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  1. Imagine you have the opportunity to live in the marvelous world of the prehistoric era 240 million years ago. See the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous period in their ultimate splendor. Plants and trees bigger than the Sequoyas, insects that would suck a human dry or kill it with a single poisonous bite, and animals that would put the size and strength of an elephant or whale in shame. Now you have the chance to revive that period, where hybrids between birds and reptiles ruled Pangea, one single continent sorrounded by the ocean. You will not find an environment this clean, this beautiful, and this dangerous.

    -Photo of your dinosaur-
    Name: Why not? And yes, they can speak between each other​
    Species: No ice age animals or cavemen, please
    Age: 50 years for carnivores (in RL its 30), 80 for herbivores
    Gender: Male or female, so you can find a mate eventually
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  2. GDC-2015-Back-To-Dinosaur-Island.jpg
    Tiyrac - Tyrannosaurus rex - 25 - Male

    The day was warm and clear, not a cloud in the sky. The tall trees and bushes gave the depredator not just shadow, but cover as well. He moved his massive head to one side and the other, his long tail giving the balance he needed. Scents filled his nose as he searched for one in particular. He wanted to hunt, but not to waste energy on a small pray. He needed lots of meat to maintain his huge body on motion but there was no other dinosaur that would fill his requirements. He started walking slowly with a limp of his right leg due to an injury from his previous fight. A week ago an Ankylosaurus used the rock-hard end of his tail to defend himself before he killed him. He hasn't been able to hunt or even walk much since that. He was hungry and tired, and easy to hunt by other raptors. What he needed was carcasses at least from any other animal, and water. The lake he knew was still far from his position and getting there while expecting a meal to cross his way wasn't a good bet.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Eriam
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male

    Eraim looks behind himself. "I think they're go-" Eraim get's attacked mid sentence! His leg got a piece of meat torn out of it! Three raptors were attacking him! Eraim quickly gets up and shakes the little raptors off. He roars very loudly, then quickly kills two of the three raptors. The third one gets away. "Raptors are annoying little buggers." Eraim mumbles to himself. "I've gotta find a place to rest." Eraim quickly half runs, half limps to a gap in a mountain. "I guess this a good place." Eraim says as he lays down. Soon, he falls in a deep sleep.

    [​IMG](OOC: Ignore the people on the photo. xD)
  4. Tiyrac heard some roars not far from his position and after some minutes a raptor was running away from it's origin. A breeze brought the scent of blood, making Tiyrac smile with the promise of fresh meat. He walked slowly following the smell, his leg hurting but the hunger was greater than the pain. In a clearing he was able to see two bodies bleeding on the ground, raptors, just like the one that ran away. What a waste... He couldn't ignore free meat like this, especially in his useless state. Taking one of the heads into his jaws, he bit strongly and decapitated the small predator, swallowig his head whole. He ripped out it's legs and tail, eating every organ, every bone, every raptor. Tiyrac felt much better now, but there was still a trace of blood, leading to a possible injured animal. The rex grinned and followed it quietly, his eyes straight towards his next pray.
  5. Upon hearing eating noises, Eriam looked up and saw a T-rex. "Great," he thought to himself as he pretended to sleep. "Perhaps if the rexy over there tries to sneak up on me, I can surprise attack him." So Eriam waited, and waited.
  6. Tiyrac followed the scent to a rock mountain. It was an Acro, not as big as him but just as strong. His jaws could cause him more trouble and right now the least he needed was more complication to feed. But... On the other hand, he was injured. How much, he wasn't sure yet. He stared at the saurus from a safe distance, covered by some trees as he decided what to so. There wasn't a lot of blood but he had a broken leg and that didn't help for such a heavy animal that depended on just two legs to run and fight. He would have to let this one go and find something with less fangs.
  7. As he heard the T-rex walk up, his body tensed up. But then a little later, he hears the T-rex walk away, which makes him relax. "I guess I should get up and about, huh." he says as he slowly gets up. "This leg is going to an issue. I'll have to find some leaves, or something of the sort." He walks over to a nearby river. He looks about and finds a tree, one with several leaves. He walks over to it and rips a branch off. "This'll have to do." he says as he covers up his leg, the leaves stick to his leg using his blood.
  8. Tiyrac knew he left a good chance of a meal behind, but he couldn't fight very well now. Another injury like the one he had now and be would die in days, maybe hours with other raptors found him. When he reached another clearing, he was able to see a group Edmontosaurus. Hmm... Easy pray, no horns, fangs, claws, or spikes that could hurt him. Tiyrac stalked the herbivore quietly, never loosing the pray from his sight. After getting as close as he could, he launched against him with a loud growl. The dinosaurs started to run terrified, trying to get away as Tiyrac managed to bite one's tail and throw him to the side. The Edmon stoop up again and Tiyrac was able to bite his side before he could scape again. The Rex tried to run after it again but then his leg made a cracking sound and his heavy body fell to the ground with a painful growl. It was useless. If he was lucky the dinosaur would bleed out or get an infection for him to find later on.
  9. [​IMG]
    Name sasha
    Age 15
    Species velociraptor
    Gender female

