Predators in the Dark

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    The moon had already risen high into the sky. It was a bright, full moon that cast the world under it a glow. The street lamps hummed in tune with the crickets singing their lullabies in the dark. This town was called Lochberry. A small town that was isolated between beds of mountains. There was only a single road that lead through the mountains, but it was treacherous as the summer showers often caused loose rocks to cover the passage. This isolation meant that most of the residents were born in this town and seldom did any visitors come to Lochberry. The center of town was a small square of dimly lit shops, a small tavern, and the town hall. The shops here always closed before the sun set, but the tavern remained open. It was a quaint place. A fireplace cast a warm glow to the room. The brick floor was cold, the tables were chipped oak, and the bar was small. It only had a few patrons at this hour.

    One patron sat near the fire, along the back wall. She was hooded so her face could not be seen. This cloak was a soft, black fabric that seemed far to warm for the heat of the summer night. Her hands rested contently on her ale, but little had been consumed. So began to run a thing finger along the rim of the glass, in boredom.

    "Last Call!" Screamed the Bar Maid.

    The lone patron jumped, the noise brought her out of her day dream. She approached the bar, paid her tab an left quietly. She was rather average in height, about 5'6". The cloak parted as she walked and her fit body could be seen, along with a shiny object holstered at her hip. As she looked up at the moon and her face was illuminated for the first time. She was a pale woman with almond eyes and thin lips. There was little color on her face, but her eyes seemed to pierce the night. They were bright blue, like shimmering jewels. Lastly, there was a small scar on her left eye. It was thin, but the hair on her eyebrow no longer grew where the scar passed through it. She continued to walk, no destination in mind.

    "Tonight may be a busy night for you, Cyan." She whispered to herself. "What horrible things want to come out and play?"
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  2. Down in an alley a hushed argument echoed the walls. It wouldn't escalate to violence, it wasn't that sort. It was more of an argument about differences in opinion.

    "It's not my fault! I-I thought he was nice!" Came a high pitched voice that had a mix of worry and fright.

    "What the hell do you mean?! You knew exactly what the outcome would be..!" Argued a deeper voice.

    "Please don't be angry..! I didn't ask you to save me! I just--" The younger voice cut off. The silence was soon followed by the sound of something heavy being dragged deeper into the alley. The scrapping removal of a sewer cover echoed loudly through the empty streets and soon the large "PLOP" of something being dropped down it.

    "I'm so sorry, please don't be mad at me!" Shrieked the young voice in fright.

    "Shut up! Just shut up, Ever!" Snapped the deep voice.
  3. Cyan continued to walk, listening to the noises of the night. All seemed normal to her, except one. She could faintly here a metal sound in the distance. She couldn't make out what the sound was, however she could tell a general direction. Her brows furrowed in thought. It had been a slow week for her, nothing out of the ordinary.

    "This could be another waste of time." She complained to herself.

    Hesitantly she trudged onward attempting to hear any more strange noises. Her hand crept up towards the shiny object on her hip. It was a small dagger, about the length of a forearm. The hilt had one jewel at the top, but was an otherwise plain dagger. The jewel was strikingly similar the her eyes. Her footsteps clicked softly with every step. She continued to listen, but she was to far away to hear any thing else.
  4. A large man, around his early 20's, walked out. He had long, dark hair that he held back in a pony tail and dark eyes. Though as soon as he emerged out of the shadows and into the moonlight, it could be seen his clothes were bloody and his face was smeared with dirt. Behind him, an equally bloody little girl around the age of 10 or 11 walked out. Her face and arms were scratched and tears streaked her cheeks.

    "Please don't hate me..!" The girl pleaded, tugging on the mans sleeve.

    The man yanked his hand away and opened his mouth to yell, only to pause and look down the street. He spotted another figure walking slowly. He closed his mouth and froze and watched the figure.

    The little girl turns her head, following the older mans gaze and spotted the figure. She attempts to take his hand in comfort but the man yanks his arm away from her.
  5. A man sitting atop a roof slightly off to the left of an alleyway, was lounging around that night. He wore a black sleeveless hood with a cape that separated into two fins reaching his calves. His pants consisted of a refined sort of cotton dyed in a dark grey fashion that loosely hung on his slender body. His belt was adorned with spikes with strange red symbols on their heads. He wore black leather boots that almost clung to the bottom of his calves. A black scabbard rested across his chest, the simplistic cross rapier sword in his hands.

