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  1. This is different from all other roleplays that I either start or participate in, but I find the creation of life to be a beautiful thing. First come, first serve. Also, no mpreg here. The Roleplay will focus on five couples as their lives intertwine on top of their impending parenthood. If you would like to have multiples, like twins or triplets, you can. In terms of plot, please refer to OOC/Sign-Ups.


    -Ashley Bravos (@Minamoto Thunder )
    -Alexis Dean (@MiraiNikki021209 )
    -Emily Richardson (@Sashakiki )
    -Sarah Benning (@Akumulosis )
    -Laural Burnett (@Ravenbelle )

    -Rick Burnett (@MST3K 4ever )
    -Antonio Richardson (@Legens Legentis )
    -Finnigen Dean (@Polystical )
    -Julian E. Bravos (@Akuma )
    -Joseph Elmore (@WhoopDau )

    1. Rick and Laurel
    2. Finnegan and Alexis
    3. Sarah and Antonio
    4. Joseph and Emily
    5. Julian and Ashley
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  2. On a beautiful Saturday Morning, young expecting mother and nurse Ashley Bravos was resting at home. Eight months into her pregnancy, she figured that now would be a good time to take Maternity Leave from work. She had eight weeks until her baby was due and she wanted to rest. She was expecting a baby boy with her husband of two years, Julian. This upcoming Sunday would mark the end of the thirty-first week. Eight weeks was a lot to take off from work, but she needed all the time she could to prepare for the impending birth.

    Since it was still pretty early, she was just lounging in her living room, drinking tea and musing with her baby. "I can't wait to hold you." She said lovingly, smiling down at her swollen belly and gently rubbing it. Four of Ashley's other friends were also expecting, one of whom were expecting twins.
  3. Antonio was trudging through his morning routine at an unusually fast pace. He would have to drive his parents this Sunday down to the old church in town. Nip, Antonio's dog, watched in confusion at the man's frantic pacing. Sunday, being Antonio's only day off from work the entire week, was often bittersweet. It was nice to just sit down on Sunday and watch football without having to worry about the next cross-examination he would perform in court. Antonio put on his best Sunday clothes right before searching half the house for his keys.

    "Ugh... come on! I need to go!" Antonio's calm demeanor was facing pressure.

    He would have gone on with that maddening task had it not been for his phone. Antonio nearly fell downstairs when he heard it ring. With a fine lack of precision, he answered it.

    "Hello, is this Mr. Richardson?" it was his father calling.

    "Dad, only people call you Mr. Richardson,"

    "I'd figure a lawyer like you would have a more silver tongue," his father chuckled lightly.

    Antonio simply had to smile at his father. Before his twilight years, Mr. Richardson was as strict as an anaconda. But the two respected each other nonetheless. As it turned out, the old man called to inform his son that there would be someone else to take them to church this Sunday. Antonio sighed in relief. But then he realized that, without the company of his parents, he would have nothing to do today. He hung up the phone and put it into his pocket, only to discover that the keys were there all along. Antonio walked over to his dog and pet it on the head. Nip had an easy time staying home without anyone there. Perhaps today Antonio could go out in town and find something to do. All of his friends would be out with their families today.

    "Maybe I could stop by to the bookstore today," Antonio suggested aloud.
  4. Alexis stood in her laundry room, leaning against the washer as the dryer hummed with life, drying off her sheets and some clothes. While she waited, she kept busy with eating spoonfulls of Nutella. She typically didn't like the stuff, but since she realized she was pregnant she ended up getting a taste for it. Alexis was mid spoonfull when the dryer stopped. She sticks the spoon in her mouth, capping the jar, tucking it under her arm and opening the machines door. It was a rather relaxing day. She didn't have work today, which was nice, and just had housework to do.

    Alexis piled the warm clothes into the basket and started up the stairs. Pausing in the kitchen, she set the jar down on the counter and places the spoon in the sink. She made her way to her room, taking the clothes out the basket and folding them, setting them into piles. She wondered how the other mothers she knew were doing. Most of them were farther along then she was, but often times she picked up helpful ideas from them. Alexis stretches her arms and starts putting her clothes away and setting her bed.

