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  1. Here is the OOC guys, just in case. You don't have to leave an spoilers or anything like that! Just if you all need to ask any questions!
  2. Hey do you have a plot in mind or are we just sandboxing it.
  3. I like sandbox, that's why I left a lot of rules out of the intro post. However, I normally throw in an extra character if there are to many heroes or antiheroes, or villains. If you all want a plot I can always write an outline up. Let let me know!
  4. Well I only stumbled upon this so you'll have to let the others know.
  5. I will when I get on my computer. I am doing everything via cell phone :)
  6. Yeah, I am curious as well... I'm not quite sure I understand where we are going with it. Its exciting and confusing.
  7. Ok, so I will be my best to describe a little more detail about the rp. The plot normally come about by deciding if the characters need to work together to find something or fight. The town itself, has been isolate for a very long while. So creepy things have made it like head quarters. It seems when people do try to leave some "accident" happens and they die. So eventually the town had starting fighting back. Some people got really good, but most just end up getting killed by demons, vamps, lycan, or whatever you want to come up with.

    So depending on what our characters want to do, they can defend the town, leave it, try to kill each other, or ect. I don't write up plots because then the stories start to all go very linearly. As a quick tip for my style, I leave a lot of details out (Like dates) and tend to describe like a street lamp or something to give an idea of time period. If I don't say it you all can totally pick it.

    I just enjoy fun casual roleplays, freeform style. I hope this helps, but if you need any more specific direction on where exactly the plot needs to go let me know!
  8. May be interested! Could I perhaps be a lycan or demon?
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  9. Still accepting characters???
  10. Yeah I shouldn't see why not! We are about to fight so a good time as any to jump in.
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