    The sounds of voices and boot clicks began to draw the mysterious man's attention. Looking over he saw a man and what seemed to be his smaller sister, but they were covered in blood spatters so this deduction was discarded. He looked over to see a woman walking slowly towards the two.

    "What have I stumbled upon this night?"
  6. A girl that seemed to be in her teens crept from the shadows of an alleyway, the soft echo of silence consuming her until she heard a the hushed voices of a man and a girl interrupt what once was empty quietness. Growling softly under her breath she stretched out bit her lip glancing behind her only to sigh and begin to look side to side so she could find where the noise came from. With no luck she frowned and decided to just continue forward, she had to find a place to rest for a while anyway. Though it seemed to glow in the darkness her white cloak concealed her appearance even though it did not do so well as to hide her position in this dark light. All you could see was her pointed chin poking out from her hood as her brown curls draped down her front, and a dark looking skirt followed by bare feet, for some reason she wasn't wearing shoes.

    Soon she came across the man with whom the voice belonged to as well as a little girl standing beside him, the both of them covered in blood. She immediately dashed into another alley that was positioned just beside her, cursing quietly under her breath. Frowning, she peaked back out at the two people, this time noticing the woman slowly approaching and she exhaled heavily, waiting to see what would happen next.
  7. Cyan looked up at the two figures before her. She looked at the girl first before her eyes darted the larger figure. Cyan's knuckles were turning white on the hilt of her dagger as the realization hit her; They were covered in blood. Unaware of any other presence she begain to move closer to the pair. Squaring her shoulders, she paused for a moment to speak.

    "What is going on here? " Finally flew out of her mouth.

    Her tone was firm and commanding. There was a flash of concern of her face, but only for a moment. Cyan continued to stare directly into the eyes of the man. Her gaze only shift to briefly look at the girl. She couldn't see where or who the blood originated from.

    A shadow begain to be cast on the group as clouds wafted over the moon. A soft breeze begain to blow from the south. The tension was palpable and the disappearance if the moon only added to it.
  8. The mans gaze hardens as the women stood in front of her. The young girl had a look of fright and tried to hold the man for comfort but he kept jerking away and glaring at the little child.

    "Nothing that you need to be concerned about." His voice was low, just as demanding as she as.

    "But Richard.. Maybe she could help.." The young girl whispered only loud enough for the man to hear.

    Richards eye darted to the girl and a sour look crossed his face.
    "We don't need help, I took care of it." His voice seemed to challenge the little girl, daring her to say another word. "Now is that all, miss? If you don't mind, it's past Amelia's bedtime." He spoke to the women, referring to his young companion.
  9. Talon shook her head in disturbance, hoping nobody had recognized her presence among the group. She gave a soft shudder as the moon hid behind the clouds causing further darkness to cloak the people wandering the night alone. She sighed before pressing back into the alley once more, bumping into a tall stack of crates that no doubt belonged to whatever building they were positioned beside. She Jumped though, at the sudden contact and let out a soft squeak before sighing and taking another glance out at those who stood there. The three of them stood close enough now to speak to eachother and she slid further back, continuing her attempts to remain unseen but still be able to watch what was going on.

    Talon sighed, turning back to face the alley and trying to find something like a ladder that might giver her access to the roof of the building she stood next to. It wasn't too tall so using the crates might not be that bad of an idea. Grinning a bit she crawled on top of the crates, making her way to the highest one. Talon reached up and her fingertips just barely reached and so with one powerful thrust of her legs she launched herself into the air and grabbed hold of the ledge. Slowly the girl pulled her self up, struggling and letting out a few soft grunts but eventually succeeded and was kneeling on top of the roof.