    Once finished she sighs in relief and lays back against the beds warm blankets and glances over to her nightstand with her camera ontop of it. She knew eventually she had to drop out of her photography classes and take up a second job if she wanted to aford most things for her child. Though she didn't really want to think about that now. She wanted at least one day of relaxation and not to stress out. Alexis curled up on the bed and closed her eyes, deciding to rest for a little while.
  5. The morning began slowly for Sarah...She woke up....stayed in bed for half an hour, got up out of bed, dressed, went to the bathroom and ate. Most of all, It was lonely for her...She and the father had split up when she told him the test came back positive. She looked down at her belly, and began to gently rub the large bump. She didn't know what she would do after giving birth...Her job at the school paid enough for her but what about for her little girl? She sighed, and stopped thinking about it. Stress would do her no good. She slowly got up and placed her dishes in the sink...she would do them later tonight.

    Suddenly a scent passed by her nose, and she found herself wanting, no, needing sour cream and onion chips...She pulled her keys off the rack she kept them on and walked out to her car. She got in and turned it on, slipping her seat belt over herself, and got going. She drove over to the nearest convenience store, and bought the treat, but found she no longer wanted it...She thought she was over the stupid cravings...She stretched her back out, and looked around. There was a small clothing store, a barber shop, and a book store. She had no need to go to the other two, so she walked over to the book store. It would be nice to read something new...
  6. Emily sat at the kitchen table looking over the paper. She was hoping that she and Joseph could go out to breakfast this morning. They rarely got to do things like that on the weekdays do to school, and maybe afterwards they could stop by the bookstore to pick up some more baby books. Emily took out her phone and checked a few of her notifications, She had made friends with a few other women that were pregnant, she wasn't as far along as some of the others and was glad that she had others to look at for examples. She finished reading the paper and set it down softly. She was off work today, and tomorrow she worked the later shift which meant that she could sleep in. She got up from the table and stretched.

    She leaned against the window and placed a hand on her almost non-existent bump. Her mother had told her that she had barely gained any weight when she was pregnant with Emily or her brother, so maybe that meant that she wouldn't get that big. Smiling softly, she rubbed it for a moment before taking her hand off it, there was always a part of her in the back of her head that told her that she was making a mistake, but she pushed it away and glanced out the window.
  7. Joseph started most of his days exercising, he hated it sure but he already made a pros and cons list for the activity and decided it was better to just suck it up. He didn't hate everything about it either, it gave him time to think about things. Or that's him trying to just enjoy the task of jogging around the street. Coming back from his morning jog, he closed the front door behind him and searched for his wonderful girlfriend. This was a normal routine for him, looking at or even taking one glance at Emily always seemed to restore his energy. After making it to the kitchen, he smiled, "How's the morning treating you, my sunshine?" He asked, kissing her on the cheek as he passed by to lean next to her.

    He wondered about the baby a lot, more than he thought he needed to, and it always ended with him internally panicking whenever possible. He was new to this, he knew his other friends were as well, but he just couldn't help but wonder about the worst case possibilities. Of course he wouldn't let his lover know that, he knew she was just as nervous as he was and he really didn't want to double that.
  8. For Rick Burnett the weekends meant two things a morning phone call with his dad who lived in San Diego, and reconnecting with his wife Laurel. The reconnecting with Laurel meant more to Rick than anything else in the world. While she seemed to be okay with everything on the surface Rick could tell that Laurel was worried about a lot of things, so Rick would do everything in his power to assure her that everything was gonna be fine.

    Rick was in conversation with his dad Allan Rogers who was the founder and CEO of a multi-media corporation. Rick took on his mother's maiden name because he didn't want people to think he was trying to skate by on the family name. Although he did allow Allan to introduce him to Sylvia Madison a publisher who was "advising" Rick on his writing.

    Rick said looking at PDF on his laptop, "I don't know whether to thank you or curse you for setting me up with Sylvia dad. She must've needed a transfusion after she bled all over the last chapter I sent to her."

    Allan chuckled as he said, "Son Sylvia is one of the best people in books I've ever known. Don't feel too bad about her critiques though. You aren't the first one to go through this you won't be the last. I've seen her make Nora Roberts weep openly, and she threw a John Grisham manuscript in the trash while he was sitting there. Rick if you can survive Sylvia you can survive anyone. Think of this as writer's boot camp and you got the toughest DI there is."

    Rick said, "I just wish I knew that I was at least on the right track."

    Allan replied, "You are son. Off the record I've talked to Sylvia every now and then and she says you got potential. That is praise from on high Rick. She says you tend to drift from the narrative focus but you got something there, and if she didn't think so, I know Sylvia well enough that she wouldn't even bother with you."

    Rick nodded and said, "Kinda sad when you get down to it. I'm getting ready to be a father and I still need little pep talks from my dad."

