear gods woman, NEVER forget your towel! What if Earth explodes?