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Jan. 19 ’12 official opening! Staff and pack leader positions open, as well as PC auditions.

Predestiny – a place where choices are made, but fate drives those choices. One paw at a time will bring fate closer and when it is upon you, there is little else left to do but act.

Predestiny is a story about a land called Atheron. This land shelters canines of all types, wolves foremost, but among them coyotes, kitsunes and more. Decades ago, Cuulu, the elementals, ruled this land but were driven away in fear when the land collapsed. Now, as they return, normals known as Vinei inhabit their land. Not only do they refuse to co-exist, these Vinei try to convert the Cuulu as well. With relations strained, some try diplomacy while others abandon all peace negotiations and turn to violence. Some refuse to see the situation and instead pursue the secret of Firedown, a graveyard of an ancient battle. Other Cuulu find their powers leeched away by an unknown force and are condemned to continue living as Vinei. Still others ignore the pull of destiny to forge their own path. Which will you do?

-Create your own species, plants, packs, belief systems and more, your imagination is the limit!
-Participate in the site-wide plot, be the hero in a legend or create your own story!
-Roleplay playable characters such as a gods and prey!