    Rick could almost hear Allan shake his head as he said, "Rick just because you're a parent doesn't mean you suddenly have all the answers and the world on a string. You do the best you can for the ones you love, and no matter how old you are you're always my son. I will always support you anyway I can it's what parents do son. How's Laurel and my granddaughter to be doing?"

    Rick said cutting off his laptop, "They're fine dad."

    Allan chucked again and said, "I note some hesitancy in that voice. Let me guess her worrying has reached a new height, and her emotions are so all over the place you don't know whether to bring her a dozen roses or a package of raw meat."

    Rick stood up and looked out the sliding glass door to the deck and said, "You sound like a man with experience."

    Rick heard Allan take a sip of coffee as he said, "Three times. Your older brother and sister and you. Fact is son your life is about to change in ways you can't begin to imagine, and all for the better. You and Laurel love each other and that love is so great your daughter will feel it and she will give it back to you 10 fold. Not saying it's always gonna be easy, but love covers for a multitude of sin. Just be there for Laurel Rick, and that will be enough. Let her know she's not alone, and if you two need us for anything say the word and we're on the jet within an hour."

    Rick smiled as he picked up his coffee and said, "Thanks dad for everything. I love you."

    Allan replied, "I love you too Rick. Now you go tell Laurel that and tell her we love her too. Talk to you next week son."

    Rick hung up the phone, and the burden of Sylvia's critique and the words from Allan made Rick smile. He saw his reflection in the glass and raised his cup as he said, "You're gonna be okay"
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  9. @MST3K 4ever

    "Laurel, I love you" The blue eyed angel smiled down at me and she looked so happy that I was with her. Except I must have been wrong. Because the next time I blinked, she wasn't there anymore. Everything was just dark and then I was surrounded by big white spots that rushed toward me all at once. and then I was the one looking down at a baby in my arms. The sweetest little girl there ever was. I looked up, tried to find Rick and everyone else who must have come with me. Everything was hurting but it must be because she's finally here. I did that..and now she's here in my arms, but no one else is around. I'm all alone and I can't move and she's crying because I'm paralyzed, hardly able to hold her properly at all. I try to speak or sing or cry, but I con't do anything right and she starts to disappear, let go of my finger..

    Laurel woke with a gasp, light eyes flying open to her room upstairs in her home. Sunlight streamed in from the window, allowing the cold sweat that had settled over her skin to shine a little. Her clenched fists loosened and she rested one hand on her baby bump, just to make sure she was still there. Still safe. Laurel relaxed a bit more then, rubbing her eyes with her other hand. It was just another nightmare. They'd been getting more frequent lately, since she's been feeling things from her little girl now. Everything's becoming so real and surreal at the same time and it's pretty overwhelming.

    She reached behind her for a hand to hold, but Rick wasn't in bed anymore. She sighed, turned over and found out why. It was already almost noon. He had let her sleep in again. And even then, she was starting to feel a headache coming on. Laurel groaned softly and pulled to covers over her head, curling up for a few more moments before her bladder sent her to the bathroom again. Rolling out of bed was the hardest part, but once that was done, she headed to the bathroom with less fatigue than had been present in the last few months. The woman in the mirror looked okay, but rarely felt it. And she knew she should stop that because isn't good for her or the girl growing inside her. This weekend should help with that. She hoped.

    Laurel nabbed a small blanket from the foot of the bed before heading downstairs with it wrapped over her shoulders. She tried to be real quiet because Rick looked really peaceful looking out the sliding glass door like that. A wan smile turned up her lips before she tiptoed up behind him and gently wrapped her arms holding her blanket over his shoulders so she could nuzzle her nose against his neck. "Goodmorning, Love." She whispered, inhaling his scent and trying to blink away the mist left in her eyes. She's not alone. He's said it so many times now she could hear his voice in her head.
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  10. Emily smiled at Joseph when he came in "My morning has been wonderful, and how was your run?" She asked and returned his kiss. "I was wondering if we could go out for breakfast? There is a new diner downtown, and my boss wanted someone to check it out anyway to see how good it is and all" She said with a smile, she had been picking up a few more shifts at the diner and had been itching to check out the new one to see if it was any good, mostly for the boss but also because she had heard great things about it. She leaned against Joseph and kissed him softly, before turning and heading into the bathroom. The baby had decided that it was going to push on her bladder.

