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    When you roleplay, do you prefer games with a more open-ended story and a mutable plot for you characters to develop or do you prefer more structure and a mission for your character to be on?
  2. When I roleplay I prefer a strict plot for the beginning, so the whole beginning how the characters meet and what's gonna happened is planned out. But as fast as we have come over the beginning then it becomes much more loose and we can just throw in anything x3 And then it often never ends xD

    I need the plotting for the beginning cause then I can get into the rp more easily if I have a manuscript to follow. Then when we are out of the manuscript then I have probably gotten into the character so well so improvisation isn't hard at all anymore.
  3. I think I prefer more open-ended and generally sandbox-like stories, in which there is room for character development and personal storylines. I do not mind if there is an end goal in mind, but I like if my character has a degree of freedom to influence the story or a chance to get a subplot, maybe even some character development. For me, knowing that the RP has a solid start and a pre-determined ending is not a turn-off, only if I have to work strictly with the plot and I am not allowed to deviate even a little bit.
  4. BOTH.

    I like to start out open ended. Where players (or me an my partner) can throw in whatever bunnies and story elements that come us up, or naturally develop as we interect in the setting. Play for a bit and see what happens. 8D

    THEN once things start getting established I like there to be a clear goal and structure for obtaining that goal! We take everything we have discovered about the players, their backhistory, some of what's been happening so far in the roleplay.... and then discover where we go next!
  5. My GM-ing style is quite a little bit of both, because that's also how I like my RPs. I generally start with an open RP and my first few posts begin with a lot of foreshadowing... that lots of people miss because literally, the devil is in the details. Anyway, I start drawing the characters together and then being the evil little yordle GM that I am, I throw them plot twists that will turn everything they worked hard for on its head. :3
  6. Both have their merits, but I have to say I'm more partial to a structured plot. Open end is good for some fun, but it doesn't last long for me because it--more often than not--goes nowhere. I get sidetracked, leave it alone, come back, and forget whatever goal I'd set for myself and suddenly the game seems pointless.
  7. I don't mind either way. I like to be collabrative in my rps. Everyone has ideas and I like to at least listen to them.

    Also, Kitti, how did you get that fine picture of me?
  8. Honestly I can work with either style of roleplay so long as the idea and concept behind it is enough to intrigue me. I will admit there are benefits and drawbacks to both playing styles. With the open ended plot/mutable plot everyone feels a lot more involved with the roleplay and it doesn't feel so scripted. The problem is when you don't have players who know how to contribute or contribute too much - it gets dull or it gets too chaotic. It's very difficult to find that balance. With the structured plot/mission roleplay everyone will have their eyes set on what they need to be done, but that same logic also limits the amount of creativity the players have.

    I've seen both roleplay styles work out, it's relies on everyone to make it happen.
  9. I prefer a more open-ended story because it gives you more opportunites with you character. I would like a general idea for a roleplay, but I don't like to have so many restrictions to where I can't really venture out and show off my creativity.
  10. Just as long as no one spends an entire fight typing "character dodged." Then I'm good.
  11. I like my role plays to be more open-ended. I find that when a role play is immediately structured I feel too constricted and become very uninspired. Structure and I have never gotten along and I doubt that we ever will.