    Sasha and her pack were watching from the cover of the jungle. They were watching the t-rex hunt and saw it go down. One of her pack members spoke up. "We should take him while he's down." Sasha glared him down. "Even an injured Rex is still a threat but we can track down the injured herbivore." They quickly sprinted out of the jungle and past the injured Rex to mock him as they caught scent of the injured edmontosaurus and within minutes they found it. They brought it down and began to eat. "Nothing better than a free meal."
  10. Tiyrac heard more growls, looking then at a group of raptors going after the edmon he injured. Damn rats... No matter how he hated it, that's how you survived in this world. He would have liked to go after them and steal his own pray, but there were a lot and for the moment it was smarter to back away and gift his meal. Using his head for support, he stood up slowly and walked inside the forest. His leg was hurting more now after that failed attempt. The only thing he could do now was rest.
  11. upload_2015-6-18_20-28-45.jpeg
    Name: Tara
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Species: Tyranosaurus-Rex

    Tara head distant roars. If they kept going like that, the herd of Parasaurolophus she had been tracking would move elsewhere. They were nearing the edge of her territory as it was.
  12. Tiyrac was panting for air now. He was tired and every step he took was a living hell. Tired and hungry... And the lake was still far from his reach at the moment. He looked around and nothing looked as a safe place to rest. There was no safe place in this world. He would be found sooner or later. He hoped that an herbivorous would, otherwise he will be an easy meal tto defeat. Taking another step, he heard his leg crack again and his body fell on the grass with a painful roar. Damn it, that hurt... Tiyrac stood there quietly, simply taking long and deep breathes as he startes to give up.
  13. Tara was growing increasingly irritated. The next roar she heard was close, on the other side of the stream. It was small, but it was the only sourse of water in her territory. Shaking her massive head, she gave up ber hunt in favor of territorial display. She stood her ground and roared as made her way over, preparing for a fight.
  14. Tiyrac was starting to fall asleep right there where he fell but then another roar made his golden eyes open again. That was... Shit. Just a T.rex could made that sound. And it was close. One of his kind was a real problem, a very big one as well. His bite was the most powerful of all terrestrial dinosaurs, and right now the contestant was faster as well. He couldn't run with his broken leg, but he was no good in a fight either. But he had to try... He didn't live this long to be such an easy pray for one of his own kind. Using his head, he stood up again and held his weight against a tree for a moment. Maybe he had a chance... Maybe if he frightened his opponent before he even get a chance to see his messed up body, maybe he would retreat and he could avoid a battle. Filling his lungs with air, he roared as strong as he could, low and powerful, shifting up every other sound around him.
  15. Tara was just steps from the stream when another roar sounded. This one much closer. She could tell another Rex was on the other side of those trees across the stream. And this one was bigger. That did not deter her however. She roared once more as she pushed her way through a gap in the trees.
  16. Sasha heard the roars as her pack finished off their meal. "Looks like its our lucky day. Maybe we can get another meal." They quickly scurried through the forest until they came across the wounded t Rex from before they stayed hidden in the wooded area to see if the other Rex was going to show up
  17. Tara roared as she pushed through to the other side of the trees. Standing, but just barely, before her was a larger Rex. A male by his scent, which was heavily mixed with blood. His dark hide was torn and bloody in several places, signs of a recent fight. He was favoring one leg. She lowered her tan head and circled the darker male. He was in a weakened state, but still fought to remain alive. That took real strength.
  18. [​IMG]
    (The one with the blue stripe. I think this pic is from JP3)
    (Mind if I play two dinosaurs?)

    Tori stood beside her sister(if that's ok) Sasha. She watched the two Rexes from the safety of the grass.
  19. Tiyrac narrowed his eyes when he heard the same roar again. Great... His idea didn't work at all. He was nervous, another Rex was the last thing he needed now. Then he appeared from between the trees and he moved away from the tree to try and not look that weak. Wait... She. It was a female. That didn't really help. In fact, of she had her eggs close, there was a mayor reason for her to finish him off. And that wasn't all. The air brought with it the scent of those raptors that stole his pray a few hours ago. Damn rats... He growled lowly as he looked at her, stumbling forwards to show her he wasn't going to back down. That wasn't an option in this world. He kept his attention on the raptors hidden around them. If they choose to attack one of them, this was going to turn very bloody.
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