    While in the bathroom, Emily started her morning routine. She would put on makeup after she got dressed, but for now it was about getting clean. She took her hair and brushed it into a ponytail and washed her face. She brushed her teeth and finished up before looking in the mirror and lifting up her shirt. She took out her phone and snapped a picture of her small bump, she had just reached 12 weeks, so she figured she should take some sort of picture. She smiled to her self as she looked at the photo before opening the door, "Your turn" She said with a grin.
  11. @Ravenbelle

    As he stared outside Rick felt his pulse quicken slightly as he felt Laurel embrace him. Her breath on his neck raised a few goosebumps and of course made Rick smile. He moved his hands so that he could hold on to Laurel and he pulled ever so slightly so he could feel her whole body against him. Rick kissed Laurel's hands and said, "Good morning Peaches. You looked like you could some rest and there's nothing really going on here right now. Talked to dad he and mom are doing all right. He helped me see how Sylvia's evisceration wasn't a bad thing. He and mom said they love you and if you need anything let them know."

    Rick looked around and said, "The house is in pretty good shape, I'm off until Monday, and I can make the revisions Sylvia suggested while you're writing. That's if you plan on writing if not then I can work on it tomorrow. Which is entirely up to you because you're capable of making your own choices. You're very clever and very pretty."

    Rick had a habit at times of babbling. While he was trying to make sure that he didn't leave out details he could go into overkill. Rick knew this and so did Laurel but at least there was no chance of any misunderstanding him. Rick realized that he had done it again and smiled as he turned to Laurel and pulled her close. He took a deep breath and said, "All that being said to put it simply Peaches...." Rick kissed Laurel and when he was done he said, "I am all yours today. Whatever you want to do whatever you need I'm here. Just say the word Laurel and I'll do it."
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  12. The drive to the bookstore felt a little odd. Antonio's mind drifted off to the sound of music from the radio, giving him pleasant thoughts. This was the most relaxed he had ever felt on a Sunday morning for a long time. Antonio was often happy enough when he traveled to the bookstore from his house, but this was different. He started to think to himself as to what he was feeling. Maybe today Antonio would make some new friends, or maybe some significant other. The humored attorney laughed lightly at such a peculiar thought. After 6 minutes worth of further driving, Antonio finally found the bookstore. He parked close to the entrance, got out of the car, and then locked it. Back when Antonio tried out the 'night life' he had plenty of issues relating to his car. More specifically, problems related to keeping his car unlocked. As Antonio opened the bookstore's entrance, he wondered whatever happened to his old friends from a few years back. They probably already got families by now. And here he was. While others would say that being wealthy, being a lawyer, and being single would be some kind of fantasy dream, Antonio would gladly give it away just for someone to talk to.
  13. He was happy that he was gifted with a smile in return, "It was great." He answered. When Emily asked to eat out, he nodded to the idea, "Let's go, it'll be pleasant." He replied before she went to fix herself in the bathroom. It has been a while since they went out, and was glad for the opportunity to spend more time with his beloved. After all, studying for a degree took a lot of time, plus actually working made them pretty busy. But the positive side was that the few breathers they did get felt more refreshing.

    He refocused after Emily got out of bathroom, "Thanks." He replied. He went inside and did the usual to furnish himself. He didn't spend much time fixing himself up, and was out a little while later. "Let me go change, and then we'll go, okay?"
  14. Julian was still young in his body, but in his mind he felt as if his world was that of a 40 year old man causing him to almost feel stressed for what his job is requiring him to do. He was glad to be a soon to be father, and a husband to the beautiful woman sitting in the living room but he was more concerned about work and how it may interfere with him being in his child's life. He was very glad to have basic training out of the way but he was afraid of deployment, the constant worry of being hand chosen to go overseas and be gone for who knows how long, the thoughts keep him up at night, sometimes even his past rush through his head. The constant fear of not being there for his family or not being able to provide enough.

    But this morning he was up early, very early and had started his morning fitness of running first, He knew he wasn't the only one to be running in the morning but he couldn't lose his form or else he may fall behind in the airforce. His body covered in sweat, his shirt stained in the most usual places, such as under his arms, his back, and his chest. His breathing long, in through his nose and out through his mouth as he was pushing for his last mile back to the house. He hand't seen Joseph on his morning run today, so he must have actually started at an earlier time or maybe Julian was ahead of his own time. But it was no matter, as Julian rounded the last corner and hit a sprint towards the house he plucked a few flowers off a neighboring houses pots and smirked at his amateur loving ways. They looked like a nice trio of tulips in his hand as he slowed down at the doorway into his house, he gripped the handle and pushed his way through the door.

