Pregnancy in Roleplaying

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Is it wierd when a character is pregnant when it comes to certain roleplays?

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  1. Yes, its wierd

  2. Yes and it makes the Roleplay awkward

  3. No, not really

  4. No, I think its cute

  1. Okay, I know this is probably my third thread on this, but thanks to Sci-Fi, I started thinking about it again. Now I know that it is probably not common to have pregnant characters, no matter what genre it could be. For me, I started using it because I have a habit of making my characters Family Oriented and well...we all know where new families start. But this poll is for me to get an Insight on how my Fellow Roleplayers feel about the concept. I also have the habit of combining the 'pregnancy card' with the 'Damsel in Distress' concept. Personally I don't think its weird at all. Actually, I do think its cute. Well, at least until you throw in twisted science experiments, aliens and demons using human women as incubators for their spawn...That's where the line drawn and where I think its creepy. Otherwise, cute! ^^

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  2. I'm going to skip over romantic aspects of it and head straight into "how we got there" territory.

    If characters could be pregnant and not actually have children, that would be cool. I don't like kids, but I like the concept of pregnancy. Therein lies the appeal of, ahem, different kinds of 'pregnancy.' AKA eggs. No babies! Yay!

    I'm gross. Sorry. :(

    Anyway, what other people do with their role-plays is none of my business. I don't think it's weird if that's what you want to do. It's just not for me.
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  3. I don't really think pregnancy is weird when in a role-play. Depending on the situation, it can bring a sense of love and bonding between people, or fear, stress or even loathing. An unexpected pregnancy for a young couple, an expecting mother caught in a post apocalyptic wasteland, a loving husband and wife who were told they could never have a child finally succeeding in the one thing they've always wanted.

    Pregnancy brings in a new dynamic to the whole rp, and when played well, can be an exciting and wonderful plot thread.
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  4. I definitely think it is is entirely based off of the situation. It simply doesn't work in certain RPs or stories and can often come off as overdone. That being said, it's really powerful depending on how it's used. Like Kylulu said, it can add a whole new dynamic to the character interaction or plot line. However, the due date eventually needs to come, regardless of how well the pregnant character is working in terms of the RP, otherwise it just becomes a gimmick instead of a progression or a goal in and of itself. In short, it can be used to give the characters something to strive for...Not in that they themselves try to become pregnant, but it gives them a collective goal, something that binds - or separates - them.
  5. I don't really see why it would be weird, it's a natural part of life. Only thing I find weird in RP is not RPing... if that makes sense? Play the character, if part of that character is that right now she is pregnant then play the hell out of it.
  6. If anything most people would feel awkward with the act of getting to that pregnancy.

    Or the bombshell of dropping that line in an RP. "I'm pregnant."

    Maybe this doesn't include forum RP, but I remember from WoW and GW2, characters getting pregnant (mostly half-breeds of something silly), and then giving birth like 2 weeks later. That was more annoying than awkward.

    Not to mention, while pregnant in an action oriented RP, pretty much boots you to the sideline. When pregnant, you simply can't do an awful lot.
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  7. I love playing preggo characters! O__O Actually, I love the whole spectrum of getting preggo, the term, dealing with kids... I am all about living and experiencing the life changes and events of my charries, and that's a BIG fun one to throw in to the plot bombs. >:3 There's so many fun factors you can mess with from emotional impact, to how it affects the journey, and... so much plot bunny fodder~!
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  8. I don't think pregnancy is weird in roleplays. It's a part of life and most women will be pregnant at some point (I will probably skip on that experience though, cause... babies ugh). Personally I mostly play women that either hasn't thought of having a baby, never wanted to have a baby or simply are too young to have started to think about it yet. So up until some weeks ago I had never had a pregnant character.

    Personally I don't do very family oriented characters, instead they value their friends highest (usually because of a very sucky home environments). Which probably is the reason why my first pregnant character became pregnant against her will, with a man that tried to kill her best friend, and now he'll use that pregnancy to make her best friend suffer. Me and my partner used it as a mean of getting in more angst in the roleplay instead of giving a cutsey family moment. And since I'm much more horror/gore/angst oriented than cutsey/family/romance oriented, it's not too weird that it turned out like that. I will probably never have a character that will give birth to a child, and possibly never have a character that goes through a whole pregnancy without doing an abortion (if they aren't kept against their will, and forced to go through with it. Cause ANGST.) If they ever give birth to a child it will probably be given away, or die in childbirth or get kidnapped, or something else. Mainly because... babies ugh. My characters can have kids when I've stopped writing their stories. I usually don't take up more than a few years of their time so it shouldn't be too much to ask for.