    The teenager crawled over to the the ledge with grace, moving swiftly as if she were a cat until she facing the street. From this position she could watch the people in the street from above and avoid being spotted as easily. She bit her lips and sighed softly, watching cautiously.
  10. The hooded man sat like a frog on the edge of the roof. He continuously listened to the conversation. The woman intrigued him the most, he wondered what she would do in response. But, sitting on the roof got rather boring. He tried to entertain himself by killing crows with the spikes while watching the event go down. Eventually it got very tiring and he decided he was going to hop down, that is until a girl decided on hopping onto the roof adjacent to him. He came to a stand, his hood tails blowing in the wind, and his hood masking everything, but a wicked eye and smile.
  11. Talon had not paid any attention to anyone else that may have been around her at the time, her gaze still plainly focused on the three people that stood below her. Due to this she had no recognition of the fact that another man stood on the roof adjacent. She sighed and fell back so she was sitting and groaned a bit, nothing would be going on anytime soon it appeared. She had thought it would be more interesting than this but apparently this was not the case. Not any time soon anyway. Talon turned around and leaned against the small wall like thing that protruded from the edge of the building, her soft white hood peeking out from behind it, just barely visible but none the less still there.
  12. A ginger smirk sprawled across Cyan's face. She stepped one step closer to the pair, and slowly opened her cloak. The dagger was now visible with her hand clearly on the hilt. She was ready for any action, or even a simple excuse to fight. The little girl seemed so out of place to Cyan. She was not the type of person to show mercy, but this is the first time a child was near even a potential fight. Any normal night she would have attacked on assumption. That much blood, someone had to be seriously hurt. That was all Cyan needed to attack, except this time there was a girl.

    "What did you take care of, looks like one of you are a real bleeder. " She mocked, with the smirk still on her face. " I don't think you understand; It really does not look good to be walking around covered in bl..."

    Cyan stopped for a moment. She thought she heard a noise from another alleyway and unsheathed her dagger. She held it tucked behind her arm, as if pre-pairing for a strike. Looking away, she scanned the alley but did not hear another sound. The rooftops appeared empty and so did the parts of the alley she could see. Unease and cation now plagued her expression.

    "Are you alone? " She demanded now fixed on the man again.
  13. Alojz smirked pulling three spikes from his belt. He slid down off the edge of the roof letting his body flail clinging on with his right hand. Before falling completely off he gently, as he could, got a foot hold on the side of the building. Using the spikes like claws he slid down the side of building making a crunching like sound. He stepped around the corner and leaned against the front of the building.

    "So much for my quiet entrance." Alojz shrugged and gave the same wicked look to the woman as he had on the roof.
  14. Talon heard a soft noise from the alley beyond but things were just beginning to get interesting with the other three already. The woman was armed with a dagger so she was a bit wary of that one. But then another soft noise echoed from the alley and she crawled over to the corner, trying to look into the alley to see a man looking straight at her with a smirk.

    "Damn it!" She muttered a little louder than she would have liked, worried that others might have heard her. She jumped back quickly, flattening herself against the roof and she whimpered a bit before taking a deep breath and sitting up to look back at him, hoping he wouldn't be looking at her anymore.
  15. Cyan peered at the ruckus around here, analyzing her next step. The two in front of her did not seem as important now, as the man casting wicked looks to the top of a building. She traced his gaze noticing an intrusive white color on an otherwise black background. 'Are they working together?' Raced through her mind. Her body went ridged, as multiple situations began to run circles through her mind. A good once over of the man revealed his was armed. This peaked Cyan's interests. Her dagger was now pointed at the man, as to get his attention. She kept her shoulders square and her feet planted as to assure she would be ready for anything.

    "Hey, you there? Don't you know a private conversation when you see one or is your partner up there just as nosy as you are?" She hollered while taking a step closer to the man gesturing with the dagger at the white figure. "Who are you?" She continued.

    She tried her best to keep the figure on the roof in her peripherals but it posed quite a challenge. The street was solid, so she expected to be able to hear the figure if it tried to jump down, but the man was her most immediate threat.
  16. Alojz cleans his ears in response to her hollering. He broke the heads off the spikes he used to climb down the wall, throwing them on the ground in front of him to make three points in a triangle arrangement. The red symbols on their heads made them clear in, he took the rapier and gently slid his finger across it like it was a sharpening blade, flinging it in the air to stair at its tip gleam in the moonlight. Alojz swung it back down at his side and turned his head slowly to her.

