Prejudice, racism and war.

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  1. So I just joined this site, and have decided to put up a little partner request here.

    All right, so I've got this sort of thing about prejudice, racism and conflict in RPs, particularly regarding furries/anthros/whatever and would love an RP in a world like that, for example like Two kinds webcomic. I myself mostly play anthro characters of either gender, and don't mind my partner being human, anthro, male or female, it's all good.

    Now I'm not a novelist, in fact English isn't even my native tongue (It's Norwegian, if you're curious) but I find myself being able to type and speak it quite well, and type out a decently sized post, but not paragraphs, I find it takes away some of the character interaction anyway, but that's just my personal opinion.

    I'm not a fan of forum RP, and would much more prefer using IM (Skype or YIM)

    Lastly, I'm more well versed in Fantasy settings, and find it'd be more interesting than a modern one, but I'm willing to listen to any and all ideas.

    So yeah... Did I forget anything? It is my first thing after all ._."
  2. hello again i would mind doing a Fantasy roleplay with war withyou, love