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  1. Ello!

    Thanks for taking the time to look at this! even thought most of you will read and scroll on

    So I've been craving a lot of Titanfall based Roleplaying lately, base around the time after the Battle of Demeter. THe plot I am thinking of will be that The Militia, now with a renewed vigor, are on the offensive and pushing the IMC back. More and more people side with them as each day passes, even IMC pilots are turning to the Militia. This will take place through many many battles, till when the rp ends, as the Militia finally wins, and the IMC is gone from the frontier.

    Now. I will not require that you play Militia. I actually hope some of you will want to play a role in the IMC, go against us, because be honest. Fighting against someone you create is no fun.

    My, "Short" List of rules.

    1. All Pilots, Or Grunts (New Idea!)...scratch that. All Pilots must be balanced. As it is in the game, one can be skilled, but everyone makes mistakes. For Grunts, Remember that you are a Grunt. Meaning you travel around in a squad of three, and a pretty slow reaction time.

    2. Please be at least literate enough that people can read what you are saying.

    3. If you decide that you and another pilot should have a **** with each other, fade to black or take it to the PM. Romance between two Pilots is acceptable and can be seen inside the roleplay up until that point.

    4. This is a war, and characters will die, BUT please try to make it so that they don't as it will cause problems. Due to this, If you are going to kill someone, discuss it with the other player first to make sure they are okay with it.
    I will allow multiple characters because of this.

    5. Please remember to have at least 1 to 4 paragraphs per post.

    6. Remember the Standard Site rules please.

    If one should not follow any of these, I will give you a warning, then another afterwards. If you still decide that rules are made to be broken, Then you will be pushed out of the Roleplay.

    Here is your CS for Pilots/Titans



    Appearance: (Without Armor)


    Pilot Class: (Weapon, side arm, tactical ability, ordnance, perk 1 and 2)

    Titan Class: (Chassis, Weapon, tactical ability, titan ordnance, perk 1 and 2, AI voice optional)

    Faction: (IMC or Militia)

    And for Grunts if you so desire.


    Appearance: (With[If you can find one that looks good enough] or Without armor)



    Faction: (IMC or Militia)

    There you have it :D
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  2. Theme

    Name: Cynthia 'Blur' Yomitan

    Age: 23
    Personality: Cynthia is open to everyone, and likes to know that her voice is head. She is a nice person to have a conversation with, and can speak to crowds expertly, which had driven her high into the ranks of Militia pilots. She likes to go fast, and stay on track.

    Bio: Cynthia was born and raised on a militia cruiser, always knowing of the evils of the IMC. She, at a you age wanted to stop it, and signed up for the militia academy, getting thrown straight into the pilot training program. From there she excelled, mastering the parkour and use of the jets on her back. The one thing she couldn't get down, was doing it while wielding bigger weapons than a pistol or two, with her anti-titan weapon on her back. Due to this she stuck to the smaller things, and quickly burst through IMC forces, rising in rank not only through fighting, but leading on the battlefield. Her fast fighting syle has earned her the nickname, Blur
    Pilot Class:
    Tactical Ability: Stim
    Ordnance: Satchel
    Kit 1: Stealth Kit
    Kit 2: Warpfall Transmitter.
    Primary weapon: Smart Pistol MKS with enhanced targeting
    Sidearms: Wingman
    Anti-Titan weapon: Charge Rifle

    Titan Class:

    A.I: Ryoko
    Tier 1: Nuclear Ejection
    Tier 2: Big Punch
    Ordnance: Multi-Targeting Missiles
    Tactical Ability: Electric Smoke Screen
    XO-16 Chaingun with Accelerator


    Faction: Militia
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  3. Interested. Need moar people tho
  4. Ya. I need to get an Add up and running.
  5. Now I want to play Titanfall. Even though I usual get my ass kicked. Hard.
  6. I'm usually the one kickin it xD
  7. Potentially interested.
  8. Depending on how many we get, I'm in!
  9. Oh boy. Titanfall. I would love to join. First I would have to brush up on ye old storymode first. I would even most likely have to go into the game just to remember most of the gun names, mechs, and perks.

    So just say that I am in more or less.
  10. :D Alright, whenever you are ready, write up a CS. @Crysodic
  11. Hopefully today, After I install it again. (and get a good team so I can actually WIN one.)

    Well, I am on my school labtop and I have my pictures on my home computer. So, if anything, the picture will have to wait until I get home.
  13. Name: Rion "Tiger" Krona

    Theme Song (open)

    Age: 25
    Personality: Obvious military personality. Tiger is an outgoing person, but hides his inner feelings for strangers. Lives in the moment, making it hard for him to look too long into the future. However, he is quick to act. Lovable person once you get to know him. Show great loyalty to friends.

    Bio: Tiger grew up in the core worlds, but found most of the rich folks to boring. As soon as he could he signed up for the IMC, and was selected for pilot training. Soon after he was out in the fields, but there would go three years before he was stationed in the Frontier. He got the nickname Tiger for his personality and fighting style on the battlefield.

    Excels in hit and run tactic. Have been working as scout on several occasions.

    Pilot Class:
    Tactical Ability: Cloak
    Ordnance: Arc Mine
    Primary weapon: C.A.R. SMG with HCOG and Extended Magazine
    Sidearms: RE-45 Autopistol
    Anti-Titan weapon: Mag Launcher

    Titan Class:
    Stryder - IMC

    A.I: Lisa
    Tier 1: Regen Booster
    Tier 2: Core Accelerator
    Ordnance: Cluster Missile
    Tactical Ability: Particle Wall
    40mm Cannon with Burst Fire Mod

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  14. Nice @Rion looking forward to seeing him in action!
  15. Funny. Because you already have >.>
  16. Shhhhhhhhhh. No body knows about that <.<
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