    "Your really loud you know? It's kind of annoying, the silence was boring though so I thank you for that, but you would like to know more about me?" Alojz flips over her onto a street lamp base twirling around it.

    [BCOLOR=#000000] "Well, I'm bored so maybe we can make a compromise? See those spike heads I placed? You are to find the one that holds my info, and if you get it wrong you'll know. Catch? You get no rules or hints!"[/BCOLOR] He hops off the lamp reaching his hand out to her, twirling two spikes in his other hand. "So do we have a deal?" His signature crazed look appeared in his face.
  17. Cyan examined Alojz as he flipped over her, scrutinizing every detail of the situation. The hairs of the nape of her neck raised when he spoke and her body began to fill was annoyance. She felt patronized as the man commented on her volume, and offered her some sort of game to play. Cyan glared at his extended hand, gesturing to the spear heads. Turning her body to face Alojz, she squared her shoulders once again and attempted to regain her composure. Forcefully, she shoved down the annoyance. She took in one sharp breath before she spoke, much quieter than before, but continued to hold her demanding tone.

    "You say if I pick the right one, out of those three, I can get all of your information?" Her glare shifted to suspicion as she continued," What is stopping me from simply kicking your ass right now?" As she finished speaking, she tilted her head.

    Her instinct tugged at her insides telling her to fight, not to pay any attention to Alojz's game. On the other hand, she was curious. This seemingly crazed man could lead to an interesting night. Slowly, she slipped off the cloak and dropped it to the ground. Her body was tone and well outlined by the thick leather bodice she wore. Cyan's shoulders were covered by yet more thick leather, that clasped directly onto the bodice. Her pants were a soft black cloth that fed into her black combat like boots. There were small swatches of leather placed at significant strike points on her legs. The outfit was made for speed over protection. The only visible mark on her body was a thin black tattoo that traced behind her ear and continued to drape down her neck.

    "What happens if I chose not to play. your. game?" She questioned, the end of the sentence purposefully staccato to add to the emphasis.
  18. Talon only sighed, no longer caring much for staying hidden, not that it would help much if she made herself hidden again. She stood and stepped up into the edge of the roof and bit her lip in slight excitement. Her arm extended out over the street to make estimates of her height, and of her distance from them. She slid the cloak behind her and pulled the hood down, reaching behind her waist and grabbing a large pole that was taller than her. She spun it around a few times over her head to ready herself for its use.

    She leaped off the building, landing gracefully in a crouch and looked up at the two as she slowly stood up. Her dark brown curls fell over her chest, contrasting with her pale skin and white clothing. Once she was standing up straight it became apparent due to her lack of shoes that she stood on her toes. "Aw, playing games without me? That hurts, it really does. I think I should have been invited too, no?" She gave a soft smirk as she pranced over with fluid movements.
  19. Alojz stands up and sighs, he rests an unoccupied hand on his forehead gently the other holding the blade adjacent to his leg. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. "So annoying... Shatter." All of Alojz's strange spike heads broke off and circled his body illuminating it brightly, before he disappeared entirely. Then a large quake shook the ground and a smoking crater sat behind the crowd with Alojz standing in it. "I'm bored of this. If you wish to be a hero of justice so bad, you can fight me girl!" Alojz readied himself.
  20. Cyan smiled at Alojz's offer. She looked over at the white hooded woman. "Friend of Foe? Honestly, I don't care. Help me kill this ass, I will let you be." She hissed, her eyes glittering with excitement. She glanced back to Alojz. He beckoned her for a fight, just by readying himself, and she was obligated to give him one. He may have a few tricks, but so did she. Cyan spun on her heels to look at him, a wicked smile on her face.

    Her dagger pointed towards Alojz as she lunged forward slashing out towards his center mass. She would strike first just to see what her target would do. Normally, they would defend or run. This challenger seemed different. Cyan also wanted to see what side this hooded woman would chose, maybe none, but she would be grateful for the help. Cyan could not transport between two places so an extra set of eyes would help.
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