    He could hear her sweet voice speaking to the baby which seemed to always be restless in her stomach, He cleared his throat and his low toned voice echoed into the room as well as a sweaty head and smile to look at Ashley. "Guess who's home, with a special quick gift " Julian walked into the living room and held out the few large flowers he plucked and chuckled " Dont put those in the window, the neighbors might get mad " He kissed her on the forehead and squatted down in front of her, with his hand on her hand. He spoke to the oncoming child " How's my little trooper doing? Still bothering your mother huh? " He looked back at Ashley smirking still. " How was your sleep last night Baby?" His hand still holding her hand on top of her stomach.

    Julian always wanted to be there for his wife, and he enjoyed being with her so much it almost hurt to be away at work sometimes, but with the weekends off he can give her most of his undivided attention and he was planning to take her out tonight on a little drive, to keep her happy. She always seemed pleased with him, even when he annoyed her in the middle of the night with his constant piano playing. The piano helped soothe him, ever since he was young and his mother gave him a small toy piano. He played it, he even afforded small lessons as he grew up, you know racking leaves, shoveling driveways, making any meager money he could just to learn the ability to play such a unique and pleasantly heard instrument. He loved playing her songs when she was cooking, or doing some cleaning, or even when she was just relaxing in the living room, The piano was just right next to the living room, in a small play area, where he has already set up a nice area for a kid to sit and play. He was a very determined father-to-be right now and he would make sure his child would never go through such a effort he did.
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  15. Alexis soon woke up with a frown. Her stomach wasn't exactly feeling 100%. And she knew what that meant. Morning sickness. Alexis groans in protest, but her body didn't want to compramise with her. She jolted out of her bed and rushed to the bathroom linked to her bedroom. Once finished in the restroom she sighed and decided this was as good a time as any to get ready fir the day. She washed up, brushing her teeth thuroughly before applying her make up. Alexis walked back to her room, changing out of her lazy day sweatpants and tank top to actual clothes. She was thankful she didn't need to spend her money on new clothes just yet since she wasn't exactly showing yet.

    Alexis walked out her room and grabbed her purse. She was gonna head to a second hand baby store to find a crib and some dressers. Heading into her car, she drove off and into town. She hummed to her radio, her fingers drumming on the steering wheel to the music. It didn't take her too long to approach the store. She got out, swinging her purse over her shoulder and walks into the store.

    Pushing the door open, a small tinkling sound of a bell above the door alerted workers of her presence. She didn't exactly like the smell of the store, but it's things were cheap and in her budget. She walked through the store and headed straight to the cribs. She she glances at each one. She smiles at a newer looking white crib that had it's own Mobile attached to the top. It was rather cute. Sadly, though, a little too expensive for her. Mustve been rather new. Alexis turns and keeps walking.
  16. Ashley smiled as her husband walked into the room. She seemed to be well-aware of him fearing deployment overseas. Later tonight, she might ask him to switch to Reserves so he can spend time with his Family and actually be able to watch his son grow up. Military Families never had it easy from what Ashley knew, since she came from one. However, even though he was away for extended periods of time, Ashley's marriage and bond with Julian remained strong. When he came into the Living Room, where she was, she smiled upon seeing Julian. She accepted the flowers that he presented to her and seemed very happy when he kissed her forehead. When his hand was on hers, she seemed contempt. The Baby kicked the Mother's Hand, which was at the bottom of her stomach, parallel with the one on top. "He's always bothering me. Kinda hard not to when he's inside of me." Ashley chuckled. "I slept well. Last night, he actually let me sleep." Since it was weekend, she was hoping to spend time with him, since he works five days a week and she had only one week left to work until her Materinity Leave.
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  17. @MST3K 4ever

    Laurel smiled and held his hands tight as he pulled her closer before kissing her fingers. They were freezing despite the blanket she was dragging around. But he made her feel warm with his affectionate nickname and body heat. She listened to what he had t say as she always did, nodding as if to say 'i told you so' about Sylvia and smiling once again at his parents' message.
    "Thanks. Tell them I love them too next time. plans for today?"

