Preparation for the Appalachian Trail

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  1. Hello everyone, I'm Chris.

    I am starting to plan my Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail. I am going to try to start in March of 2015 to make the six month journey up the AT.

    For those who don't know, the AT is a 2100 mile trail that goes from Georgia to Maine. They say 1 in 4 hikers that attempt the thru hike actually succeed in making it from start to finish! I will be that 1.

    I am starting to research gear. The first and most important to me right now is my hydration system. I've read some about filters being good but only if you get the right ones, And some about different purification chemicals.

    So my question to you!!!

    Do you backpack?

    Are you a AT survivor?

    Do you know anyone who has hiked the AT?

    Looking forward to chatting with all of you!!

  2. I don't hike, because that is too much work for my lazy body. O__O But I love short walks and pretty nature trails so long as there aren't any big hills and the temperature is under 70 degrees.

    I bet that's gonna be a reeeaally pretty adventure!
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  3. I hike as much as I possibly can! I love climbing trees, using compasses, following maps, and making sharp sticks ^_^ Always make sure to bring enough food, Tie your food in bags and hang them from trees so that the wildlife can't get to it. Always bring a few knives SHARP ONES. BRing enough food that is non parishable, matches, oatmeal, invest in a tiny pot and TRAVEL WATER FILTERS.

    I always take my SAS Survival guide, on any and every hike I go on. I always have a compass....NOT the app on a phone NEVER RELY ONLY ON TECHNOLOGY. GET A REAL COMPASS. lol.

    Um I think on google you can actually walk the trails, maybe get on google maps and familarize yourself with the area and some of the trails and/or landmarks.

    ALWAYS TAKE MORE THE ONE MAP, and put the spare maps in a plastic sealed bag.

    FInd a walking stick. Walking sticks are for all ages, when you are tiered and need to stop but sitting down isn't an option becuase of the ground you have to cover just lean on your walking stick for a few minutes, also is good for balance its like having a third leg for those rocky and stony trails you might come across.

    WATCH YOUR FEET. WATCH WHERE YOU ARE WALKING AND PUTTING YOUR FOOT and always wear ankle protecting boots.

    Enjoy the scenery! Take in all the fresh air and have a good time. Nature is just amazing The AT trail is a huge challenge but its worth it.

    Look up hiking and camping tips on a few different website for many different opinions to find the ones best suited for you and your experience. take lots of pictures and conserve your batteries.

    I hope you have a Safe journey and find great inspiration along the way. A safe return and refreshed. Safe travels Christopher ^_^

    It's dangerous business, stepping outside your front door. ~Bilbo Baggins
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  4. @Diana :) I'm so excited for the scenery. If only it could always be perfect weather and no hills to climb to get to the top :)

    @Fijoli Thank you for the great info! it is much appreciated! I am fairly certain that I will be purchasing a good filter system and some chemicals for if the filter gets clogged.
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  5. Never done the trail, and have never backpacked.

    Good luck to you, though, and beware of the locals.
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  6. No no and no, but I can suggest a gym membership for your gear!
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