Predatory Tendencies

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  1. The decidedly strong aroma of sea air filled the village, though it was hardly noticed by the hunter returning from his most recent quest. He had been using the island as a base of operations, seeing as how the village chief had hired him to help dispose of the large monsters plaguing the island. There were stories of earthquakes and elder dragons, but for now, it was a “simple” matter of doing some big game hunting. Plus, a little work outside the island, if the time and situation allowed such a thing to happen. He was greeted with the usual friendly gestures from the village residents, with the girl at the desk being her usual, upbeat self. He said he’d answer her questions later, as he had to go and dump some spoils in his storage chest – and possibly get some burn lotion. Hunting Qurupecos in Jaggi armour was never a pleasant experience, even if he had upgraded it as far as basic Armour Spheres would reach. Considering that breaking its flints with a Commander’s Dagger and shield was also a feat and a half, considerable danger had been placed upon him. However, the quest was over now, and Martin Redstone was free to let his mid-length – albeit ruffled – black hair down, an action that was followed by him then sweeping the fringe from in front of his cobalt eyes. But, he stopped in front of his room – he always forgot something, what was it this time?
    “… Aptonoth dung. Where in Alatreon’s name did I leave my Mega Pickaxe?”
  2. My armour's disgusting...

    A short female hunter stepped off the boat, pulling her cap off with far more vigour than was required. Mud and dust were caked over her pants and where her skin was visible sweat glistened. The desert hadn't suited Freya very well and this was rather apparent, but she'd finally found the materials for her next upgrade. She threw her customary but distracted greeting to the Guild Sweetheart and continued on her way towards the smithy.

    A few steps beyond the basic housing they provided for the hunters, she nearly battered into the back of a fellow hunter. He was kitted out in an armour better than her own, she noted with a pout. Soon to be rectified, she supposed, but it still annoyed her a bit. She stifled a smirk as he muttered under his breath about a pickaxe.
  3. As hard as she tried, Freya's smirk could not be completely hidden from Martin. After all, one does not simply hunt monsters for as long as he did, without learning to notice sounds behind oneself. Granted, he was still dressed in what was deemed "basic armour." However, considering he was having some financial difficulties, it was simply that he could not afford any better armour.
    "What's so funny, girly? I suppose you're one of those elite-"
    Redstone turned, in a most deliberate fashion - his eyes drooping, half out of tiredness, half to make himself look like he hadn't the time to discuss this. However, his facial expression returned to a casual, carefree (albeit, minutely pained from burns) expression. "Ah. Never mind. I thought you were mocking me for my armour. It's a force of habit. Regardless, it's not nice to smirk like that behind someone's back, you know? Some might not take it as well as I do."
    On the last words, his fingers ran over his blade's scabbard. He'd had it modified, so that he could reach it at his hip, for easier access. Not that he ever considered using it against humans - in fact, he was a firm believer in not fighting unless absolutely necessary, with the exception of slaying beasts. However, given that it was quite the fearsome-looking blade, it might or might not have the intended effect.
  4. Freya watched the man carefully as he let his hand fall to the sword at his side. He didn't strike her as likely to actually use the blade against her, but you never knew in little villages like this. There might have been a reason hunters never seemed to return to the guild. She'd been surprised upon her arrival that someone was already covering Moga Village. The atmosphere was pleasant enough though, and she'd quickly elected to stay in spite of the potential competition.

    "My bad then. You might wanna fix the memory thing though. You'll regret it when a monster chews your face off cos you didn't bring whetstones or tranqs or whatever else." It wasn't intended as a malicious statement, and she grinned widely at him as she said it. "You need a hand looking for your pickaxe? Well, after I ditch my armour. Far too hot." She paused, remembering what she'd been on her way to do. "I'm gonna ditch some stuff at the smithy, need my Rhenoplos set made. Two minutes and I can be ready to go. Doesn't take long to change." That said, she turned on her heel and continued towards the smithy. He would decide for himself if he wanted help.
  5. You're just like my mother. Nag, nag, nag. Huh... Come to think of it, I might have just enough materials to make a Quruoeco set. I should probably check that once I'm done here. God knows I'm not going to risk getting any more burns. Maybe I should wear my Alloy armour next time...

    Martin shrugged in a noncommittal fashion, and continued inside. As it turned out, the burn lotion wasn't needed - they were but minor wounds, curable with a bit of cold water and some patience. Nevertheless, he wasn't going to risk any more unwanted injuries, even if it meant sacrificing a little bit of defence. There were other skills that would be lost, but they could be made up for. Redstone noticed that his Felyne assistant was nowhere to be seen - an uncommon occurrence, to be sure. However, it was not as if he usually thought much of it when he left - it was usually to fetch something. In that light, the Alloy armour (upgraded to ten defence points each), was retrieved, and equipped. However, he left his helmet off, and placed it in the armour chest, for the time being. He was going to do some small hunting later that afternoon - the Qurupeco had taken a lot out of him, and even a Great Jaggi would probably put him to the test in his current state.

    Martin exited the room, and went back to the guild counter. If he was going hunting, he may as well get paid for it. But, before he did manage to secure a job, he had to fulfil his promise - to answer the girl's questions. It was the usual affair - how tough it was, did he get seriously hurt, if he pulled off any ninja-moves. Half-hearted responses were delivered, but when she asked to see his arm, he brought his fist down on the counter - teeth gritted.
    "I came here for a job, thank you. You know very well that I don't like to show people my arm. Now, show me the list."
    The girl nodded, a slight whimper escaping her. It was rare to see such a breezy individual act like this - and it was't nice either.
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