    Her beloved looked around for a moment to consider, then gave her a more than sufficient reply as he started to ramble. For a second, she thought he was afraid of her mood swings, trying to assuage her for every little remark, but it didn't really bother her at the moment. He had a tendency to do that sometimes. So she just smiled shyly at him and laughed under her breath. He was so endearing this morning. With that, he realized his habit and paused to face her completely, nightgown and headache and blanket and all, to declare their freedom for the day. Rick was so good to her and she couldn't be more grateful for him every time she stared into his sweet chocolate eyes, falling in love with him again every day.
    With those thoughts she almost got all teary again, though this time for a way better reason. But she shook it away, kissed him back on her tiptoes and smiled widely.

    "Okay. I love you." she whispered, brushing his lips with her words before stepping back toward the kitchen. "I'm going to make some breakfast." She hoped that maybe her headache would go away if she ate something. She hadn't eaten much for dinner the night before so hopefully that's all it is. She can't take most painkillers anymore so icepacks are usually her only solution. She rubbed her temple for a second before speaking to Rick over her shoulder. "Will you grab my prenatal vitamins for me, please?" She asked sweetly and tugged the blanket tighter around herself as she shuffled to the fridge to grab some fruit and milk.
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  18. @Ravenbelle

    Rick smiled as he went upstairs to get the prenatal vitamins for Laurel. He could hear her moving around in the kitchen getting ready to make them breakfast, and if there was one thing Laurel knew it was her way around the kitchen. Ever since they moved in together at the start of their junior year at UNC she did most of the cooking, but Rick was always willing to help clean up afterwords. They had a pretty set system in place of who took care of what around the house and the yard, but they knew that once a certain young lady made her appearance things would have to be "modified." Rick went into the upstairs bathroom and began looking around for the vitamins. Rick was having a difficult time finding the vitamins which was making him a little nervous. He was afraid that if one thing went wrong it would spell disaster for the baby, and not to mention upset Laurel.

    Rick said in an almost whisper, "The blasted things are the size of horse vitamins. How do..." just then he found them and grabbed one.

    Rick stopped off at his nightstand and grabbed his I-Pad and made his way back downstairs. He gave Laurel her vitamin and said, "Here you go Peaches."

    Rick sat down at the table and began going through his news feed on his I-Pad. Something caught his attention and he said, "Hey the Bookstore downtown is having a sale today buy 2 get 1 free some pretty decent titles too. Maybe after we eat if you're up for it we can go check it out."

    Just then the phone rang and Rick said, "I got this." He picked up the phone and within the blink of an eye Rick's demeanor changed. All he said was, "Not a chance in Hell." Rick then answered the phone saying, "Hey Jake." It was Jake the manager of the Dragon's Pit where Rick tended bar and Rick knew what was coming.

    Rick said, "I pulled a double on Tuesday and Wednesday night. I bailed you out last night. No way I'm coming in today...Jake no. I'd be working with Abner right...Jake sew the kid's thumbs together and make him a dishwasher he can't do the job...Okay Jake I come in tonight it will be be long enough to give you my resignation..." He looked at Laurel and said very slowly, "Call my bluff...I've seen you more than my wife this week....I like you Jake you're a good guy but if you upset I will walk...Ernie at The Gas Spot has been calling about me here...thanks Jake good luck tonight see ya on Monday night."

    Rick hung up and shook his head. He looked at Laurel and said, " I've hardly seen you at all this week, and I miss you Laurel. Jake can find someone else or he can do it himself, and yes I was serious when I said Ernie has called about me. Jake knows now not to pull this crap anymore."

    Rick got up and stretched. He came behind Laurel and kissed her gently on the neck. He put his arms around her and asked, "If I recall last night just before I left for work we had the names narrowed down to four. Which one do we go with?" He said with an impish grin, "Mom and dad wanna know."
  19. Sarah groaned as she stood up, having stopped to sit down on a bench as she was almost there. The weight from the baby was killing her back, and she had to rest more and more frequently as the days passed by. She continued to walk to the store, opening the door as she got there and smiled. She could see a few kids over in the kids section reading through the books that were on the walls. Once of the reasons she had become the librarian was so that she could see this, Kids learning and reading by themselves, seeing what was out there by looking through a few simple pages. She walked over to the adult novels, in search of some new tale.

    @Legens Legentis
  20. Emily nodded and headed into the bedroom. She wondered over to her dresser and glanced at the photos on top of dresser. It was pictures of her family and one of her and Joseph. She smiled to herself before changing into jeans and a flowy top. She took her hair and placed it into a high ponytail before sitting down in front of a mirror. She put on a little make up before putting it back in her drawer next to her bed. She got her pocket book from the chair and put a few things in it before going back out into the living area.
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