    I think pregnancy can work in all kinds of rp, as long as it's executed in the right way. But personally I keep it out of mine except for special times when I want to break my characters spirit and crush them to a little pulp.... And this is why I'm certain my characters hates me ^^ I LAY THE GUILT ON A SERBIAN FILM! That's a legal get out of mental hospital card, right?
  9. Okay.. Right. For starters, I don't know how it is to be "pregnant". Obviously, I've only seen it in my family and such and TV of course.

    But, to actually play Me as an pregnant Character, now that is a Different Story.
    I know I couldn't, just it would be weird.->.> like to get all the process until you find out you are actually carrying a baby and stuff, and to describe all the emotion changes around 360degrees and how sick you feel and such..:(

    If another character is pregnant in a RP that I wold be in, I don't mind. I mean, don't get me wrong, I Do Love kids. I basically helped my auntie to grow her two kids which are my cousins xD

    But for myself, I could Not play a Pregnant character. I guess mentally I am not ready for that just yet, especially to write about..
  10. I should probably add this to my to-do character list.

    Pun not intended.

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  11. Like some other people, I don't find pregnancy as a weird thing in RPs. It depends on what the RP is and what's going on in the RP. Personally, I want to do a RP where a slave is pregnant with her master's child and she's afraid to tell him and... and... damn I need to work this out >.<

    But still! I'd be ok with having a pregnant character. I only did it once (twice?) but I pretty much did "I'm pregnant" to when she about ready to have it. I want to expand on it.
  12. Pregnancy in Rp's is one of my favorite plot candies <3

    It's a great way at developing character's and their relationships and mental mindsets. Depending on the situations and how they ended up in that situation, there are so many different ways for it to effect a character (or characters). I love playing pregnant characters, and try to play them as realistically as possible, taking into effect the physical, emotional and mental changes a woman goes through. It's interesting for the counterpart as well, because they get to play off of those changes and interact with that character differently- in a way that interaction could possibly change their own characters outlook on the situation.

    In addition, after the character gives birth, then you have a whole other character to use and develop, learning off of your characers decisions and being molded by their teachings; just like a real child. I love the idea of being able to shape another character through the life of another and later on be able to play that child in a story of their own with all of that history there from their parent characters. Creating a family tree and history is one of my favorite things in RP. I've done this a handfull of times, but I'm always up for it, because I feel it adds depth and responsibilies to my characters. On the other side of that though, if the story does not suit a pregnancy very well- or it is completely out of the blue, I would most likely not do it.

    As another added note: BOTH players need to be on board if you're going for a pregnancy. Usually, as a fun little game, I will have my partner roll in the dice box to determine the gender and sometimes even the physical traits. It ends up being a really fun thing to bring you closer. :)
  13. ... *looks around*

    I... don't know why you tagged me in here @unanun.

    Move along. Nothing to see here....
  14. @unanun shhhh, no one is supposed to know *shifty eyes*

    But yes I feel that if it is being used as a plot device, to further some kind of point, or to develop a character than I am all for it.

    Especially since one of my own characters is lined up for a bit of action...
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  15. It's fine


    If the player does reasonable research (ask a mom you know if what your character is doing is feasible!) and doesn't use the pregnancy as a gimmick (something you only added because you thought it made the character more appealing or interesting), it can bring a new side to Roleplays and be an interesting change of pace

    There are some Roleplays where it's inappropriate though; if you were pregnant, would you continue working as an assassin, or go on dangerous missions? Pregnant characters in these scenarios are unrealistic and cumbersome for the plot.
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  16. Personally, no-just-no.

    I roleplay to avoid real life. So nope, avoiding pregnancy there.

    That being said, my goal when my wife and I get our kid is to hold him/her aloft after lord knows how many hours of labor, look at my wife, and say, "This is the SECOND most awesome moment of my life - right behind The Avengers film actually happening."

    Yeah, she'll probably slay me right then and there.

    But you know what?

    Worth it.
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  17. It's only weird, roleplay wise, when the character becomes pregnant the very next post after intimacy....not talking about Sci Fi here either but yeah other than that it's fine.
  18. Nope. Almost every roleplay I get into, my character somehow and someway gets a female character pregnant. xD I personally love it because it brings a whole new set of scenarios and in-depth character roleplay... and it may or may not be a little kink of mine. >_>
  19. I once played a werejackal rogue who was heavily pregnant with a half-barghest rape baby anti-Christ for an entire Pathfinder campaign.

    She carved WORLD'S BEST MOM into a an Orc Cleric Chieftan's skull and used it as a coffee mug.

    Good times.
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